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  • Minecraft's Notch revealed in behind-the-scenes tale

    By Elizabeth Heichler | 27 November, 2013 15:52

    The wildly popular game "Minecraft" is a lot like its creator, Markus "Notch" Persson: modest in style and origin and apparently still true to its roots despite phenomenal success. In their new book just published in the U.S., authors Daniel Goldberg and Linus Larsson go behind the scenes to tell the story of how their shy fellow Swede became the indie games industry's first real rock star.

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  • Nintendo's Hiroshi Yamauchi, father of console gaming, dead at 85

    By Alex Wawro | 19 September, 2013 23:30

    Nintendo fans, switch off your games and observe a moment of silence for Hiroshi Yamauchi, who has died of pneumonia at a hospital in central Japan.

  • Relive the 90s with these three awesome iOS games

    By Chris Holt and Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | 18 July, 2013 22:31

    Ah, the 1990s - a time where game console technology was rapidly changing and most video games could be beaten in a single day.

  • Opinion: Xbox One - built for... business?

    By Christopher Null | 18 July, 2013 00:28

    Good news, small business owners! Microsoft has a new platform that's tailor-made for your needs. No, it's not an affordable version of Office or unlimited cloud-based storage. It's the new Xbox One.

  • Sony PlayStation 4 vs next-gen Apple TV

    By Mark Hattersley | 21 February, 2013 18:11

    Sony has finally announced (sort of) the PS4 console, although it has no design, price or release date. We think this will fare badly against any app-enabled Apple TV box or full-blown Apple Television.

  • How Windows 8 rewrites the rules of PC gaming

    By Loyd Case | 05 December, 2012 17:00

    PC gaming is primed for a renaissance—or at least a reinvention—like we haven’t seen since the advent of 3D acceleration in the late 1990s. For this, we can thank the mobile revolution and all its attendant technologies. Game developers can now tap into accelerometers, touchscreens, and the cloud to add new features and gameplay scenarios. And even Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to Windows—merging desktops, tablets, and smartphones under a common code base—is changing the ways in which game creators should approach their work.

  • Best products of 2012: Entertainment

    By PCWorld staff | 28 November, 2012 15:40

    We saw a bevy of digital entertainment technology in 2012, but quantity rarely signifies quality. For every fabulous video game, HDTV, and pair of headphones that we evaluated this year, there were probably ten products that weren't worth the impossible-to-open, sealed-plastic clamshell enclosure they were shipped in.

  • Nintendo Wii U: What you need to know

    By Ian Paul | 17 November, 2012 00:48

    Nintendo's Wii U gaming console hits store shelves in the United States on Sunday, November 18, and the new console is already garnering criticism for missing some key features Nintendo promised.

  • Chinese developers take a bite of the Apple

    By Maria Korolov and Wang Fangqing | 22 August, 2011 20:39

    If you've ever gone to Apple's mobile app store and purchased games like High Noon, Gamebox1 or Doodletruck, then you've downloaded an app from the burgeoning Chinese software development community.


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