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  • HP’s merger goal unattained

    By Juan Carlos Perez and Tom Krazit | 30 April, 2003 12:56

    Hewlett-Packard acquired Compaq Computer in order to “offer the industry’s most complete set of IT products and services for both businesses and consumers,” according to HP’s press release announcing the merger in September 2001.

  • Handhelds under fire from smarter phones

    By Tom Krazit and Brett Winterford | 30 April, 2003 12:45

    Handheld shipments continued to decline worldwide in the first quarter, as poor consumer confidence, tight IT budgets and more sophisticated phones took their toll on sales of PDAs (personal digital assistants), according to analyst group IDC.

  • Useless and clueless

    By Brian Corrigan | 30 April, 2003 12:43

    It appears that underpaid and overworked global business leaders have something new to worry about, especially in this part of the world.

  • Intel redefines desktop and mobile computing

    There's never been a better time for a business to refresh its devices. Intel offers a range of business solutions, from Servers to SSD, but also 2 in 1 products and also the NUC unit which is set to revolutionise your desktop. Click here to read more information on these products.. Read more

  • Yes, e-Minister

    By Brett Winterford | 30 April, 2003 12:41

    Anybody else catch the way we addressed the Queensland Minister for Innovation and Information Economy last week? Yes, you read it right, Paul Lucas is now being titled by his press advisors as “e-Minister Paul Lucas”.

  • D-Link marketing madness

    By Brian Corrigan | 30 April, 2003 12:38

    Marketing managers are a creative and resourceful breed that can sometimes be the difference between stocking a good product and selling it by the truckload.

  • Alert but not alarmed

    By Sarah Stokely | 30 April, 2003 12:27

    Efforts to pre-empt a SARS outbreak in Australia have spilled from government into the private domain as local IT companies start to adjust work practices to try and keep business running as usual.

  • CEO Messman apologises for Linux comment

    By Todd R. Weiss | 30 April, 2003 12:24

    Novell chairman and CEO, Jack Messman, has issued a written apology and clarification after angering some members of the Linux community when he called Linux “immature”.

  • MacroView wins Office XP challenge

    By Brian Corrigan | 30 April, 2003 12:21

    Independent software vendor MacroView Business Technology has emerged as the national winner of Microsoft’s Office XP Smart Client Solutions Challenge.

  • Centennial launches into Australia

    By Cameron Roberts | 30 April, 2003 12:18

    Global software developer, Centennial, has emerged into the Australian market offering asset management services that it hopes will clear any confusion clients may have over software licensing.

  • IBM, HP to release Itanium 2 systems

    By Tom Krazit | 30 April, 2003 12:16

    IBM is planning to announce its first Itanium 2 server this week, ending speculation about the strength of the company's commitment to Intel's processor, according to sources familiar with IBM's plan.

  • Dell and Good Technology team up for wireless data

    By Tom Krazit | 30 April, 2003 12:13

    Dell Computer and Good Technology will work to develop handheld devices that incorporate wireless data access technologies, the companies have announced.

  • Chambers lashes out at stock-option requirements

    By Stephen Lawson | 30 April, 2003 12:12

    Requiring companies to expense employee stock options was likely to threaten a key form of compensation in high tech companies and send jobs out of the US, Cisco president and chief executive officer, John Chambers, said in a keynote address at the Networld+Interop (N+I) trade show in Las Vegas.

  • Kiwis pay a million dollars for NZ domain

    By Paul Brislen | 30 April, 2003 11:12

    The New Zealand government has admitted that it paid NZ$1 million for the domain name after Trade New Zealand's unsuccessful attempt to claim legal ownership of the name.

  • VicRoads breaks up $20m IBM GSA deal

    By Julian Bajkowski | 30 April, 2003 10:09

    After nine long years together in the outsourcing sack, VicRoads has revealed it will break up its $20 million IT outsourcing contract with IBM GSA in favour of three smaller, best-of-breed 'bundles'.

  • Brightpoint launches technical services business

    By Brett Winterford | 30 April, 2003 07:35

    Mobile and PDA distributor Brightpoint has launched a new technical services business which will provide phone support to users of mobile devices.

  • Server shipments jump 10 per cent

    By John Blau | 30 April, 2003 07:30

    The worldwide server market performed better than expected in the first quarter of 2003, despite the threat of a lingering war with Iraq and a continued weak economy, which had an effect on IT spending during the quarter, according to market analyst Gartner.

  • Accenture builds .Net services platform for telcos

    By Peter Sayer | 30 April, 2003 07:21

    Accenture will introduce a set of preconfigured Web services for communications service providers this week.

  • IBM expands grid offerings

    By Jennifer Mears | 30 April, 2003 07:17

    IBM continues to expand its support for corporate adoption of grid computing, announcing new grid offerings, additional software partners and an alliance with Cisco Systems to give users access to data across grids.

  • Oracle looks to scale management tool

    By Paul Krill | 30 April, 2003 07:00

    Oracle plans to spruce up its Enterprise Manager tool to enable management of greater numbers of databases, a company official has revealed.

  • Unique World opens Canberra office

    By Brian Corrigan | 29 April, 2003 12:05

    Web technology specialist Unique World has opened an office in Canberra to give it a local presence as it seeks to tap into potential Federal Government opportunities.


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