ipMux offers budget traffic management

ipMux offers budget traffic management

As users demand more bandwidth, it becomes increasingly vital that you can secure data while allocating bandwidth to the users who need it most.

IMC Networks ipMux TP/5 is a 10Base-T, five-port, SNMP-manageable Ethernet IP multiplexer. It can operate in half-duplex or full-duplex mode. This device - which sits on the network like a router, but has performance-tuning features - provides a low-cost, high-speed, secure interface between users and the Internet backbone.

It can give users the bandwidth they need to run business-critical applications.

The ipMux is a good solution for a corporation of any size looking for security in a bandwidth management device. It eases the data-allocation process and reduces costs by replacing expensive routers, switches, and high-end quality-of-service (QoS) management tools.

The ipMux competes with the Packeteer PacketShaper 4.0, a high-end bandwidth management device on par with QoS software, and with Tut Systems' XL multiplexers.

I found one major drawback in the ipMux. I had to use two separate utilities, HUBCTRL 32 and iView, to set up, configure, manage, and monitor my ipMux system.

I used HUBCTRL 32 to set up IP addresses, subnet mask, default gateway, and remote management. And with iView, I configured, managed, and monitored my ipMux users. ipMux also supports several SNMP management platforms and provides a Network Management Station snap-in module for organisations that do not use SNMP management software.

Secure data

Because the ipMux creates no connection between downlink ports, its data is secure. The packet data transfers occur between the uplink and downlink ports only. Downlink-to-downlink port communication is impossible, eliminating that form of security breach.

If communication between downlink ports is required, packets must pass out of the ipMux and loop back through a router into the unit and to the appropriate port.

In addition, with ipMux's modular architecture and using the PowerChassis, you can buy units in one-, two-, or 12-slot versions.the bottom lineIMC Networks ipMux TP/5Summary: This 10Base-T Ethernet IP multiplexer is a secure, affordable bandwidth management solution that is ideal for LANs, WANs, intranets and cable-modem installations.

Pros: ¥ Lowers cost of ownership over alternative solutions ¥ Provides port security ¥ Includes easy-to-use cross-platform network management application ¥ Offers module expandability optionsCons: ¥ Two software utilities needed to configure systemsPlatforms: Initial installation requirement runs on Windows 98 and Windows NT.

Distributed in Australia by Digital Networks Australia (02) 9437 5177 and LAN Systems (02) 9901 3655IMC Networks

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