Japan Robot, gadget and car expo gallery

CAETEC throws up some of Japan's weirdest wares.

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Robot! Robot! Robot! Here are the newest and the best

PC World headed on over to Japan for CEATEC. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the cool and odd things we got to see and try. Expect robots. Of all sizes and persuasions!

There are also 3D-printed cars, Hydrogen-cell cars, LED finger nails and J-Pop vacuum cleaners. If that’s not enough we’ve a spice-selling robot, window-cleaning robot, Meccano robot and a translating phone robot. Lenovo’s smart mirror judges and measures you, and you can play the great, augmented reality game, Hado. All good!
First up are these things...
The other people we saw playing with these voice recognition robots on the show floor seemed to think that they were cute. We found them a bit sinister to be honest.

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Japan Robot, gadget and car expo gallery

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