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  • Sun Microsystems posts Q3 profit

    Sun Microsystems is continuing its profitable ways, reporting net income of US$67 million, or US$0.02 a share, on US$3.29 billion in revenue in quarterly financial results released Tuesday.

  • Microsoft ups security stance with new labs

    In a move to strengthen its response to security threats, Microsoft is opening two labs to study the growing amount of malicious software circulating on the Internet, security executives announced Wednesday.

  • Sarotech cuts Powermove and gets Hip

    Melbourne specialist distributor, Hip Gizmos, has picked up sole rights to the Sarotech range of portable storage devices. The appointment sees fellow Victorian business, Powermove, removed as the vendor's distributor.

  • ACT readies new hardware tenders

    The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government is putting the final touches on new common use arrangements (CUA) for ICT business equipment. The first cab off the rank will be for the provision of desktop PCs.

  • Getronics hitches wagon to Microsoft

    Local network and desktop integrator, Getronics, will seek to grab an increased portion of business in the 1000-5000 seat range with new security software offerings from Microsoft.

  • Channel not fazed by hasty XP withdrawal

    Microsoft's decision to stop selling direct OEM licences and shrink-wrapped versions of Windows XP at the end of next January has barely raised an eyebrow in the local channel, with many claiming Vista is gaining ground in all customer markets.

  • Former Teac CFO charged under Corporations Act

    The former chief financial officer of Teac Australia, Kenneth Evans, has become the second man charged by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for offences relating to that company's business practices.

  • US Army team wants second chance at hacker contest

    A team of U.S. Army hackers will attend the Hack In The Box (HITB) Security Conference 2007 in Kuala Lumpur later this year, seeking redemption after falling short at a hacker competition in Dubai earlier this month, the conference organizer said Tuesday.

  • Star-Tech links uni students over wireless

    In what could be either the best or worst news for student productivity, uni students at three Australian campuses are getting online thanks to a dedicated wireless network from BigAir and Star-Tech Communications.

  • Commander gets go-ahead in SA

    Commander has clawed its way onto a South Australian government panel as a supplier of IT services after announcing to the industry last year that it wasn't involved in the process.

  • LANDesk builds IPS into security suite

    LANDesk next month will upgrade its security management suite with capabilities designed to monitor network traffic and compare abnormal activity against predefined rules.

  • Wi-Fi cloaks the City of London

    The City of London is home to a new Wi-Fi network that is not only one of Europe's largest but also among the first to give users mobile coverage similar to a cellular network.