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  • Optima declares channel ambition

    By Brett Winterford | 26 November, 2003 07:07

    Australia’s largest computer manufacturer, Optima, has hired channel-veteran, Michael Calculli, as the company’s first channel manager and has outlined plans to take the small business channel by storm.

  • Toshiba to increase memory chip production

    By Martyn Williams | 26 November, 2003 07:07

    Toshiba is planning to increase production of memory chips because of strong demand for the devices from manufacturers of digital still cameras, cellular telephones and memory cards.

  • Alcatel finds local CEO replacement

    By Brett Winterford | 26 November, 2003 07:05

    Networking vendor, Alcatel, has found a replacement for long time chief executive officer, Ross Fowler, who was poached by rival Cisco Systems in August.

  • Microsoft retires NetMeeting

    By Joris Evers | 25 November, 2003 14:30

    Microsoft is retiring its six-year-old NetMeeting online conferencing application and instead will push Office Live Meeting, formerly known as PlaceWare, for online meetings.

  • Weak margins dampen Christmas IT spend: HT

    By Rodney Gedda | 25 November, 2003 12:59

    Technology spending will increase before year’s end but deflating prices combined with a strong Aussie dollar will keep a lid on the sector’s growth, according to Harris Technology’s (HT) managing director David Foster.

  • Channelworx bolsters security arsenal

    By Helen Yeatman | 25 November, 2003 12:20

    Channelworx has signed up as a Trend Micro distributor for Australia and New Zealand in an effort to strengthen its position in the security market.

  • CCD shortage to hamper Christmas rush

    By Helen Yeatman | 25 November, 2003 12:13

    The digital camera market is preparing for the worst charge coupled device (CCD) shortage ever as the Christmas shopping season nears and demand for digital cameras soars.

  • Smith to strengthen HDS channel relations in Australia

    By Nadia Cameron | 25 November, 2003 09:57

    Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has promoted its midrange and channel product marketing manager, Timothy Smith, to the position of marketing manager for Australia and New Zealand.

  • DVD Jon breaks iTunes security

    By Paul Roberts | 25 November, 2003 09:35

    The man responsible for writing software that allowed people to circumvent copyright technology on DVDs has posted software on the Internet that may allow devotees of Apple Computer's new iTunes online music store to break digital rights management (DRM) technology that protects files downloaded from that service.

  • Dell shifts some support calls to US after complaints

    By Tom Krazit | 25 November, 2003 08:32

    Dell has brought some technical support work back to the US after corporate customers complained about the quality of service they were receiving from workers in other countries, according to Dell spokesman.

  • Intel shows off 65 nanometer memory cells

    By Tom Krazit | 25 November, 2003 07:27

    Intel has demonstrated working SRAM (static RAM) chips with transistors built using the company's 65 nanometer process technology, the company announced Monday.

  • HP and Dynamic Supplies in court over $6.6 million

    By Sarah Stokely | 25 November, 2003 07:26

    The parting of the ways between HP and former authorised distributor, Dynamic Supplies, has hit the courts.

  • Consumer electronics driving hard disk innovation

    By Martyn Williams | 25 November, 2003 07:20

    The increasing use of hard disk drives in consumer electronics products is beginning to play an important role in development and support of new drive technology. Smaller and quieter drives are being demanded and the consumer market may also help increase demand for drives based on new technologies such as Serial ATA and help push research into new recording methods, an executive of a leading drive manufacturer said.

  • AOL, Macromedia bring Flash to IM

    By Laura Blackwell | 25 November, 2003 07:20

    Today you can find current weather on the Web, then use instant messaging to warn your friends at their PCs and cell phones that a downpour's on the way. As early as next year, you may be able to do both of these - plus find a movie theatre where you can take shelter from the storm, and blog the entire experience - in a browser-free software environment that combines Web and IM functions.

  • ISP Datafast acquisition makes KeyPoint

    By Nadia Cameron | 25 November, 2003 07:20

    Western Australian telco, Datafast Telecommunications, is planning to add yet another ISP to its books, entering into a merger agreement with ISP KeyPoint Pty Ltd.

  • Privacy commissioner slams music enforcers, cautions on DRM

    By Julian Bajkowski | 24 November, 2003 15:33

    Federal Privacy Commissioner Malcom Crompton has attacked the tactics of the music antipiracy lobby, saying that those who ride roughshod over privacy in the hunt for pirates occupy the same moral ground as those they seek to have jailed.

  • HP creates SMB storage line

    By Robert McMillan | 24 November, 2003 15:11

    HP is set to announce a new storage product line, today, that is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. The StorageWorks Modular Smart Array (MSA) family will be made up of existing HP products, repackaged and re-branded to make them more appealing to smaller companies.

  • Experts: Security of handhelds far too lax

    By John Cox and Denise Dubie | 24 November, 2003 12:18

    Traversing the carpeted walkways of the Las Vegas Convention Centre last week, Caleb Sima looked like many other programmers at Comdex: young, lean, laid-back and with a taste for earth tones. What was less apparent is that he also has a penchant for uncovering new security threats.

  • Asia stars in ITU digital access index

    By David Legard | 24 November, 2003 12:16

    The four fastest-developing countries in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field over the past four years are all from Asia, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

  • Music heavyweights go after ISPs for online music piracy

    By Jennifer O'Brien | 24 November, 2003 12:05

    In the hotly-contested world of downloadable music, two directors and an employee of ISP Com-Cen are in the crosshairs of the music industry.

  • Asus Chromebox: a simple business PC that won’t take up too much space

    The Asus Chromebox takes advantage of the Cloud to provide a small desktop that can be used by multiple users with ease. Read more

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