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  • Don’t forget devices in unified communications sales: Jabra

    By Nermin Bajric | 02 September, 2014 15:21

    While the last three to five years have been about an accelerated shift away from box pushing to services-led sales based on business solutions, Jabra warns resellers (including systems integrators) against neglecting devices in customer conversations on unified communications (UC).

  • Telstra strikes Cloud deal with Telkom Indonesia

    By Brian Karlovsky | 29 August, 2014 16:03

    Telstra and Telkom Indonesia have struck a deal to provide network application and services to Indonesian businesses, multi-nationals and Australian companies operating in Indonesia.

  • UXC posts 31 per cent profit drop due to redundancies, acquisitions

    By Brian Karlovsky | 29 August, 2014 10:30

    IT solutions group, UXC, has has posted a full year profit of $15.7 million - a fall of 31 per cent on the previous year, which it puts down to a tough first half of the year.

  • Telstra set to make Whispir global

    By Nermin Bajric | 28 August, 2014 10:18

    Telstra’s Whispir Conversation Platform is set to go global from the end of month, with the communications company aiming replicate its service delivery to Australian enterprise and government customers on an international scale.

  • IN PICTURES: Westcon Imagine 2014, Sydney (+64 photos)

    By Mike Gee | 27 August, 2014 13:39

    The second leg of Westcon Imagine 2014 landed in Sydney at the Hilton Hotel. More than 450 attendees heard from a broad range of speakers including Westcon MD A/NZ, Dave Rosenberg, and Asia-Pacific (APAC) services and Cloud solutions director, Darryl Grauman. Famed pilot, Richard de Crespigny, detailed how the collaborative efforts of pilots, air hosts, and air traffic control led to the effective risk assessment which resulted in the safe landing of an Airbus A380 (Qantas Flight QF32) after it suffered uncontained (and at the time, unexplained) engine failure after leaving Singapore Changi Airport. There were also panel discussions on Data Privacy in 2014 and Making Cloud Profitable. Photos by IAN SHARP.

Round Table
  • Unified Communications roundtable: Achieving interoperability

    By ARN Staff | 02 September, 2009 13:09

    The UC market is full of a range of vendors promoting tools that allow organisations to communicate and collaborate more effectively. But according to roundtable attendees, third-party offerings have to integrate successfully if UC is really going to take-off with customers.

  • Unifying communication roundtable: Identity management

    By ARN Staff | 02 September, 2009 11:00

    The cornerstone of a successful UC implementation is having up-to-date user information. DiData’s Brian Walshe said integrators often took for granted that identity information within a customer’s organisation was accurate and managed properly.

  • Roundtable: Unifying Communications

    By Nadia Cameron | 02 September, 2009 12:16

    The unified communications concept has been floating around for several years now, but what does it mean today, and where are customers in terms of adoption? ARN recently brought together several industry experts to discuss collaboration and communication, the impact on infrastructure and local opportunities.

  • WESTCON IMAGINE 2014: Making Cloud profitable panel

    By Nermin Bajric | 25 August, 2014 14:17

    A selection of Westcon Group’s vendor partners sat alongside the distributions Asia-Pacific services and Cloud solutions director, Darryl Grauman, to negotiate the state of resellers in the current Cloud climate, and where small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) fit in its adoption.

  • Gift Guide 2013: Work gadgets

    By Keith Shaw | 18 November, 2013 12:27

    The merging world of personal technology and workplace technology is always a fascinating scene to observe, so a lot of devices here can be utilized at home, and vice versa (see our Digital Life article for home-related tech gift ideas). But for the most part, we're confident that your work life will improve with these gadgets - peruse the writeups for gift ideas for your favorite colleague!

  • 10 biggest home networking mistakes (and how to fix them)

    By Keith Shaw | 01 July, 2013 13:03

    The chances are pretty good that you have a wireless home network, or you've been asked by friends, family or co-workers to help install one in their home.

  • EXCLUSIVE: The reseller roadtrip, Pt2 ( +18 photos)

    By Jennifer O'Brien | 26 June, 2013 14:13

    Sitting face-to-face with regional resellers in Queensland lets you catch a glimpse of the ‘smaller town’ mentality, where customer loyalty and old-fashioned service are paramount.

  • The cloud services explosion

    By Christine Burns | 13 August, 2012 04:31

    If you follow cloud computing, you're no doubt familiar with software-as a service, typically associated with Salesforce.com, or infrastructure as a service, which was pioneered by Amazon.com. But how about CaaS, SECaaS, DaaS, MaaS and BaaS?

  • Interview: Juniper Networks' new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir

    By Allan Swann | 23 January, 2014 11:28

    ARN took some one-on-one time with the high profile CEO to discuss his vision of where he wants to take the company in 2014, and how it will compete with key rivals.

