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  • Tech Pac NZ overhauls company structure

    By Louis van Wyk and Jonathan Roe | 22 March, 2004 07:34

    Tech Pacific New Zealand has overhauled its company structure for the first time in seven years as it reviews its market presence which has been dogged by increasingly tough competition.

  • EU Microsoft ruling could set precedent

    By Joris Evers and Marc Ferranti | 22 March, 2004 07:28

    With the breakdown of settlement talks between the European Union and Microsoft, the stage is set for the EU to announce a series of antitrust remedies and declare that the software company is an abusive monopolist, thus setting a precedent that will make it easier to prosecute other complaints, including several that are already under investigation.

  • Hotmail, MSN Messenger hit with another outage

    By Joris Evers | 22 March, 2004 07:24

    Technical problems at Microsoft for the second time within a week caused trouble for users trying to connect to Hotmail and MSN Messenger.

  • Intel to change chip classification

    By Brett Winterford | 20 March, 2004 07:05

    Processor giant, Intel, has announced it will begin including a new numbering system in the branding of its processors to provide the retail market with greater clarity on the functionality of its products.

  • ACCC slaps competition notice on Telstra

    By Brett Winterford and Nadia Cameron | 19 March, 2004 14:31

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued Telstra with a competition notice, opening up the opportunity for the telco’s wholesale partners to seek damages and compensation from the company. Telstra’s wholesale partners have indicated so far, however, that they would rather see the problem solved through negotiation than have to resort to seeking damages in a courtroom.

  • Software behemoths battle it out in CRM arena

    By Jennifer O'Brien | 19 March, 2004 12:11

    As software giants SAP and Microsoft flex muscles in the SMB arena and bulk up on CRM, both players will need to adopt a good channel, pricing, product, delivery, support and training strategy in order to gain a competitive edge, according to IDC Australia's senior analyst, enterprise applications, Bharati Poorabia.

  • ACCC concerned over Oracle takeover bid

    By Alison Turner | 19 March, 2004 12:09

    The ACCC is concerned about Oracle’s proposed acquisition of Peoplesoft.

  • Giant tech bazaar gets underway

    By Scarlet Pruitt and James Niccolai | 19 March, 2004 11:52

    Once again Cebit, the beast of IT trade shows in the belly of Germany, has thrown open its cavernous halls to hundreds of thousands of visitors. While the show's organisers insisted that business users remain the focus of the show, new treats for consumers have created much of the buzz so far.

  • New Bagle worms crawl through old MS hole

    By Paul Roberts | 19 March, 2004 11:18

    Four new versions of the Bagle email worm have appeared, and antivirus experts warn that new techniques by the worm's creator could make it harder to stop the new worm variants.

  • Wooden monitors prove a hard sell

    By Sumner Lemon | 19 March, 2004 10:01

    European users haven't exactly warmed to the idea of wood-cased computer peripherals, according to a Swedish vendor of the distinctive-looking products.

  • Experts downplay Phatbot danger

    By Paul Roberts | 19 March, 2004 09:39

    Security experts downplayed the danger of a Trojan horse program named Phatbot that uses peer to peer (P-to-P) technology to create a network of infected zombies for carrying out attacks or spreading malicious code.

  • Software, services key to PC refresh race

    By Brett Winterford | 19 March, 2004 07:35

    The next 24 months are going to provide ample opportunities for resellers to update aging fleets of computers, but will only bear fruit for those who can add real value, according to an executive from software vendor, Altiris.

  • Sony's president opens Cebit trade show

    By James Niccolai | 19 March, 2004 07:29

    Sony's president opened the Cebit trade show in Wednesday evening with a speech that highlighted the show's emphasis on wireless data services and the convergence of computing, telecommunications and the Internet.

  • Startup to sell open source insurance

    By Robert McMillan | 18 March, 2004 14:18

    A New York-based company has spotted a new business opportunity in The SCO Group's legal battle with the Linux community: open source insurance.

  • Dicker Data joins the Targus fold

    By Brett Winterford | 18 March, 2004 11:59

    PC distributor, Dicker Data, has been appointed as the sixth distributor for mobile computing accessories vendor Targus.

  • NetComm scores WestNet deal from D-Link

    By Alison Turner | 18 March, 2004 11:56

    WestNet has signed local modem vendor, NetComm, as the exclusive supplier of equipment for the national ISP’s ADSL customers.

  • Windows XP update to block pop-ups by default

    By Joris Evers | 18 March, 2004 10:36

    Service Pack 2 for Windows XP, in addition to providing a host of security enhancements, will block pop-ups in Internet Explorer (IE) by default, Microsoft said.

  • AMD launches new XP-M chip for light notebooks

    By Tom Krazit | 18 March, 2004 09:15

    Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) launched a new mobile chip for thin-and-light notebooks as it attempts to transfer its desktop and server momentum to the fast-growing notebook market.

  • Nokia flashes new megapixel camera phone

    By Scarlet Pruitt | 18 March, 2004 09:12

    Declaring mobile imaging here to stay, Nokia on Wednesday unveiled its first megapixel camera phone at the Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany, replete with imaging applications and the ability to send images to a printer via a Bluetooth wireless connection.

  • SSL vulnerability could bring down Cisco LAN/WAN gear

    By Phil Hochmuth | 18 March, 2004 08:44

    Cisco Systems warns that an implementation of Secure Sockets Layer on some of its switches, routers and firewalls could leave these devices vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack.

  • Silicon Memory Technologies sheds light on partnering with Seagate

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