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Happy Clients? You wont know untill you ask
By Autotask | 11/4/2014
How an automated survey process provides guidance for better growth and profitability.
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10 Ways Autotask Automates Your IT Business
By Autotask | 11/4/2014
Reduce Costs, Win More Business And Manage Growth More Effectively
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Offis and Redmap Automation
By IBM | 10/4/2014
IBM Business Partner .Offis and Redmap highlight their partnership in providing document automation services in the cloud to midsize businesses.
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Reinvention in the Cloud – IBM Coffee + Conversation
By IBM | 10/4/2014
What happens when IBM Business Partners get together to talk about cloud computing? This film features the conversation between IBM Business Partners as they talk about how Cloud Computing has brought about transformational change to their clients' businesses.
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Cloud Computing Cuts IBM Business Partner’s Installation Time from Weeks to Two Days
By IBM | 10/4/2014
Flagship Solutions Group is a Boca Raton, FL-based IBM Premier Business Partner that specializes in serving midsize businesses. The company recently worked with Miami-based St. Thomas University to implement a cloud research platform in the school’s new Institute for Technology. Flagship used cloud computing services from SoftLayer, an IBM company, to get the lab up and running in just two days
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The Death of Windows XP
By IDG | 9/4/2014
Microsoft has now ended its support for Windows XP, which means that a security sinkhole will likely open and gradually widen, threatening hundreds of millions of PCs worldwide in homes, companies, government agencies and schools. Along with the Y2K bug, Windows XP’s support termination is one of the computer industry’s most publicised -- and most ignored -- deadlines, towards which many business and IT managers have taken a curiously casual attitude. The implications could be dire for those organizations that continue to use Windows XP, a decrepit operating system Microsoft.
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The 3 Myths of Cloud Computing for VARs
By NetSuite | 8/4/2014
Are you concerned with margin and wondering how to make money selling cloud-based solutions? Do you find it difficult to determine the difference between Cloud and hosted solutions? Do you think it impossible to fund a new practice off of recurring revenue streams? If you have ever wondered about these questions and more, then you will benefit from reading "The 3 Myths of Cloud Computing for VARs" white paper. There are many myths in the market about Cloud computing and the economic model for VARs. This paper addresses common these myths and helps VARs and Solution Providers start down the path towards building a sustainable and profitable business model. You will gain insights into options for building strong recurring revenue, robust service and training engagements, and opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell new solutions and services.
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The Technical and Operational Values of Barium Ferrite Tape Media
By Fujifilm | 24/3/2014
While tape has sometimes (and at times even fairly) had a “bad rap” over the decades, the contemporary manifestation of the technology is not that of your grandfather’s! Indeed, in recent years, numerous important technical advances have been implemented that yield dramatic improvements: media for recovery purposes.
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EMC VSPEX Private Cloud
By EMC | 14/3/2014
Accelerate your journey to the cloud with the next generation VNX and EMC Powered Backup
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Small business technology - This is why your business needs to be in the Cloud
By IDG | 6/3/2014
The days of relying solely on local storage and in-house servers to deliver your data are well behind us. These days, it makes sense to move some (if not all) of your business’s services into the Cloud. From email to document management, much can be achieved with Internet services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The main benefit is that a proper Cloud service can make it easier to manage and share information with your workers and help boost productivity. Here, then, are the main reasons to consider a service such as Google Apps.
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