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Spectra Logic and Australian National University Success Story - March 2012
By Spectra Logic | 7/3/2012
Australian National University (ANU) located in Canberra, and ranked as one of the top universities in Australia, recently deployed two Spectra Logic T950 enterprise tape libraries at the heart of its 9.5 petabyte tape-based active archive to support ANU’s high performance private data cloud storage solution. The cloud-based storage installation with Spectra’s tape-based active archive allows ANU to efficiently support its exponential data growth, accelerate access to its research data, and improve overall data reliability.
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In Search of the Long-Term Archiving Solution —Tape Continues to Be a Major Player
By Spectra Logic | 1/3/2012
Tape technology’s speed, affordability, and reliability, as well as advances in physical tape digital storage technologies over the past ten years, keep it a major target in data centers worldwide. Learn about these advances and compare tape technologies with this free white paper from Spectra Logic.
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In Search of the Long-Term Archiving Solution —Tape Delivers Significant TCO Advantage over Disk
By Spectra Logic | 23/2/2012
How to reasonably and in the most cost-effective way, preserve valuable digital data for a long time – and how to prepare for the ensuing decades of continuing data growth, technology change, and increasing long-term preservation requirements.
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Premier Media Group Fast Study
By Spectra Logic | 27/1/2012
A Fast Study is a succinct, easy to read Case Study. Spectra Logic aims to provide an overview of how to obtain the right solution for data archive, backup and recovery.
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Market Potential-Strategy Guide to the Active Archive Market
By Spectra Logic | 27/1/2012
The active archive market is a growing segment where tape is seen as part of a disk or network fileystem. This means that to an end user disk and tape are “blended” and whether file is held on disk or tape is “invisible” to the end user. The active archive market is the fastest growing space in the storage industry and allows direct end user access to tape through a file system front end.
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Aberdeen Group: Building Business Resilience Through Active Archive
By Spectra Logic | 27/1/2012
One of the key data management challenges organizations often face is how to keep their archived data accessible and active, without spending the time and resources associated with primary storage. The amount of data in the archives can range from one half to 10 times the amount of data actively managed in primary storage. How can end-users gain access to historical files in a reasonable amount of time without pulling IT employees from higher priority projects? Aberdeen's research found the answer in the technologies and processes that comprise active archiving.
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