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Your Guide to Business Efficiency & Productivity
By ConnectWise | 20/5/2016

As we all know, time is money. And if your employees aren’t spending their time carefully, you could be losing out on low-hanging profits. In this guide, we’ll share easy ways to identify and correct inefficiencies in your business, so your company can live up to its full profit potential. This guide is designed for you. Jump to the section that most applies to where you’re at in the efficiency-gauging process, or read all the way through from cover to cover. The choice is yours.

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SME Business Efficiency Report
By OKI | 2/5/2016

The cost of doing business in Australia is high. For example, in the recent Relative Costs of Doing Business in Australia: Retail Trade report, it was found that retailers, as Australia’s largest employer, were finding it much more expensive to do business here than in places such as the US and UK

This whitepaper is based on a comprehensive July 2015 survey OKI conducted with 500 of its business customers across Australia that dealt with the question “Are Australian SMEs Run Efficiently?"

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Service Desk Management: 5 Ways to Increase Service Team Efficiency
By ConnectWise | 21/4/2016

This eBooks identifies 5 tips for controlling the chaos in your service department and creating processes to make it more streamlined and manageable.

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The LOGICnow Cyber Threat Guide
By LogicNow | 18/3/2016

Nine types of internet threats and how to stop them. Defending networks from attacks is no easy task for IT professionals. Attacks range in capability and threat; and over reacting or implementing the wrong technology can be costly and make it easier for the bad guys.

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Annual ITSP Benchmarking Study
By Autotask | 12/2/2016

Today’s business clients want to achieve greater productivity and own less infrastructure. They are looking to IT service providers to help them manage increasingly extended networks of communication, commerce and data exchange enabled by a growing number of endpoints.

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Discover how to increase margins through a layered approach to effective cyberdefence.
By LogicNow | 18/1/2016

Focusing your managed services business on cybersecurity creates several opportunities to increase margins; most significantly, by implementing layers of security at client sites you can reduce costly security-related responses. Understanding that effective cyberdefence involves multiple layers of technology is a key takeaway, as is the understanding that customer disruption is a revenue killer in world of the managed service provider (MSP).

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Finding Evil in the Haystack with RSA ECAT
By RSA | 4/12/2015

With thousands of workstations ans servers under management, most enterprises have noway to effectively make sure they are free of malware and other advanced threats. Today, many sophisticated, targeted attacks rely heavily on unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities that are delivered leveraging social engineering tactics. Numerous hacking events made public recently have highlighted the vulnerabilities of even the most renowned security companies, government, contractors and fortune 500 enterprises. The problem can affect any enterprise and a new approach to compact these threats must be implemented in order to deal with it effectively.

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The Evolution of SIEM
By RSA | 4/12/2015

Why is it critical to move beyond the logs?

Whether the result of cyber criminals sending phishing or malware attacks through company emails, nation states targeting an organization’s IP, or insiders misusing sensitive data, we live in a world where prevention of breaches has become impossible. Successful attacks bypass each layer of prevention that we have put in place because they often use valid user credentials, trusted access paths, or new exploits, thus going unnoticed by our preventative controls.

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By RSA | 4/12/2015

Identity and access governance should be deployed across all types of users associated with an organization -- not just “regular” users but also “privileged” users. Managing regular users separately from privileged users can open your organization up to risk, create security gaps and deprive your organization of a complete view of identity context for access-related decisions.

This white paper will review why connecting a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution to an access governance solution will enable you to holistically control and audit access to your intellectual property, regulated information and infrastructure systems.

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Data Protection with Synology Snapshot Technology
By Synology | 19/11/2015

Snapshot completes Synology's Multiple Tiers Data Protection for SMBs and enterprises. This whitepaper outlines Synology's latest solution to data protection challenges and to ensure maximized data availability.

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