Hitachi to roll out eight-way mainframe

Hitachi to roll out eight-way mainframe

Hitachi Data Systems early next year will roll out 11 new configurations of its Pilot series mainframe, according to officials.

The Pilot series, called the MP5600 series in Japan, will be available with up to eight complementary metal-oxide semiconductor-based (CMOS) processors, officials said. CMOS semiconductors contain two types of circuits which give the chips higher processing speed and lower power consumption than processors traditionally used in mainframes.

The Pilot series processors are based on CMOS technology licensed from IBM.

Models with one to four processors will have memory options of between 256MB and 16GB, while the units with over five processors will be sold with between 512MB and 32GB of memory, Hitachi said.

The new mainframe series, which offers a two-fold performance increase over its predecessor announced in May 1997, runs on IBM's MVS operating system, the company said.

The Pilot series will be launched in the first quarter of next year in Japan, the US and Europe.

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