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  • Dell's Chromebook is a sign of shakier times for Windows

    By Gregg Keizer | 11 December, 2013 18:52

    Dell's debut of a Chromebook, an inexpensive laptop that runs Google's browser-based Chrome OS, is a sign that the platform has gone mainstream, an analyst argued today.

  • Top tech stories of 2013: Big Brother, wearables, and the struggles of aging tech giants

    By Marc Ferranti | 09 December, 2013 19:51

    Politics collided with the world of technology this year as stories about U.S. government spying stirred angst both among the country's citizens and foreign governments, and the flawed site got American health-care reform off to a rocky start. Meanwhile, the post-PC era put aging tech giants under pressure to reinvent themselves. Here in no particular order are IDG News Service's picks for the top 10 tech stories of the year.

  • Microsoft exec hints at separate Windows release trains for consumers, business

    By Gregg Keizer | 06 December, 2013 21:20

    Microsoft may revert to separate release schedules for consumer and business versions of Windows, the company's top OS executive hinted this week.

  • The year in tech quotes

    By Nancy Weil | 05 December, 2013 18:40

    With 2013 coming to an end, we took our annual look back at quotes from news stories over the last 12 months. Here are a handful that stuck with us through the year:

  • Here's why Amazon drones may never land at your door

    By Nick Barber | 04 December, 2013 13:44

    Amazon's ambitious plan to use flying drones to deliver packages is far-fetched, but not just because of technology limitations or air traffic regulations. Amazon's fulfillment center network, as it stands now, is too limited to serve even a tiny fraction of the U.S. in the method described by CEO Jeff Bezos.

  • Microsoft on 'Threshold' of Windows Phone growth

    By Matt Hamblen | 04 December, 2013 11:38

    The Windows Phone operating system still ranks third behind Android and iOS, but it is slowly seeing growth in the U.S. and Europe, and its eventual convergence with the Windows OS could mean even greater momentum.

  • Where we stand with SDN

    By John Dix | 02 December, 2013 13:56

    One gauge of industry progress on the software-defined networking front is the momentum of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), the user-lead group that is spelling out the core SDN standards and championing the cause.

  • Planning for SDN

    By Jim Metzler | 02 December, 2013 13:55

    Software-defined networking (SDN) is the hottest thing going today, but there is considerable confusion surrounding everything from the definition of the term to the different architectures and technologies suppliers are putting forward.

  • What to look for in an SDN controller

    By Ethan Banks | 02 December, 2013 13:54

    One of the key challenges confronting potential users of software-defined networking is discerning the specific value of particular SDN controllers. Controllers, after all, play critical role as the key arbiter between network applications and network infrastructure.

  • How analytics helped Ford turn its fortunes

    By Julia King | 02 December, 2013 11:33

    Big data and analytics permeate virtually every move Ford makes, from forecasting the worldwide price of commodities to figuring out what exactly consumers want, what it will build, where it should source parts and how to power its lineup of vehicles.

  • Career Watch: Paying lip service to work/life balance

    By Jamie Eckle | 02 December, 2013 11:33

    Personal coach Kelly Walsh says some initiatives with the 'work/life balance' label are actually counterproductive.

  • Set up iCloud and back-up your iPhone

    By Craig Grannell | 28 November, 2013 18:03

    Activate iCloud to seamlessly share data between devices and also to keep your data safe from disaster

  • From Netscape to Napster: Whatever happened to yesterday's giants?

    By Brad Chacos | 27 November, 2013 13:40

    The sudden, quiet killing of the legendary Winamp media player sent a shiver across the Web last week. Just like that, a software giant of yore was gone. But once the initial shock wore off, another thought settled in: "Wait, Winamp was still around?"

  • How to extract custom data from Google Analytics

    By Sharon Machlis | 25 November, 2013 11:36

    Not happy with the Google Analytics interface? We show you how to use a programming language like R to bypass Google Analytics and retrieve the data you want.

  • 8 sure-fire ways to screw up a cloud contract

    By Robert L. Mitchell | 19 November, 2013 12:23

    Cloud licensing's become so complex that it's easy to pay too much or get burned later on. Here are some tips to make sure you're getting your money's worth.

  • Google Books legal epic moves to appeals court

    By Juan Carlos Perez | 19 November, 2013 00:07

    After almost a decade of litigation, Google scored a victory last week over the Authors Guild, which had sued the company for copyright infringement over its Google Books search engine. But a few important chapters in the legal saga have yet to be written.

  • IT: Don't let the CEO wonder what you do all day

    By Minda Zetlin | 18 November, 2013 11:34

    If there's no catastrophic system failure or major software deployment to work on, CEOs might wonder what IT does all day. Here's how to make sure your contributions aren't undervalued when things go smoothly.

  • Amazon: New analytics tool can scrutinise massive amounts of data

    By Brandon Butler | 15 November, 2013 15:24

    Amazon Web Services this week rolled out a new cloud-based data analytics tool named Kenesis, which can analyze massive amounts of data in real time and be paid for by the hour.

  • 12 hot US security start-ups to watch

    By Ellen Messmer | 13 November, 2013 13:23

    Going into 2014, a whirlwind of security start-ups are looking to have an impact on the enterprise world. Most of these new ventures are focused on securing data in the cloud and on mobile devices. Santa Clara, California-based Illumio, for example, founded earlier this year, is only hinting about what it will be doing in cloud security. But already it's the darling of Silicon Valley investors, pulling in over $42 million from backer Andreesen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Formation 8 and others.

  • Is Samsung poised to push Android past iOS in the enterprise?

    By Tom Kaneshige | 12 November, 2013 17:24

    The mobile world changes fast. Case in point: A year ago thinking that Android devices could be on par with -- and perhaps even overtake -- Apple in the enterprise would have been considered crazy. But the today the race is neck and neck.


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