Hitachi moves to HP's Unix

Hitachi moves to HP's Unix

Hitachi will gradually unify its Unix strategy around Hewlett-Packard's flavour of the operating system in preparation for the release of Intel's 64-bit Merced processor, a company official said yesterday.

The decision by Hitachi to move to HP's HP-UX operating system (OS) follows a similar move by Fujitsu., announced last week, to consolidate its Unix machines around Sun Microsystem's Solaris OS.

In Japan, Hitachi currently sells HI-UX, its own version of Unix which is based on HP-UX. As with Fujitsu's agreement with Sun, HP will tap Hitachi's experience in large systems to add functionality to future versions of HP-UX, the Hitachi official said.

Hitachi will have completed the shift to HP-UX by the time Intel ships its IA-64 microprocessor, code named Merced, which is expected some time next year, according to officials. Some time after Merced's debut, Hitachi will begin shipping a server based on the chip and HP-UX in the US, the Hitachi official said.

Hitachi last year was ranked the sixth largest Unix server vendor in Japan based on unit revenue, according to recent figures from IDC Japan.

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