Women in ICT Awards (WIICTA) – Criteria


  1. Provide examples of the nominee’s noted achievements in the ICT industry.
  2. Provide a professional timeline, commencing with the first entry into the ICT industry and the noted progression through to a current senior role.
  3. Show examples of leadership and recognition as an industry thought-leader.

Rising Star

  1. Provide a timeline of career advancement thus far, demonstrating areas of success (either through promotion or successful project/company initiatives).
  2. Where does the nominee see themselves 12 months from now, and what steps will be taken to achieve that goal?


  1. Provide examples of risk-taking and initiative to achieve noted success.
  2. What are the noted contributions to the ICT industry?
  3. Show how the nominee’s professional achievements have enabled new ventures, products or new services.


  1. What have been some of the nominee’s challenging, but successful advancements in the ICT industry?
  2. What is the most noted change the nominee has made to the ICT industry?
  3. How is the nominee continually pushing the envelope in the ICT industry?


  1. What is the nominee’s most noted technical contribution to the ICT industry?
  2. Provide a timeline of the nominee’s career advancement thus far.
  3. How has the nominee excelled in the ICT and engineering segment of the market (earned promotions or achieved top results in company projects/initiatives)?


  1. Provide examples of the nominee’s exemplary service to the ICT sector (through philanthropic initiatives).
  2. Describe what it means to be a goodwill ambassador and how the nominee has gone above and beyond to give back to the community?


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