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  • Microsoft whips up virtualization spin ahead of VMWorld

    Microsoft last Thursday went on the offensive saying its first virtual machine management tool would ship next month and spinning its virtualization wares and strategy days ahead of rival VMware's annual conference scheduled for this week.

  • Virtualised SANs for virtual servers

    Now you can have a virtualised and thinly-provisioned storage area network (SAN) in a total virtual server and hardware-independent environment, as DataCore has released its SANmelody and SANsymphony products as virtual machines.

  • OPEL network gets go-ahead

    The federal Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts has approved the funding agreement for a new national wireless and wired broadband network with OPEL Networks.

  • ARN Poll

    Have your say and vote in ARN's online poll. This week, we want to know your thoughts on whether Cisco and Ingram Micro can make their relationship work in Australia.

  • Trapeze plans to welcome Wi-Fi guests

    Wi-Fi switch maker Trapeze has launched a stand-alone system to allow businesses to manage up to 10,000 visitors on their wireless network -- just in time to handle a surge in portable Wi-Fi devices

  • AJAX pioneer emphasizes user experiences

    The inventor of the term AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), urged attendees at The Rich Web Experience conference in San Jose on Friday to emphasize user experience when designing products.

  • Netscape goes back to the future

    AOL's venerable site, given an extreme Web 2.0 makeover 15 months ago and transformed into a spiffy social news site, will revert to being a traditional portal again.

  • Web, AJAX slammed for deficiencies

    The Web and AJAX have many deficiencies, including security holes, and much more needs to be done to iron out these problems, according to a keynote speaker at The Rich Web Experience conference in San Jose.

  • Cisco extends reach of NAC gear

    Cisco has announced it is adding a network access control blade for its branch office routers in a move the company says will push the admission technology to sites where it might not previously have been affordable.

  • Intel, AMD bring on quad-core duel

    Intel's release this week of the 'Tigerton' Xeon 7300 chip was promptly met with rival Advanced Micro Devices' contention that the technology is merely packaged dual-cores, and not native quad-core.

  • AMD seeks server rebound with Barcelona

    By Ben Ames | 10 September, 2007 08:16

    Advanced Micro Devices hopes to seize a larger share of the server chip market from its rival Intel this week when it launches the Barcelona quad-core processor.


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