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  • PC vendors jump aboard the Grantsdale PCI Express

    By Tom Krazit | 22 June, 2004 08:16

    Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and IBM all plan to incorporate Intel's newest 915G/P and 925X Express chipsets into upcoming PCs for both consumers and corporate customers, the companies announced Monday.

  • Performance managers seek consensus

    By Julian Bajkowski | 22 June, 2004 08:09

    Major enterprise software vendors have formed a coalition to rationalise customer expectations of analytics software offerings and bring order to the proliferation of unrestrained three letter acronyms.

  • NetSuite, Oracle end licensing deal

    By Stacy Cowley | 22 June, 2004 08:09

    Oracle and hosted ERP (enterprise resource planning) software vendor NetSuite have ended a licensing agreement that allowed NetSuite to use Oracle's name to brand its small-business applications bundle.

  • WA start-up offers online business apps, seeks ASPs

    By Rodney Gedda | 22 June, 2004 08:07

    After spinning off from its parent company four years ago, Perth-based company WA Go Online has started offering a suite of business applications delivered over the Internet that can be run either in-house or by an ASP.

  • EMC releases upgraded ControlCenter

    By Lucas Mearian | 22 June, 2004 08:04

    EMC Monday announced the latest version of its flagship storage management software, which it said offers "more complete support" for competing products such as arrays from Hewlett-Packard (HP), Hitachi Data Systems and IBM, as well as Linux servers.

  • Esys and Cassa make an Impact on the monitors market

    By Tim Lohman | 22 June, 2004 07:30

    Monitors manufacturer Impact Systems has appointed two new national distributors, Cassa and Esys, for its range of LCD screens.

  • New technology could aid fuel cell manufacturing

    By Tom Krazit | 22 June, 2004 07:30

    A fuel cell company plans to unveil a new design that it says solves a key hurdle in the manufacturing of fuel cells for notebook PCs and handheld devices.

  • Teacube PC promotes open embedded standard

    By David Legard | 21 June, 2004 12:27

    Japan's Personal Media demonstrated at CommunicAsia a functional computer called the Teacube, measuring 2 inches (5 centimeters) on each side, to show the potential of the T-Engine platform for embedded systems.

  • Yahoo cans Business Messenger

    By Juan Carlos Perez | 21 June, 2004 12:27

    Yahoo has decided to ditch its fee-based instant messaging service for business users, acknowledging that the development of this type of offering lies beyond its core strength as a provider of consumer-oriented Internet services.

  • Intel and Proxim get serious about WiMax

    By Matthew Broersma | 21 June, 2004 12:25

    Intel and Proxim have signed to build next-generation WiMax wireless broadband products together. Unlike an earlier agreement between Intel and Alcatel, however, Proxim will supply some of the core technology itself to go with Intel's WiMax chipsets.

  • Microsoft reiterates commitment to ERP software

    By John Fontana | 21 June, 2004 12:24

    Microsoft last week laid out the road map for its business applications and the concepts that are driving product development as the company tries to find footing as an ERP vendor.

  • Cisco set to unleash security plan

    By Phil Hochmuth | 21 June, 2004 12:21

    Cisco Systems this week will announce availability of its Network Admission Control security technology for Cisco routers, and lay out a road map for adding NAC capabilities to its lines of LAN switches.

  • Apple resellers expect dual G5 delays

    By Tim Lohman | 21 June, 2004 12:19

    Apple resellers are bracing themselves for fresh stock problems following the announcement of dual processor 1.8GHz, 2.0GHz and 2.5GHz Power Mac G5 lines. The new models are slated to hit Australian shelves in coming weeks.

  • Nation's first spyware laws to go before Parliament

    By Rodney Gedda | 21 June, 2004 11:37

    A bill outlawing spyware is likely to go before Parliament as soon as September.

  • Hollywood eyes Blue Gene supercomputer

    By Robert McMillan | 21 June, 2004 10:59

    The same supercomputing technology that IBM is selling to Lawrence Livermore National Labs to model nuclear weapons may also be used to simulate something equally complex, as far as Hollywood animators are concerned: a room full of extras.

  • Regional broadband telcos taken by storm

    By Nadia Cameron | 21 June, 2004 08:00

    A new broadband product based on the next generation Wi-Fi technology, WiMax, is offering regional and community telecom operators the chance to provide fixed and mobile high-speed services independently of Telstra.

  • IBM to launch email filtering managed service

    By Juan Carlos Perez | 21 June, 2004 08:00

    IBM is partnering with MessageLabs to provide a managed email security service that filters messages for viruses, spam and inappropriate content before they reach a company's network and that uses a predictive technology designed to identify threats not yet defined.

  • IDC: Linux to take 29 per cent of 2008 server shipments

    By Robert McMillan | 18 June, 2004 11:55

    The Linux operating system will account for 29 per cent of units shipped into the worldwide server market in 2008, up from 12 per cent last year, according to predictions published by the IDC research firm.

  • Network Box takes security to the Firewall

    By Tim Lohman | 18 June, 2004 11:35

    Security vendor, Network Box, has adopted a channel model and signed its first distributor, Firewall Systems.

  • Cisco's Chambers would welcome Nortel partnership

    By Stephen Lawson | 18 June, 2004 11:05

    Cisco Systems president and chief executive officer, John Chambers, would welcome a partnership with telecommunications equipment maker Nortel Networks.

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