  • INTERVIEW: Bringing Aastra back to relevance in the channel

    By Allan Swann | 22 October, 2013 11:51

    Aastra’s Tony Warhurst has been managing director of the unified communications company’s A/NZ operations for just over a year, but has already overseen the company resurgent in the Channel. Boosted by the launch of a several key products, he sat down to discuss the company, his mission and the trends emerging in the UC market.

  • INSIDE STORY: Steering towards new business strategies

    By Julia Talevski | 27 July, 2011 14:19

    Distributor IPL Communications held a thought leadership event earlier this year specifically targeting 170 dealers that were a mix between telco and system integrators. This was underscored by the need to change. Julia Talevski sat down with IPL general manager, Paul Scanlan, and managing director, Stead Denton.

  • Distributor Directions: Staying dynamic

    By Nadia Cameron | 09 September, 2009 10:38

    Scott Frew is a veteran of the IT distribution space, making his mark as owner of LAN Systems, which was sold to Westcon Group in 2000. Five years after the acquisition of his latest venture, Firewall Systems, he talks to NADIA CAMERON about the parent company’s strategies, market challenges and what’s on the agenda.

  • Open source identity: Asterisk founder and Digium CTO Mark Spencer

    By Rodney Gedda | 26 November, 2008 16:11

    Imagine an IP voice and unified communications system that can be integrated into any application and customised to meet business needs. Sounds great, right? Well that project is the Asterisk IP-PBX and it's free to use and you get the source code. A far cry from proprietary PBX systems perhaps, but Asterisk has a vibrant ecosystem and is replacing systems from more established telephony vendors. Following interviews with the leaders of the Horde and Free Telephony projects, the Open Source Identity series talked to Asterisk founder and Digium CTO Mark Spencer about how one application can have such a profound effect on businesses and how open source can be a tough competitive landscape.

  • The PSTN transition to VoIP: Going green

    By Larry Hettick | 25 June, 2014 07:18

    We've discussed some of the advantages of transitioning the PSTN to IP, but there we haven't yet covered the environmental implications of the pending transition. At their annual partner conference Perspectives14, GENBAND hosted a discussion which addressed the power costs behind the PSTN, pointing out the benefits an IP transition.

  • Wireless audio enhances two new gadgets

    By Keith Shaw | 25 March, 2013 12:07

    Shaw reviews Roku's Roku 3 Internet streaming TV box and Jabra's Revo wireless headphones.

  • Why Stuxnet Is a really bad weapon

    By Mark Gibbs | 22 June, 2012 21:25

    Cyberespionage is coming of age but the problem with weapons like Stuxnet is that they will be used against us

  • The Great Verizon Network Extender rip-off

    By Mark Gibbs | 08 June, 2012 17:31

    A few months ago I started writing about my saga of getting AT&T U-verse DSL service established at the new location of the Gibbs Universal Industries Secret Underground Bunker.

  • Four things to watch post-CES

    By Keith Shaw | 16 January, 2009 08:59

    As the dust settles from the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, here are four trends worth looking at based on some products that were announced at the show. On my radar screen for the year:

  • Riverbed wins 7-vendor WAN optimization test

    By Joel Snyder | 11 November, 2013 12:13

    As applications move to the cloud, network managers are seeing increasing requirements to optimize and manage WAN connections. Most enterprises have migrated to web-based applications and make heavy use of Internet services for day-to-day business. All of this makes network performance a key factor for productivity and end-user satisfaction.

  • 4 Bluetooth speakers: Mono colors with stereo sound

    By Barbara Krasnoff | 22 March, 2013 11:09

    Even the most high-end smartphones and tablets today still have less-than-stellar speakers. We test four mobile Bluetooth speakers to see how they can improve your sound.

  • 7 low-cost videoconferencing services: Which is best for your meeting?

    By Serdar Yegulalp | 18 December, 2012 11:17

    We look at 7 online videoconferencing services that help colleagues and friends keep in touch, share screens and collaborate on presentations.

  • Jabra Solemate: Small package, big sound and price

    By Nick Barber | 16 October, 2012 19:42

    The Jabra Solemate is a portable Bluetooth speaker that produces great sound with a strong bass, but its $US200 price tag might make buyers hesitant.

  • Microsoft Lync 2010: Unified communications comes of age

    By Brian Chee | 21 April, 2011 01:27

    Every once in a very long while, I get to review a product that strikes me as a stepping stone toward the future. Microsoft Lync 2010 combines instant messaging, VoIP calling, live meetings, and videoconferencing, but it's more than the sum of these parts. Although Lync integrates with almost any PBX, it puts the PC at the center of communications so effectively that it could send your current phone system packing.


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