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  • Sun releasing OpenSolaris technologies via open source

    By Paul Krill | 15 June, 2005 08:26

    Sun Microsystems is releasing a slate of technologies as part of OpenSolaris, the open source version of the Solaris 10 operating system.

  • IBM, Symbol move toward Gen 2 RFID

    By Ephraim Schwartz | 15 June, 2005 08:25

    Prepping for the growing strength of RFID deployments in the enterprise, IBM and Symbol Technologies announced new initiatives and products targeted at supply chain management solutions this week.

  • Trend Micro buys IP filtering company

    By Todd R. Weiss | 15 June, 2005 08:19

    Antivirus and Web content security software vendor, Trend Micro, will add new security defenses to its products through the acquisition of Kelkea, an IP filtering and reputation services vendor.

  • Microsoft patches critical bugs in IE, Windows

    By Robert McMillan | 15 June, 2005 08:11

    Microsoft released 10 security patches, including three deemed "critical," for bugs in a variety of the company's products. Released Tuesday as part of the company's monthly updates, the critical patches repair flaws in Windows and Internet Explorer that could allow attackers to take complete control of a computer, Microsoft said.

  • Proxim agrees to sell assets to Moseley

    By Peter Saalfield | 15 June, 2005 08:08

    Proxim, a producer of Wi-Fi and broadband wireless equipment, announced on Saturday that it has sold substantially all of its assets to Moseley Associates. Proxim has endured a steep decline in revenue and increases in deficits over the last four years, and the sale will be implemented through Proxim's filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

  • Threat grows from browser-based attacks

    By Peter Saalfield | 15 June, 2005 08:02

    IT security officers have a growing problem on their hands -- browser-based attacks such as "pharming" scams rose significantly for the third straight year, making them the fastest growing security threat, according to a study by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), a nonprofit trade organization based in Chicago.

  • Microsoft Research aims to ease development

    By John Ribeiro | 15 June, 2005 08:00

    Microsoft Research is working on a technology that will enable software developers and system integrators (SIs) to develop and modify enterprise business applications at a higher abstraction level than basic coding, according to a researcher at Microsoft Research India.

  • ASG wins piece of WA govt services deal

    By Kevin Green | 15 June, 2005 08:00

    Perth-based service provider, Amcon Solutions Group (ASG), has won a multi-million dollar share of a 10-year Shared Corporate Services project being implemented by the WA Government. The total project is worth $67 million.

  • HP separates PC unit again, hires ex PalmOne CEO

    By Robert McMillan | 14 June, 2005 12:25

    Hewlett-Packard chief executive officer Mark Hurd has begun to shake things up at his new company. On Monday the company announced that it had split its recently merged printer and personal computer groups into two separate divisions, undoing one of the last major decisions made by Hurd's predecessor, Carly Fiorina.

  • Latest Intel price list shows business strength

    By Dan Nystedt | 14 June, 2005 11:02

    Intel has published its latest chip price list, without lowering the cost of a single chip, indicating the personal computer industry is humming along this year.

  • Veritas trials recovery from the browser

    By Stephen Bell | 14 June, 2005 10:23

    Storage software company Veritas Software is conducting a beta trial of a web browser-based data recovery tool designed to help users recover lost files themselves from backup copies.

  • Ex-Cisco executives flee Nortel

    By Jim Duffy | 14 June, 2005 10:19

    Nortel's enterprise network ambitions suffered a setback last week as two top officials - both former Cisco executives - departed after just three months on the job.

  • Britney Spears ranked top virus celebrity

    By Robert McMillan | 14 June, 2005 09:59

    Pop singer Britney Spears has edged out Bill Gates as the celebrity most commonly associated with malicious software distributed via e-mail, according to data released Monday from security software company Panda Software.

  • Intel, Nokia team up for mobile WiMax

    By Sumner Lemon | 14 June, 2005 09:44

    Intel and Nokia have teamed up to back the development of mobile WiMax technology, and will work together to see that the technology is standardized soon, the companies said Friday.

  • CA, IBM and Oracle: We're checking ID's

    By Denise Dubie | 14 June, 2005 09:33

    Vendors are ramping up their efforts to address enterprise identity management with products designed to manage user privileges across multiple platforms, to simulate the impact of potential changes and to help developers build more secure applications.

  • Nokia backs mobile-integrated PBXs

    By Madeleine Acey | 14 June, 2005 08:07

    The PBX-to-mobile market is heating up with a Nokia-backed announcement of a "generic" integrator that allows desk phones on leading switchboards to converge with mobiles on any network in any country.

  • IBM sees Power processor as its next Linux

    By James Niccolai | 14 June, 2005 08:07

    IBM hopes to do for its Power processor what it helped do for Linux: create a bigger market in which lots of vendors can play, and earn more money for IBM in the process.

  • Microsoft dumps Cisco wireless for Aruba

    By Peter Judge | 14 June, 2005 08:05

    Microsoft has ditched Cisco in favor of WLAN start-up Aruba, as it upgrades one of the world's largest wireless LAN (WLAN) installations from old-fashioned fat access points.

  • Macrovision tool automates software delivery

    By Ed Scannell | 14 June, 2005 08:00

    Macrovision on Monday delivered software that helps IT administrators simplify the process of automating the simultaneous installation and configuration of multiple software products that are part of a complex environment.

  • Pillar Data claims low-cost ILM alternative

    By Chris Mellor | 14 June, 2005 07:56

    Pillar Data Systems has produced a combined block and file serving storage system that saves data in specific disk areas to improve performance.

  • The challenge of Enterprise Mobility

    Enterprise mobility is here. Read about what is driving preference on hardware take up.. Read more


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