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  • How to deploy Windows Vista

    Although many organizations have not yet been ready to adopt Windows Vista, at some point nearly everyone will need to migrate to the new Windows OS, as the tide turns from today's compatibility deficits in Vista to a state in which XP-based PCs will lack the drivers and application support that IT will need to have deployed. After all, as Gartner analyst Michael Silver noted, Microsoft will keep refining Vista and both hardware and software makers will eventually treat it as the default operating system for their products.

  • LinkedIn goes mobile

    LinkedIn is taking its professional social networking site mobile. The company Monday is launching a beta version of a new site that will allow users to look up profiles of other users and keep up to date with their network from mobile devices.

  • Neterion: Adapters fix hypervisor performance problems

    Neterion has built new 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters with support for emerging I/O virtualization standards that aim to improve the performance of applications running on virtual servers. The adapters also provide the isolation necessary to reboot one virtual machine without affecting the other virtual machines on a physical server.

  • Database pioneer continues to bash RDBMS

    Database guru Michael Stonebraker, one of the pioneers of the relational database model, continues to bash the way relational database management systems (RDBMS) stores data.

  • New Juniper box aims at massively scaling core routers

    Juniper Networks is announcing a box that handles all the control plane traffic for its carrier-class T-Series routers, which the company says will make expanding the routers more efficient and will reduce the cost of deploying services over networks based on these routers.

  • Judge makes 'Vista Capable' lawsuit a class action affair

    A US federal judge in Seattle last week granted class-action status to a 2007 lawsuit that claimed Microsoft defrauded consumers by promoting PCs as "Vista Capable" when some could run only the most basic version of the then-still-unreleased operating system.

  • E-scammers trashing reputations

    Phishers, cyber-squatters, and other online fraudsters continued their assault on well-known corporate brands over the last 12 months, increasing the burden on the companies being targeted and further frustrating consumers.

  • Apple's iPhone SDK may be delayed, blogger claims

    If you're holding your breath for the Apple iPhone software development kit, and your authorized attempt to build native applications for the wildly popular handheld, you may have to hold it a bit longer.

  • Researchers dream up mobile chameleon device

    Imagine tapping out text messages on a device the size of an index card and as flat as a piece of paper, then folding it in thirds to hold it to your ear and make a phone call. Refold it in a slightly different shape and wrap it around your wrist, where it becomes a watch and also communicates with an ear bud that lets you talk hands free.