ARN Rountables 2018

ARN Elevate (21.06.2018) - Why partners must widen the security net to safeguard customers

Hackers are squeezing through the smallest of security vulnerabilities to cause maximum damage, creating increased levels of customer concern across Australia. Such an approach can no longer be remedied by simply plugging gaps and filling holes, as businesses battle new waves of cyber attacks. Today, a holistic approach to security is required, an approach that is both well-rounded and resilient. Consequently, the channel must implement comprehensive cyber strategies to bolster customer defences, backed up by specialist levels of expertise. This exclusive ARN Elevate - in association with Crowdstrike, Cofense, Mimecast, Oracle and Sophos - cut through complexity to provide a framework to combat far-reaching and wide-ranging security threats, offering insight into the opportunities ahead in 2018.

Why partners must widen the security net to safeguard customers

L-R: Rema Lolas (Mimecast); Chris Gatford (HackLabs); Lisa Sisson (Somerville); Duncan Thomas (Cofense); Luke Francis (CrowdStrike); Darren Fowler (Oracle); Jarred Flanigan (Sophos); Michael Demery (SeccomGlobal); Dane Meah (InfoTrust); James Henderson (ARN); Rick Baird (Hotline IT) and Noel Allnutt (Solista)

ARN Roundtable (14.06.2018) - Building the blocks for hybrid cloud growth through the channel

As the early rush to the cloud settles into considered deployments, a hybrid state of adoption is emerging across Australia. In a market dominated by different clouds, and different use cases, organisations are mixing and matching cloud services and solutions depending on business requirements. Such a state of play is placing new demands on the channel, with enterprises demanding the ability to move workloads between multiple clouds at speed, and at scale. Consequently, providers must turn to the data centre to transform services offerings, leveraging on-demand and increased connectivity to deliver on the promise of hybrid cloud. This exclusive ARN Roundtable, in association with Equinix, outlined how the channel can build the blocks for future hybrid cloud growth, assessing the next steps in delivering innovative services and solutions to an evolving customer base.

Building the blocks for hybrid cloud growth through the channel

L-R: Peter Gatt (Vibrato); Robert Ironmonger (Equinix); Marcelo Scalia (Ekulus Consulting); James Henderson (ARN); Andrew Roberts (JB Hi Fi); David Milne (Araza); Nikolas Robson (NBR Technologies); Jeremy Deutsch (Equinix); Michael Dyson (Advance Mobile IT); Rhys Evans (Versent); Neville James (NetApp) and Peter Ashton (InfoTrust)

ARN Roundtable (29.05.2018) - Dismantling the data centre to drive customer value

A new data centre market reality is emerging. In swinging open the doors of the data centre, a new market reality is with us. Blind-sided by new and emerging technologies, customers are turning to the channel to rebuild infrastructure strategies in the pursuit of innovation. In 2018, spending on data centre systems will account for $2.6 billion in Australia, spanning servers, storage and network equipment. But as the pace of business increases, demands placed on the data centre are changing, with IT departments no longer required to merely keep the lights on. This ARN Roundtable - in association with APC by Schneider Electric, Lenovo and NetApp - outlined the blueprint of the modern-day data centre, assessing infrastructure opportunities and ongoing channel challenges.

Dismantling the data centre to drive customer value

Kyle Page (Ericom); James Henderson (ARN); Phil Jones (Focus Group Technologies); Matt Wynn-Jones (Counterparts Technology); Sean Murphy (Nexus IT); Alex Gambotto (The Missing Link); Ronnie Altit (Insentra); Clinton Watkis (ASI Solutions); Adam Wilkinson (APC by Schneider Electric); Nathan Knight (Lenovo); Craig Humphreys (IQ3) and Stephen Hemsworth (NetApp)

Stepping up through storage: The next move for partners


Thursday, 19th Jul 2018 12:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Otto Rosso Room
8/6 Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo NSW Australia

How partners can layer up security ​solutions in a digital age


Tuesday, 24th Jul 2018 12:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Vue de Monde Level 55 Rialto Tower 525 Collins St Melbourne VIC Australia
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