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  • 'Leaky' Internet heads to safer waters: IIA

    By Dahna McConnachie | 05 September, 2005 14:55

    The second-generation Internet will be designed for e-business and its protection levels will increase in line with its value, according to Internet Industry Association chief Peter Coroneos.

  • Witness upgrades IP recording apps

    By Michael Crawford | 05 September, 2005 13:30

    Witness Systems has upgraded its enterprise-class IP recording application, adding increased support for high density gateways.

  • Datacom buys into NetOptions

    By Nadia Cameron | 05 September, 2005 11:45

    Datacom has merged with integrator, NetOptions, as part of plans to drive into the Queensland market.

  • ERP offering relies on open source

    By John Cox | 05 September, 2005 11:19

    A 4-year-old company is using open source software as the foundation for an ERP suite targeted at small and midsize manufacturers.

  • Dual-layer DVD+RW standard expected by year-end

    By Martyn Williams | 05 September, 2005 08:13

    The group behind the series of DVD+ formats has started standardization work on dual-layer rewritable discs with the aim of completing it before the end of this year, it said Friday.

  • IDC: Global disk storage market reached $5.6b in Q2

    By China Martens | 05 September, 2005 08:11

    The total worldwide disk storage systems market grew 9.9 percent to US$5.6 billion in factory revenue in the second quarter of this year as compared to the year-ago quarter, according to an IDC analyst. The growth was the highest year-on-year growth over the last eight quarters, the analyst said in a report released Friday. Total disk storage systems petabytes grew 59.3 percent year over year to reach 457 petabytes in the second quarter.

  • Microsoft unveils focus for Longhorn Itanium

    By Elizabeth Montalbano | 05 September, 2005 08:10

    Microsoft on Friday dribbled out new details of its next Windows Server operating system (OS) release, revealing that the Itanium version would be optimized for three specific workloads -- database, custom applications and line-of-business applications such as ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management).

  • Hitachi shrinks hard drives, expands capacity

    By Martyn Williams | 05 September, 2005 08:04

    Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) has started shipping a higher capacity version of its Microdrive 1-inch hard-disk drive and has made improvements to its 1.8-inch Travelstar drives, the company said Friday.

  • EMC set to offer better backup to customers

    By Chris Mellor | 05 September, 2005 08:04

    EMC is set to release a product that aims to provide its customers with up-to-date information on the status of their backups. The company claimed that Legato Backup Advisor will help IT departments better meet their service level agreements (SLAs) with different parts of their enterprise as well as meeting any data compliance regulations.

  • Linux 40 per cent cheaper than Windows, exclaims IBM

    By Matthew Broersma | 05 September, 2005 08:02

    Linux's total cost of operation (TCO) is typically 40 percent lower than Windows, according to an IBM-sponsored report from the Robert Frances Group (RFG), publicized by IBM last week.

  • Sharp shows new dual-view LCD

    By John Blau | 05 September, 2005 07:54

    Sharp has begun mass production of a new LCD (liquid crystal display) that can simultaneously display different information depending on which direction the screen is being viewed from, the company said Thursday during a news conference at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. The Japanese manufacturer also named its first customer: General Motors.

  • IPod manufacturer sees revenue double

    By Dan Nystedt | 05 September, 2005 07:54

    Inventec Appliances, one of the principal suppliers of Apple's iPod music players, reported its revenue more than doubled in the first half of this year.

  • Fast Wi-Fi standard set to splinter

    By Peter Judge | 05 September, 2005 07:37

    Just when we thought the fast Wi-Fi standard was well underway, it looks like the big chip-makers are about to undermine an agreement in the IEEE.

  • Targus hones in on accessories

    By Nadia Cameron | 05 September, 2005 07:15

    Targus has created a new market development role to help it capitalise on growing opportunities for notebook and general IT accessories.

  • New Fortinet chief aims squarely at channel

    By Louis van Wyk | 05 September, 2005 07:15

    Building the channel is a top priority for security box maker Fortinet's new Australia and New Zealand boss, Steve Clack, the third person to hold this position in less than two years.

  • Sales at world's largest notebook maker surge

    By Dan Nystedt | 05 September, 2005 07:14

    Sales at Quanta Computer, the world's largest notebook computer maker, rose by 23 per cent during the first half of the year on strong laptop computer sales.

  • Integrated Wireless seeks Skype resellers

    By Julia Talevski | 02 September, 2005 12:05

    Integrated Wireless is looking for resellers to carry its new line of Skype Starter Packs.

  • Toshiba reviewing HD-DVD launch plans

    By Martyn Williams | 02 September, 2005 09:16

    Toshiba is reviewing the launch schedule for HD-DVD, a next-generation optical disc format for high-definition video, and could delay its US launch until sometime next year, it said on Thursday.

  • NetApp leads the way with web optimisation

    By Mitchell Bingemann | 02 September, 2005 09:07

    Network Appliance is leading the WAN optimisation controller (WOC) segment of the application acceleration market, according to a recent global Gartner report.

  • Motorola heads straight for mobile WiMax

    By Stephen Lawson | 02 September, 2005 08:43

    Motorola is moving aggressively toward the next generation of WiMax wireless broadband, gearing up to introduce two product lines without waiting for the WiMax Forum to finish specifications for the technology.

  • Asus Chromebox: a simple business PC that won’t take up too much space

    The Asus Chromebox takes advantage of the Cloud to provide a small desktop that can be used by multiple users with ease. Read more


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