Macworld: Jobs Unveils New Mac, Software

Macworld: Jobs Unveils New Mac, Software

During his keynote at Macworld Expo here today interim Apple Computer Inc. leader Steve Jobs spun through the company's latest product advances including a G3 400MHz desktop and a new server version of the Mac OS.

The G3 uses Motorola's PowerPC processor, running at 300MHz, 350MHz, and 400MHz. Jobs said it will also use Intel Corp. processors but he did not elaborate on that.

Jobs, interim chief executive officer of Apple, touted four key aspects of the new G3: it outperforms the Pentium II running at 450MHz, he said; it has superior 3-D graphics capabilities; it is expandable; and it has a new design that features a door allowing for easy access to internal components.

Jobs also unveiled the Mac OS X Server which enables Macintosh clients to boot-up over a network without having the operating system installed on each client. The server software will ship in February for $990 per server and an unlimited number of clients. The Mac OS X Server also includes the Apache Web Server and Apple's WebObjects application server.

Jobs also announced that Apple has upped the processor speed to 266MHz. In addition, the company will now offer the computer in five different colors.

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