Commonwealth all clear for Y2K

Commonwealth all clear for Y2K

The federal government has confirmed all Commonwealth agencies and business entities are 100 per cent Y2K ready after nearly three years of remediation.

Officials revealed the federal government contributed $530 million of the $2 billion public sector Y2K spend preparing its agencies and departments for the year 2000 date change.

"Australia should experience little or no disruption at all to all our major infrastructure," said Senator Ian Campbell, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

Australia's aviation, telecommunications and transport sectors and government services "are expected to operate without any interruption to their normal operations," he said.

"We think we've put in the work and effort to ensure Australia will be able to move into the new millennium in a business as usual fashion."

Campbell said Y2K costs across the economy are estimated between $12-15 billion. Costs for the public sector, including federal and state agencies and departments have amounted to about $2 billion and private sector costs are estimated around $10 billion, according to government officials.

The government also announced today the launch of its year 2000 Website, designed to keep Australians and the rest of the world up-to-date with Australia's progress through the date change.

Campbell said the Website,, is part of the federal government's National Coordination Centre.

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