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  • Cable failures no conspiracy

    Four separate reported and confirmed failures of undersea cables serving the Middle East and North Africa over the last couple of weeks have inspired conspiracy theories as to what caused this rare coincidence. Whether any have validity, the fact is that undersea cable networks -- despite multiple layers of built-in reliability -- are highly vulnerable to deliberate attacks. As the economic importance of undersea systems grows, risks from sabotage must be considered.

  • Obstacles ahead for the online ads

    In 2008, online advertising will be challenged, the living room will increase its contribution to the carbon footprint, and Internet TV will drive the growth for traditional TV viewing, according to Deloitte's technology, media, and telecommunications industry (TMT) leader Damien Tampling.

  • VMware to unveil major partnerships

    VMware has formed partnerships with Symantec, IBM and other major security vendors to boost protection of computers running on its virtualization software, Reuters reported this week.

  • Some open sourcers keeping open mind about Microsoft pledges

    Microsoft made a mountainous down payment on its high-profile pledge Thursday to improve interoperability and warm up its relationship with the open-source community, releasing some 30,000 pages of documentation for Windows client and server protocols. After digesting the news and at least some of the documentation, the reaction within the open-source community was varied, ranging from cautious praise to outright scorn.

  • Microsoft readies Silverlight 2 beta

    Shedding new light on the company's Silverlight 2 browser plug-in technology, a Microsoft official wrote a blog post Friday morning that emphasized RIA (rich Internet application) development capabilities planned for an upcoming beta release.

  • itX profits hit $3.1 million

    ASX-listed distributor, itX (ASX: ITX), has recorded a 225 per cent increase in net profits to $3.1 million for the six months to December 31.

  • Winners and losers in Microsoft open API move

    The 451 Group analysts Matthew Aslett, John Abbott, Nick Selby, and Vishwanath Venugopalan listed the potential winners and losers as part of their analysis of Microsoft's API and protocol announcement.