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  • ARM's new Cortex cores deliver big punch in small chip

    By Tom Krazit | 20 October, 2004 08:44

    Chip designer Arm's new Cortex family of processor cores will help designers of mobile and embedded devices build powerful systems that use less memory, the company said Tuesday at its developer conference.

  • No extra licenses needed for multicore chips

    By Robert McMillan | 20 October, 2004 08:26

    Customers who use the dual-core processors that Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are expected to begin shipping next year will not need to buy extra licenses for Microsoft software, the software maker will announce Tuesday.

  • EMC revenue rises to $2B in Q3

    By Todd R. Weiss | 20 October, 2004 08:19

    Storage vendor EMC announced third-quarter 2004 revenue totaling US$2.03 billion, up 34 percent from the US$1.5 billion the company reported in the same quarter one year earlier.

  • Intel dual-core Xeon to ship in 2006

    By Robert McMillan | 20 October, 2004 08:17

    Intel plans to ship its first Xeon processors based on a new dual-core architecture in 2006, company officials said Tuesday, a disclosure that surprised industry observers who had expected the chips to appear in 2005.

  • Cisco CTO: VOIP is the killer consumer broadband app

    By Phil Hochmuth | 20 October, 2004 08:15

    The future of converged services and the design of the Internet itself will be driven more by consumer demands than by the plans of carriers, technologists and equipment vendors, says Charlie Giancarlo, Cisco Systems' chief technology officer.

  • Vodafone rolls out virtual staff

    By Michael Crawford | 20 October, 2004 08:07

    Vodafone has introduced its latest voice recognition software and created its persona to match its pre-paid customers' stereotype ideal. 'Her' name is Lara, a 28-year-old brunette with a penchant for popular music. And naturally, she is single. Very single.

  • Microsoft delivers SP1 for Windows server

    By Ed Scannell | 20 October, 2004 07:30

    Setting the stage for what it hopes will be a "breakout year" for its server operating systems, Microsoft has announced it will ship the first Release Candidate of its Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows Server 2003 by year's end as well as a SDK for the High Performance Computing version of Windows Server in November.

  • IBM posts broad Q3 revenue growth

    By Stacy Cowley and Robert McMillan | 20 October, 2004 07:30

    IBM has posted quarterly results showing 9 per cent revenue growth from last year and slight earnings growth, despite a $US320 million charge it took during the quarter to settle some claims in a lawsuit over its pension plan.

  • Logical Connections to distribute NetSupport

    By Kevin Green | 20 October, 2004 07:30

    Logical Connections has signed an agreement with NetSupport to distribute its range of asset management and remote control software in Australia.

  • Kingmax enters SFF space

    By Tim Lohman | 19 October, 2004 11:57

    Following its move into the graphics cards market, memory distributor, Kingmax, has signed an exclusive deal with First International Computers (FIC) for its first barebone systems stock.

  • Study: Software vendors, users at odds over licensing

    By Paul Krill | 19 October, 2004 11:55

    Software publishers and users are at odds about software licensing, according a recently released study.

  • Cisco, Microsoft bridge security gap

    By Jaikumar Vijayan and Carol Sliwa | 19 October, 2004 11:15

    Cisco Systems and Microsoft have announced a collaborative effort designed to bridge a divide between their emerging network access-control architectures.

  • Microsoft targets midmarket with Navision update

    By Scarlet Pruitt | 19 October, 2004 10:14

    Microsoft is building on its 2002 buy of Danish business application developer, Navision A/S, with the release of its first major product built on the Navision software suite.

  • Dreaming of a whitebox Christmas?

    By Jeanne-Vida Douglas | 19 October, 2004 09:47

    With the ink barely dry on the ballot papers, retailers are ready and armed with oversized reindeer, giant stars, fake snow and everything else that announces the arrival of silly season.

  • Foundry upgrades Wi-Fi software

    By Peter Judge | 19 October, 2004 09:36

    Foundry Networks Inc. has updated its wireless LAN switch software to improve security and roaming.

  • Businesses keep Q3 PC growth on track

    By Tom Krazit | 19 October, 2004 09:01

    PC shipments have started to ease off, as expected, but the worldwide PC market remained fairly strong in the third quarter, according to the latest research from IDC and Gartner.

  • Wal-Mart comes down under to boost RFID fan club

    By Michael Crawford | 19 October, 2004 08:37

    Recognising that technological innovation can drive business process change, Wal-Mart proudly takes responsibility for bringing RFID-tagged goods to the masses.

  • Kaz scores managed services deal

    By Nadia Cameron | 19 October, 2004 07:30

    The Kaz Group has scored a multimillion dollar contract to provide a managed services solution to South Australia's electricity giant, ElectraNet.

  • ACS launches Software Quality Assurance policy

    By Siobhan McBride | 18 October, 2004 12:20

    The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has called for the widespread adoption of software quality assurance methodologies and professional standards to enhance Australia's status as a key offshoring destination and to ensure better risk management practices.

  • Synnex boosts warehousing capabilities

    By Tim Lohman | 18 October, 2004 11:45

    Synnex will open an automated warehouse in either Sydney or Melbourne by 2006 to squeeze efficiency gains for its just-in-time business model.

  • Asus Chromebox: a simple business PC that won’t take up too much space

    The Asus Chromebox takes advantage of the Cloud to provide a small desktop that can be used by multiple users with ease. Read more

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