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  • Standard virus protection best way to fight Mydoom

    By Jaikumar Vijayan | 30 January, 2004 07:36

    Companies that are following recommended practices relating to secure email use should be largely protected against the Mydoom virus and its variants, experts said.

  • Unwired gives wireless broadband the fix

    By Nadia Cameron | 30 January, 2004 07:34

    A new services deal with Ericsson and the scheduled commercial launch of its fixed wireless high-speed service in June will see start-up ISP, Unwired, plunge into the Australian broadband market.

  • Server shipments jump sharply

    By Joris Evers | 30 January, 2004 07:03

    Increased corporate spending and seasonal growth pushed worldwide shipments of server computers to 1.6 million in the final quarter of 2003, up 24.5 per cent from the year-earlier period, according to research released by Gartner's Dataquest division.

  • Sony sees profit drop on increased expenses

    By Martyn Williams | 29 January, 2004 12:09

    Sony has achieved record quarterly sales in the last three months of 2003, although its restructuring program, higher spending on semiconductor research, and the strengthening Japanese yen led to a decrease in profit. Sales and operating revenue for the quarter increased 0.7 per cent to $28.3 billion as of December 31, the last day of the period being reported, group chief financial officer, Takao Yuhara, said. Operating profit dropped 20.4 per cent to $1.94 billion and net profit for the quarter fell 26.2 per cent to $1.13 billion.

  • Oracle eyes Windows database market

    By James Niccolai | 29 January, 2004 12:07

    Oracle hopes to take on Microsoft for a larger share of the market for databases sold on the Windows operating system, according to a senior Oracle executive.

  • Acer launches PixelPerfect guarantee

    By Helen Yeatman | 29 January, 2004 12:05

    Undaunted by the prolonged LCD panel shortage, LCD vendors are raising the bar on standard LCD pixel defect replacement policy.

  • Aussies look to Canucks for broadband pointers

    By Jennifer O'Brien | 29 January, 2004 12:04

    Australia lags behind Canada in terms of broadband adoption and won’t catch up in the immediate future, according to a benchmark study. Because the two countries shared similar geographies and telco environments, IDC undertook the study to find the key factors contributing to Australia’s lethargic atmosphere, IDC market analyst, Adrian Cotiga, said.

  • Mydoom variant appears, targets Microsoft

    By Paul Roberts | 29 January, 2004 08:06

    A new version of the Mydoom e-mail worm is circulating on the Internet, according to warnings from antivirus companies.

  • Cisco pulls plug on Radiata

    By Sarah Stokely | 29 January, 2004 07:45

    Cisco has decided to wind down wireless chipset maker, Radiata, three years after acquiring the Australian company for $567 million.

  • Draft EU ruling finds Microsoft guilty

    By Paul Meller | 29 January, 2004 07:40

    Microsoft's chances of settling its European antitrust case are fading, as competition officials at the European Commission circulated a draft ruling to colleagues that finds the company guilty of abusing the monopoly power of its Windows operating system, according to people close to the Commission.

  • ADIC announces iSCSI support

    By Deni Connor | 29 January, 2004 07:20

    Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC) last week announced one of the first iSCSI-capable tape libraries for small and midsize enterprises.

  • Conference aims to fill a hole

    By ARN Staff | 28 January, 2004 16:45

    The Australian Unix and Open Systems User Group (AUUG) has announced the speakers and program schedule for the third annual AUUG Security Symposium.

  • MS offers partners prizes for case studies

    By ARN Staff | 28 January, 2004 16:44

    Software giant Microsoft has started a competition, the Windows Server 2003 Challenge, that promises prizes to resellers and customers who are willing to share details about successful implementations of the Windows Server 2003 product.

  • Reseller Formula One winners announced

    By Helen Yeatman | 28 January, 2004 16:42

    Adrenalin was pumping at Astron Technology, Commander and Volante after the resellers won the first round of HP’s Start Your Engines 2004 reseller incentive program.

  • ROI, TCO a must for Linux solutions

    By Nadia Cameron | 28 January, 2004 15:26

    Vendors and solution providers attempting to push open source software into the corporate and enterprise markets should focus on developing a total cost of ownership plan, return on investment and procurement policy for their customers.

  • Dell’s network unit steps up to routing

    By Stephen Lawson | 28 January, 2004 14:56

    Dell’s networking division is targeting the cores of data centres and small to medium-sized enterprise LANs with a pair of Ethernet switches that also act as routers.

  • SCO offers $250,000 reward for arrest of Mydoom author

    By Ken Mingis | 28 January, 2004 14:28

    The SCO Group said Tuesday it is experiencing a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack apparently related to the Mydoom worm that first appeared Monday.

  • Federal IT policy heads for bipartisan paralysis

    By Julian Bajkowski | 28 January, 2004 13:42

    Information technology policy has sunk into pre-budget and pre-election paralysis at government and opposition levels. Communications and IT Minister Daryl Williams is refusing to guarantee any future funding for the National Office of the Information Economy (NOIE) - at exactly the same time as the opposition revealed plans to abolish NOIE altogether.

  • Telstra to ISPs: You push broadband, we’ll deliver

    By Brett Winterford | 28 January, 2004 12:47

    Telecommunications giant, Telstra, in the face of growing criticism over the quality and reach of its broadband service, claims to have come up with a strategy to enable broadband connectivity outside of Australia’s major urban centres.

  • Prove it SCO, says Linux community

    By Brett Winterford | 28 January, 2004 12:36

    The local announcement of SCO’s Intellectual Property License has angered the local Linux community.

  • Colocation and the Cloud: the future is here

    Cloud and colocation sound like just more buzzwords in a seemingly never ending chain of new and complex technologies that are begging for attention.. Read more

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