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  • Intel’s Centrino notebooks suffer initial US retail lag

    By Tom Krazit | 29 October, 2003 07:30

    Intel has put millions of dollars behind the campaign to support its Centrino notebook technology, but the message isn’t reaching the US retail market and may miss the pivotal fourth-quarter holiday shopping season, according to analysts.

  • Sober virus in the wild but slow-moving

    By Stephen Lawson | 29 October, 2003 07:30

    An email-borne virus that apparently originated in Germany is in the wild but has not yet spread widely or affected many users, according to an antivirus researcher.

  • Analysis: Red Hat guns for big business

    By Julian Bajkowski | 29 October, 2003 07:30

    From the depths of an inner Sydney cigar lounge, Linux vendor, Red Hat, has launched its biggest assault on the enterprise operating system market to date, rolling out three new upgrades aimed squarely at stealing market share away from Unix users operating on Sun platforms.

  • IBM program aimed at datacentres

    By Ed Scannell | 29 October, 2003 07:30

    Hoping to leverage its experience in helping corporate users run their datacenters, IBM Global Services has rolled out a new set of services intended to help users sketch out a blueprint for streamlining their IT operations and increasing return on investment.

  • SCO: IBM cannot enforce GPL

    By Robert McMillan | 29 October, 2003 07:30

    The legal war between The SCO Group and IBM has taken another step forward. The Utah-based software company has asserted that IBM does not have the right to enforce the GNU General Public License (GPL) software license that governs the Linux operating system.

  • Resellers to lose as Apple signs NCR for services

    By Sarah Stokely | 29 October, 2003 07:30

    Apple Australia has signed a national service provider agreement with NCR, and will migrate on-site warranty business away from its reseller partners over the next three to twelve months.

  • California wins first state suit against spammers

    By Scarlet Pruitt | 28 October, 2003 12:11

    California Attorney-General, Bill Lockyer, has claimed victory in the state's first antispam lawsuit, after a court ordered PW Marketing and its owners to pay a $US2 million fine for violating California laws against sending unsolicited commercial email.

  • Report: Japan govt to invest in memory chip maker

    By Martyn Williams | 28 October, 2003 12:07

    The Development Bank of Japan has decided to invest in Elpida Memory, a memory-chip joint venture of NEC and Hitachi, with a view to making it easier for the company to raise additional funds from other investors, according to a report in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun business newspaper.

  • Fujitsu preparing to launch new Tablet PC

    By Martyn Williams | 28 October, 2003 12:05

    Fujitsu is preparing to launch a new slate-type Tablet PC that features a faster processor, larger screen and more capacious hard-disk drive than its current model.

  • Longhorn gets first showing at PDC

    By Joris Evers | 28 October, 2003 12:02

    Proclaiming that the digital decade is just dawning, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect, Bill Gates, has given the world its first official peek at Longhorn, the next version of Windows expected out in 2006.

  • Telstra vows to improve services after ISP problems

    By Cameron Roberts | 28 October, 2003 12:00

    Telstra is trying to retain customer loyalty by fast tracking a program of improvements to its BigPond service.

  • Cisco partner upgrades performance management

    By Stephen Lawson | 28 October, 2003 10:13

    Visual Networks Inc., a maker of wide-area network performance management software, has enhanced its product, separated it from a hardware platform and broken it up into pieces that the customer can mix and match, the company announced Monday.

  • Messaging worlds on course to merge

    By Cathleen Moore | 28 October, 2003 07:28

    Talks are under way to bridge the gap between rival IETF instant messaging protocols, paving the way for development of new collaboration technologies.

  • Axient buyout sees Captaris take distribution inhouse

    By Sarah Stokely | 28 October, 2003 07:26

    Document delivery vendor, Captaris, plans to invest in a Sydney-based regional headquarters and support centre after buying back the distribution and support of its RightFax product line from distributor Axient.

  • Symantec buys ON Technology for $100M

    By Paul Roberts | 28 October, 2003 07:25

    Symantec continued to strengthen its standing as a seller of enterprise security technology on Monday, announcing the purchase of ON Technology Corp., a maker of remote PC management technology, for US $100 million in cash.

  • Microsoft, SuSE Linux unwrap messaging servers

    By Joris Evers and Ed Scannell | 27 October, 2003 13:40

    With cost pressures at the front of enterprise customers' minds, Microsoft Corp. and SuSE Linux AG have aimed their new messaging servers at aiding the corporate bottom line.

  • Largest-ever IPv6 network launched

    By Carolyn Duffy Marsan | 27 October, 2003 12:29

    The University of New Hampshire, the U.S. Department of Defense and the North American IPv6 Task Force have joined forces to deploy the largest-ever network based on IPv6, the next-generation of the Internet's main communications protocol.

  • Scientific computing: Apple's next big leap?

    By Robert McMillan | 27 October, 2003 12:00

    The Macintosh may not be an established player is scientific computing, but Apple Computer is beginning to get some respect as a player in the space, company vice-president of software technology, Guy "Bud" Tribble, said at the Biosilico 2003 conference at Stanford University.

  • Fujitsu hard disk lawsuit delayed

    By Helen Yeatman | 27 October, 2003 12:00

    An Australian class action against Fujitsu has been put on hold after changes to provisions relating to third party funding of such actions.

  • Interoperability push expected at storage conference

    By Lucas Mearian | 27 October, 2003 09:40

    At this week's Storage Networking World Fall 2003 conference, vendors such as Hewlett-Packard and Brocade Communications Systems plan to unveil technology that's designed to support increased interoperability between storage devices.

  • Silicon Memory Technologies sheds light on partnering with Seagate

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