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  • With Bagel, Netsky, March comes in like a worm

    By Paul Roberts | 02 March, 2004 07:32

    Conventional wisdom claims March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. But with new versions of the Bagle e-mail worm and a virulent new form of Netsky virus, March's arrival is looking more wormy than leonine.

  • IBM lures partners into selling hosted services

    By Juan Carlos Perez | 02 March, 2004 07:30

    IBM will offer new incentives for partners to resell e-business hosting services in an attempt to help its hardware resellers to expand beyond the selling of systems.

  • DiData expands security offering

    By Helen Yeatman | 02 March, 2004 07:30

    Dimension Data has expanded its array of security services, announcing the launch of its new firewall management and vulnerability assessment services.

  • Lako Pacific reports maiden profit

    By ARN Staff | 02 March, 2004 07:30

    Multimedia and digital video distributor, Lako Pacific, has reported a maiden profit of $179,486 for the period ending December 31, 2003.

  • Xbox memory deal signed

    By GamePro staff | 02 March, 2004 07:30

    M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers has announced that it has entered in an agreement with Microsoft to develop customised memory units for future Xbox products and services.

  • Guillemot makes Herculean exit

    By Helen Yeatman | 02 March, 2004 07:30

    The renowned Hercules brand of graphic cards is about to become extinct following French-based PC outfit Guillemot Corporation’s decision to pull out of the saturated graphics card and LCD monitor markets.

  • Memory technology set to evolve with DDR2

    By Tom Krazit | 02 March, 2004 07:28

    With so much emphasis placed on processors, memory chips often get overlooked as an integral component of system performance. DRAM (dynamic RAM) vendors will start the transition to a new memory architecture this year that will allow chips to run faster in gaming and multimedia PCs.

  • Oracle to battle DOJ on PeopleSoft deal

    By Stacy Cowley | 01 March, 2004 16:33

    Oracle will "vigorously challenge" the US Department of Justice's (DOJ) lawsuit seeking to block the company's attempted takeover of rival PeopleSoft.

  • Analysts cast doubt over Oracle bid

    By Stacy Cowley | 01 March, 2004 12:17

    In its complaint filed to block Oracle's takeover of PeopleSoft on antitrust grounds, the US Department of Justice cites the words of Oracle's own Chuck Phillips to back its argument that the enterprise applications market has only three top-tier vendors.

  • Cellnet rolls on despite Nokia loss

    By Alison Turner | 01 March, 2004 12:14

    Mobile phone, accessory and IT distributor, Cellnet Group, has reported an after-tax profit of $5.1 million for the first half of the 2003-04 financial year.

  • Office could follow Windows with pre-Longhorn release

    By Joris Evers | 01 March, 2004 12:12

    A new version of Office could be closer than expected if Microsoft decides to release an interim version of its Windows operating system before the debut of Longhorn.

  • Sony Ericsson recalls 80,000 phone chargers

    By Sarah Stokely | 01 March, 2004 12:09

    Sony Ericsson has recalled a 2-pin phone charger after two separate incidents involving the product in the past week.

  • DEWR cuts cables

    By Computerworld Staff | 01 March, 2004 11:52

    The Federal Department of Employment and Workplace Resources (DEWR) is deploying what it claims to be the largest, secure, wireless LAN in Australia to 3000 job search kiosks.

  • Cisco streamlines recertification exams

    By Nadia Cameron | 01 March, 2004 09:32

    Recertifying for some Cisco Certified Internetwork Professionals (CCIPs) has been simplified to a single exam.

  • Hitachi sees consumer devices pushing storage market

    By Martyn Williams | 01 March, 2004 07:49

    Hitachi sees a bright picture for the future of its hard-disk drive business, a sizable portion of which was purchased just over a year ago from IBM, thanks to the increasing demands for physically small, high-capacity drives for use in consumer electronics equipment.

  • Jury rejects toxics lawsuit against IBM

    By Stephen Lawson | 01 March, 2004 07:29

    A jury in Santa Clara, California, has rejected a lawsuit by former employees of IBM who alleged that the company knowingly exposed them to working conditions that caused cancer.

  • Court documents point to DRAM industry price-fixing

    By Tom Krazit | 01 March, 2004 07:23

    Email messages written by executives at vendors of dynamic RAMs (DRAMs) indicate that the companies conspired to set memory prices and production levels, according to court documents released in the decision dismissing the US Federal Trade Commission's (FTC's) lawsuit against Rambus.

  • Storage should be invisible: McData man

    By David Watson | 27 February, 2004 14:03

    Tom Clark is McData’s evangelist for storage area networks, but he welcomes the day when terms like fibre channel and iSCSI disappear from common use.

  • UPDATE: Wholesale plan still anti-competitive, ISPs claim

    By Brett Winterford | 27 February, 2004 11:59

    Telstra is to remain under the scrutiny of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and its wholesale ISP partners, despite the reductions to wholesale terms announced yesterday.

  • Stadus leaves Toshiba for rainforest retreat

    By Sarah Stokely | 27 February, 2004 11:57

    There’s soon to be a new face at the helm of Toshiba Australia following the resignation of Ralph Stadus from his post as general manager of its Information Systems Division (ISD).

  • Colocation and the Cloud: the future is here

    Cloud and colocation sound like just more buzzwords in a seemingly never ending chain of new and complex technologies that are begging for attention.. Read more

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