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  • Volante registers another win in Canberra

    By Brian Corrigan | 10 August, 2004 12:51

    Volante has scored a three-year contract worth $6.7 million to provide maintenance and support for the desktop, mid-range and storage infrastructure of the Federal Government Department of Finance and Administration.

  • Linux laptops reemerge

    By Phil Hochmuth | 10 August, 2004 10:22

    While the usual server news was plentiful at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco last week, a few announcements were made of new laptops that let users get personal with the Linux kernel.

  • DAT gets road map

    By Bob Francis | 10 August, 2004 10:18

    Hewlett-Packard and Certance, two of the top manufacturers of DAT technology, announced this week a long-term commitment to the technology through 2010 and three future product generations.

  • Longhorn to flaunt many new colours

    By Rodney Gedda | 10 August, 2004 09:55

    Despite already facing end user scrutiny over its delayed release and the possibility forcing another hardware refresh, Microsoft’s next generation of Windows - codenamed Longhorn – will sport a multitude of enhancements, according to the company’s senior vice president of servers and tools Eric Rudder.

  • Unisys moves on retail aspirations

    By Michael Crawford | 10 August, 2004 09:42

    Unisys plans to offer a "vendor wholistic" approach to retail, point-of-sale and supply chain management through the release of its newly-branded SUREfire application.

  • HP bids for Synstar to broaden European reach

    By Scarlet Pruitt | 10 August, 2004 09:28

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) is making a bid for U.K. IT services company Synstar in an effort to expand its service capabilities in Europe.

  • Cisco, Microsoft to clash on net security

    By Jeff Caruso | 10 August, 2004 09:13

    When Microsoft unveiled its security technology initiative last month, one interesting aspect of it was somewhat buried - the network equipment partners, which include most of the major players other than Cisco.

  • Mutual back scratching is good for business

    By Jeanne-Vida Douglas | 10 August, 2004 08:51

    Building business in the IT reseller game can be a tough call. Often it involves a fundamentally unequal relationship between multinational multi-billion dollar corporations, and small-scale computer retailers. However, some in the channel have found a way to balance out the relationship, by side-stepping the major vendors and doing business with smaller local manufacturers.

  • McAfee updates E-Business Server

    By Paul Roberts | 10 August, 2004 08:14

    McAfee said on Monday that it is releasing a new version of its E-Business Server data encryption software that it claims will make it easier for companies to encrypt data sent outside their networks, to business partners or remote offices.

  • Patents emerge as an open source issue

    By Robert McMillan | 10 August, 2004 07:45

    The SCO group may not be the threat it once was, but IP (intellectual property) concerns were front and center at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco last week. Conference speakers called for changes to US IP law and the way the open source community manages itself.

  • Di Data streamlines SP2 integration

    By Nadia Cameron | 10 August, 2004 07:44

    Dimension Data has unveiled a new applications testing suite aimed at helping customers overcome software compatibility issues with the forthcoming release of Microsoft’s Windows Service Pack 2 (SP2).

  • IBM tells users not to install Windows XP update

    By Joris Evers | 09 August, 2004 14:00

    While developers at Microsoft may be celebrating that they finished work on Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows XP, IT departments around the world now face the question on whether they should update their systems, or not.

  • Microsoft: We have lost a lot of trust

    By Juha Saarinen | 09 August, 2004 11:59

    Microsoft's new focus on security is paying off, but the company still has a long way to regain its customers' trust, according to the company's security program manager, Jesper Johansson.

  • Mapping out channel development

    By Tim Lohman | 09 August, 2004 11:56

    Microsoft launched a new developer platform at this year’s TechEd conference and is canvassing partner support.

  • Small security firm puts spotlight on big vendor bugs

    By Scarlet Pruitt | 09 August, 2004 08:08

    News earlier last week that Oracle was sitting on patches for 34 undisclosed vulnerabilities in its database software may have come as a surprise to some, but not to David Litchfield, the researcher who discovered the holes.

  • Microsoft releases XP Service Pack 2 to manufacturing

    By Carol Sliwa | 09 August, 2004 08:00

    Microsoft announced on Friday the release to manufacturing of the security-focused Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).

  • Mandla vows ACS reforms will continue

    By Julian Bajkowski | 09 August, 2004 08:00

    The president of the Australian Computer Society Edward Mandla vows he will continue to push hard for reform within the organization in an effort to re-establish political and industry clout for the ICT industry.

  • Judge wants nothing under wraps in Oracle decision

    By James Niccolai | 09 August, 2004 08:00

    Three weeks after the trial phase ended in the US government's suit to block Oracle from buying PeopleSoft, the judge presiding over the case continues to grill both sides as to why documents and testimony filed under seal should be kept confidential.

  • Seagate: Ex-employee can't work for a rival

    By Robert McMillan | 09 August, 2004 08:00

    Hard drive maker Seagate Technology is seeking a court injunction to prevent a former employee, Pete Goglia, from going to work for Western Digital, saying Goglia knows too much about Seagate's hard-drive reading and writing technology to work for a competitor.

  • Report: Hitachi, Matsushita to tie on LCDs

    By Martyn Williams | 09 August, 2004 07:30

    Hitachi and Matsushita Electric have reached a basic agreement to jointly produce liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and Hitachi has invited Toshiba to also participate, according to newspaper reports.

  • Asus Chromebox: a simple business PC that won’t take up too much space

    The Asus Chromebox takes advantage of the Cloud to provide a small desktop that can be used by multiple users with ease. Read more

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