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  • Apple lines up for Toshiba's new 60G-byte drive

    By Martyn Williams | 03 June, 2004 10:23

    Toshiba is planning to launch a 60G-byte version of its 1.8-inch hard disk drive in the coming months and has already found a customer in Apple Computer, the company said Wednesday at the Computex 2004 exhibition in Taipei.

  • HP pushes digital printing, photography in living colour

    By Tom Krazit | 03 June, 2004 09:51

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) unveiled several new products on Wednesday in a move intended to help bring rich digital color into consumers' photographs and small businesses' marketing materials at a lower cost.

  • Telstra flexes its pricing muscle in storage stoush

    By Sandra Rossi | 03 June, 2004 09:06

    EMC has lost its single supplier (storage) status with Telstra creating an opening for Network Appliance to move in and secure deals valued at more than $10 million in the past 12 months.

  • Sun revamps storage line, pricing

    By Lucas Mearian | 03 June, 2004 07:41

    Sun Microsystems has announced its first near-line arrays based on Serial Advanced Technology Attachment disk drives, which it claims will offer 70 per cent more storage capacity than similarly priced Fibre Channel-based disk arrays.

  • ACA search for unified number testers begins

    By Nadia Cameron | 03 June, 2004 07:23

    The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) has called on organisations with experience in delivering Internet services to submit applications for the first Australian trial of the unified phone and Internet number system, ENUM.

  • Novell sales courses in Linux

    By Darren Greenwood | 03 June, 2004 07:21

    Novell is holding a series of training days to help its channel partners and other Linux salespeople learn how to use and sell open source.

  • Cisco unveils monster at 20th birthday bash

    By Darren Greenwood | 02 June, 2004 16:06

    It can connect three billion telephone calls in the blink of an eye, transfer the entire collection of the US Library of Congress in less than five seconds or download 220 million files in less than 90 seconds, according to Cisco.

  • Microsoft extends product support to 10 years

    By Joris Evers | 02 June, 2004 16:06

    Microsoft is to institute a new lifecycle policy that extends support for its products to a minimum of 10 years from the current seven years.

  • Data#3 $20,000 over par

    By ARN Staff | 02 June, 2004 16:05

    IT solutions company, Data#3, recently held its second annual Charity Golf Day at the Indooroopilly Golf Club to help fight viruses of a different kind by raising $20,000 for the “Bug Detectives” of the Clinical Virology Research Unit of the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

  • Making an impact

    By ARN Staff | 02 June, 2004 16:04

    Impact Systems Technology (IST) was recognised at this year’s Australian Service Excellence Awards, held by the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA).

  • Lexar appoints two distributors for expansion push

    By Tim Lohman | 02 June, 2004 16:03

    Lexar Media has appointed two new distributors, Tech Pacific and WestGroup, as part of an expansion push that also sees the company opening a Sydney sales office.

  • Taking the stuffing out of the channel

    By Darren Greenwood | 02 June, 2004 16:01

    The practice of ‘channel stuffing’ may have had its day, thanks to a US financial act that discourages vendors from making monthly or quarterly calls asking distributors to buy extra stock at the last-minute to artificially boost their sales.

  • BigPond’s Milne hits out at report findings

    By Tim Lohman | 02 June, 2004 15:58

    The findings of the Telsyte report on broadband pricing have been contemptuously dismissed by Telstra BigPond managing director, Justin Milne, who questioned the underlying methodology on which it was based.

  • Express Data to customise reseller annuity service

    By Brian Corrigan | 02 June, 2004 15:55

    Express Data is to modify the online annuity service it launched four months ago. The distributor has estimated the scheme is on target to net $50 million this year, the amount it has estimated is slipping through the cracks in missed annuity business.

  • Optima to continue channel expansion

    By Brian Corrigan | 02 June, 2004 15:51

    ASX-listed PC manufacturer, Optima, is looking to add a further 100 resellers across the country but has not set a timescale for the appointments.

  • Booming market swamps phone order service

    By Darren Greenwood | 02 June, 2004 15:45

    Ingram Micro Australia managing director, Steve Rust, has admitted being caught unawares by a sudden upturn in business that has left resellers complaining about poor customer service.

  • Surveys: Upturn starting to filter into IT pay packets

    By Darren Greenwood | 02 June, 2004 15:31

    The IT upturn is slowly but surely starting to work its way into some industry pay packets, according to recently published salary surveys. But that trend is yet to reach the channel if the players ARN spoke to are to be believed.

  • Queensland gets Professional Advantage

    By Darren Greenwood | 02 June, 2004 15:23

    Enterprise systems developer and reseller, Professional Advantage, has opened a Brisbane office on the back of growing IT services demand in the Smart State.

  • Online music plays a new tune

    By Liane Cassavoy | 02 June, 2004 15:09

    Recovering Kazaa users are everywhere. They might be fearful of the recording industry’s litigious rampage. Perhaps they’re tired of pop-ups and promotions. Maybe they went straight to Apple’s iTunes or Musicmatch. Or perhaps they’ve just gone further underground for their digital music.

  • iBook goes to high school

    By Julian Bajkowski | 02 June, 2004 14:01

    If the slick marketing of Apple Computer and wireless hotspots conjures up images of yuppies in polo necks, then students at a western Sydney high school don't seem to care.

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