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  • 5 for 15 hits 50: That's 50 interviews, 250 key insights

    By Mike Gee | 27 February, 2015 11:11

    ARN's massively popular and successful editorial initiative, 5 for 15, has reached a half-century. That's right, 50 interviews, 250 key insights in the channel and ICT industry in 2015. And there are still more to come.

  • Docker introduces orchestration tools for large scale deployments

    By Joab Jackson | 27 February, 2015 05:18

    As adoption of the Docker virtualization container grows, the namesake company behind the open source technology has released three tools for managing large scale deployments.

  • IN PICTURES: ARN Roundtable - Revolution-as-a-Service: The changing role of distribution

    By Mike Gee | 26 February, 2015 19:15

    The latest ARN roundtable brought together a stellar group of industry thought leaders to tackle the topic, Revolution-as-a-Service: The changing role of distribution. This exclusive roundtable investigated the role of the distributor in the new service based world, where the opportunities for profit lie, where distributors should be focusing, specialising and differentiating – and how they can support their partners, at both the vendor and reseller level. This roundtable was sponsored by Avnet, Dicker Data, Distribution Central, Exclusive Networks, Rhipe and Westcon. Photos by ARN Editorial Director, Mike Gee.

  • IN PICTURES: ARN Lunch - Tag team on security with Palo Alto Networks' Ron Myers

    By ARN Staff | 25 February, 2015 16:49

    ARN in conjunction with Distribution Central and Palo Alto Networks hosted a security-focused lunch with its vice president of worldwide channels, Ron Myers. The event was held with stunning panoramic views of the Sydney skyline in O Bar, and featured local channel partners discussing the state of the security industry, and the new partner programmes and technologies Palo Alto Networks is bringing to market.

  • Australia and China lead the world in SDN adoption: Avaya

    By Brian Karlovsky | 25 February, 2015 11:00

    An overwhelming majority of IT professionals want software-defined networking to extend beyond the datacentre, despite having doubts about the ability to do so.

Round Table
  • Roundtable: Security Guide for the Cloud - right here, right now

    By Jennifer O'Brien | 07 June, 2011 15:15

    The cloud 'security strategy' involves adopting security solutions that seamlessly span physical, virtual and private/hybrid/public cloud environments while simplifying operational and management complexities. Roundtable attendees got down to business, discussion the 'practical steps' and issues and opportunities involved in securing the cloud environment. Jennifer O'Brien reports.

  • Roundtable: The ideal datacentre

    By Jennifer O'Brien | 09 December, 2010 11:20

    The datacentre of the future is shaped by a number of forces including commoditisation, virtualisation, integration and innovation. A group of industry experts sat down to discuss the key factors shaping the evolution of the datacentre of the future and its impact on the channel.

  • Roundtable: Selling virtualisation to SMBs

    By Nadia Cameron | 21 April, 2010 12:39

    Virtualisation is dominant in the enterprise market today, but how is it faring in the SMB space? ARN brought together a collection of channel players and vendors to discuss the opportunities and challenges for virtualisation technology in the smaller end of town.

  • In pictures: SMB virtualisation roundtable

    By ARN Staff | 21 April, 2010 13:22

    ARN recently held a roundtable on selling virtualisation to SMBs. Attached are highlights from the recent event.

  • SMB virtualisation: A case for desktop virtualisation?

    By Nadia Cameron | 21 April, 2010 13:05

    While the case for server virtualisation in the SMB market is intensifying, many partners around the table were less convinced about short-term take-up of desktop virtualisation.

  • Microsoft doesn't know what it has with HoloLens

    By Rob Enderle | 27 January, 2015 06:49

    Microsoft's HoloLens has the potential to be just as revolutionary as the Apple II or Tesla car.

  • How VCE created an amazing joint tech venture

    By Rob Enderle | 25 October, 2014 03:11

    VCE, the joint venture between VMware, Cisco, EMC and Intel is making a major organisational ownership shift.

  • Silicon Valley's next disruption: Reality!

    By Mike Elgan | 20 October, 2014 03:15

    We're right on the edge of dual revolutions in artificial reality and augmented reality. It's an exciting time because we're in the final days of a world in which these technologies are considered "futuristic." By next year, early adopters will have them in their homes. Within three years they'll be mainstream.

  • NVidia looking at 3D Rendering-as-a-Service?

    By Allan Swann | 23 September, 2014 11:26

    NVidia has released its new Quadro range of enterprise graphics cards, and they offer offsite 3D rendering via the Cloud for industrial applications. While only hybrid or private Cloud at this stage, logic would dictate that NVidia would provide rendering as a service in the future, opening up a new market.

  • SDN and Network Virtualization: A Reality Check

    By Jim Metzler | 09 September, 2014 23:23

    The Software Defined Networking movement is still evolving, but profiles of SDN users are becoming more clear and we're getting a bead on some of the common evaluation criteria companies are using to gauge how to go forward. We also have a sense of when companies expect to start the process in earnest.

  • Intel redefines desktop and mobile computing

    There's never been a better time for a business to refresh its devices. Intel offers a range of business solutions, from Servers to SSD, but also 2 in 1 products and also the NUC unit which is set to revolutionise your desktop. Click here to read more information on these products.. Read more


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