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  • Microsoft to unveil antispam plans

    By Paul Roberts | 25 February, 2004 07:06

    Microsoft chairman and chief software architect, Bill Gates, will use this week's RSA Conference to unveil a proposed open technology standard that Microsoft hopes will make it harder to fake the source of unsolicited commercial email.

  • Microsoft Plans for New Xbox Live Features

    By Funky Zealot | 24 February, 2004 15:50

    Limited data storage to pave the way for the Xbox Next?

  • Leak prompts Microsoft to audit Windows code

    By Joris Evers | 24 February, 2004 12:06

    Microsoft is conducting a security review of the Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 source code leaked onto the Internet earlier this month to determine if there is any risk to its customers, the company said Monday.

  • Telstra cops flak over Indonesia interest

    By Alison Turner | 24 February, 2004 11:56

    Telstra is fending off more criticism after an unconfirmed report that it is considering launching a $3 billion bid for Indonesia’s third largest mobile phone company, Excelcomindo Pratama.

  • Multimedia Technology marches north

    By Brett Winterford | 24 February, 2004 11:53

    Victorian IT distributor, Multimedia Technology, is opening offices in Sydney and Brisbane as the company moves to march its operations north.

  • Memory Experts launches new biometric hard drives

    By Agam Shah | 24 February, 2004 10:05

    A biometric hard drive capable of delivering the storage power of a PC in a pocket-sized data device will be launched by Memory Experts International Tuesday at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

  • UXC announces record results

    By Alison Turner | 24 February, 2004 07:37

    ASX-listed IT services company, UXC, has reported a record net profit of $3.9 million after another six months of its aggressive acquisition strategy.

  • Mitsubishi develops fast 16-way optical switch

    By Martyn Williams | 24 February, 2004 07:36

    Engineers at Mitsubishi Electric have developed a 16-way optical cross-connect switch for use in metropolitan area fibre networks that they say is capable of operating faster than similar products from other companies.

  • Professional Advantage wins Systems Union Deal

    By Alison Turner | 24 February, 2004 07:36

    Local software provider Professional Advantage has signed an international original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnership agreement with UK based software house, Systems Union.

  • Study: Software piracy rates remain high in Asia

    By David Legard | 24 February, 2004 06:22

    Software piracy remains a multi-billion dollar industry in Asia, but there are some signs of improvement in the 14 Asian countries being most closely surveyed, according to the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA).

  • Prices dive as ISPs take up Telstra broadband challenge

    By Nadia Cameron | 23 February, 2004 16:45

    The launch of Telstra’s $29.95 broadband products has had a domino effect on prices across the industry, with competing ISPs slashing charges and introducing bare-bone services in a bid to match the cheaper price point.

  • WA broadband providers ask for a Fair Go

    By Nadia Cameron | 23 February, 2004 15:54

    The Western Australian Internet Association (WAIA) industry body has launched a crusade against Telstra’s latest retail broadband price cuts in an attempt to force the telco to drop its “predatory” wholesale pricing.

  • IT unemployment outstrips national average

    By Helen Han | 23 February, 2004 12:11

    Australia's IT unemployment rate is 77 percent higher than the national jobless average but incredibly, the rate is an improvement on the year before, according to the Australian Computer Society's (ACS) 2003 ICT Employment Survey.

  • Kazaa owner has its day in court against music industry

    By Laura Rohde | 23 February, 2004 09:20

    Sharman Networks, the owner and distributor of the Kazaa peer-to-peer (P-to-P) network, argued its case on Friday in the Federal Court of Australia against charges brought by Music Industry Piracy Investigations (MIPI), a subsidiary of the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

  • Judge blocks sales of DVD copying software

    By Joris Evers | 23 February, 2004 09:09

    Siding with several of Hollywood's largest movie studios, a US federal judge has barred 321 Studios from manufacturing, distributing or otherwise trafficking in software that allows users to copy DVDs.

  • Security flaw in Linux kernel gets vendor patches

    By Todd R. Weiss | 23 February, 2004 08:29

    A security vulnerability in the Linux kernel that could have allowed a hacker to gain control of the operating system on user machines has been patched by the open-source community and Linux vendors.

  • Dell unveils Prescott servers, new switches

    By Tom Krazit | 23 February, 2004 08:18

    Dell has bolstered its product roster for small and medium-size businesses with new servers and the announcement of new switches.

  • BenQ takes $12 million plunge into home market

    By Sarah Stokely | 23 February, 2004 07:14

    BenQ is making a $12 million play to establish itself as a name in the digital home market this year. From March, new products will arrive each month, and the vendor will kick off its branding efforts with a high profile stint as a sponsor of Sydney’s Mercedes Fashion week in May.

  • Quantum leaps into branded DLT land

    By Jennifer O'Brien | 23 February, 2004 07:12

    Quantum has launched a line of branded storage tape drives in Australia in response to what the company claims is channel demand.

  • Broadband cost plummets to new $26.95 low

    By Howard Dahdah | 20 February, 2004 15:37

    The price of broadband has been driven even lower with Dart Internet launching a $26.95 ADSL plan on Friday.

  • Silicon Memory Technologies sheds light on partnering with Seagate

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