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  • Samsung Gear Fit review: A dazzling wrist wearable with serious software deficits

    By Jon Phillips | 14 April, 2014 22:51

    Samsung has taken a big step forward in its wearables effort--if only in its philosophy of what a wrist gadget should be.

  • A clear-eyed guide to Mac OS X's actual security risks

    By Bob Violino | 10 March, 2014 11:04

    Apple has improved its security in recent years, but is it enough?

  • A year with Pebble: What I've learned from the smartwatch

    By Jason Snell | 07 February, 2014 14:15

    As it turns out, 2013 probably wasn't the Year of the Smartwatch, given that none of the wearable tech released last year set the world on fire. But 2013 was the year I got my first smartwatch, as the Pebble shipped in January, and, as one of the device's Kickstarter backers, I received mine a month later.

  • Sony VAIO's fatal flaw: The PCs cost too damned much

    By Brad Chacos | 06 February, 2014 19:34

    Sony's floundering PC business is no more, sold to a group of investors that plan to pull the once-vaunted VAIO brand back within Japan's borders.

  • 7 things marketing wants to say to IT

    By Mary K. Pratt | 05 February, 2014 12:28

    Attention, IT: As marketing goes all-digital, your CMO needs more from you than back-office support. Are you ready to be a marketing partner?

  • Has Samsung nailed the smartwatch with the Galaxy Gear?

    By Tony Ibrahim | 29 January, 2014 08:16

    Wearable technology is being heralded as the next big thing and the big companies are competing to see who can crack the form factor first. We don’t yet know what potential wearable tech has, but today we look at one of the more popular renditions, the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Could this 1.9MP Android smartwatch be the thing our wrist has been longing for?

  • Mac flashback: Bill Gates on the business impact of the Macintosh (3/2/1987)

    By InfoWorld staff | 24 January, 2014 11:06

    Microsoft chairman praises Macintosh but never sees corporate buyers being a strong point for Apple

  • 5 'commuter headphones' that put the bass in your face

    By Mark Sullivan | 22 January, 2014 14:12

    We like our music loud and loaded with bass. At least that's what the recording industry seems to think: Popular releases from artists such as Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, and Kanye West reliably push the VU meters way into the red. Many consumer-level headphones are designed to reproduce that very sound.

  • Tomorrow's news today: The biggest tech stories of 2014

    By Mark Sullivan | 02 January, 2014 19:53

    I write one of these "Tech Trends of 20XX" stories every year. For me, it's as big a part of the holidays as the Yule Log. I can remember some years when the big predictions for the next year were just the natural, incremental growth of current trends.

  • How to find the right DSLR camera

    By By TechHive Staff | 09 December, 2013 14:17

    For professional photographers and advanced hobbyists, digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are the way to go. They offer faster performance, more control over settings, and better image quality than top-of-the-line point-and-shoot cameras. Most importantly, they give you the ability to switch lenses.

  • Travelling with your camera: What to take with you

    By Dave Johnson | 25 November, 2013 14:19

    You don't have to be a National Geographic photographer to take your digital camera on the road. Whether you're embarking on a week-long vacation, a weekend getaway, or even just a day trip, you might want to bring your digital camera with you for better photos than you can snap with your phone alone. But what accessories do you need to take the best photos and to keep them safe? I've rounded up a collection of gear designed for traveling photographers. You won't need to bring everything on this list unless you really are a Nat Geo pro, but you can use the list to find all the essentials that work for you.

  • Buying guide: Find the best Bluetooth headset or speakerphone

    By Aoife M. McEvoy | 25 November, 2013 13:12

    Whether or not it's legal in your state to hold a handset while driving, we can all agree that doing so isn't too smart. But the alternative--relying on your phone's chintzy speakerphone--isn't much better: Sound quality on your end is awful, and the same goes for the person on the other end. Similarly, unless you're sitting at your desk and focusing entirely on your phone, chances are you'd rather have both of your hands free during calls.

  • Can the iPad Air replace the Macbook Air?

    By Lauren Dezenski | 20 November, 2013 08:06

    The latest iPad - the superslim iPad Air - can seemingly do anything. But can the iPad Air replace a laptop? Is it time to ditch your Macbook Air for the iPad Air?

  • First Look: iPad mini with Retina display

    By Jason Snell | 13 November, 2013 14:26

    The iPad mini with Retina display has arrived. As someone who dumped the full-sized iPad for the iPad mini a year ago, I've been excited to get my hands on this new model. Can its small size beat out the all-new, all-lightweight iPad Air for a place in my heart and my backpack? I've been using mine for half a day; here are some initial impressions ahead of my full review.

  • iPad Air: The best tablet gets better

    By Jason Snell | 06 November, 2013 17:36

    It's right there in the name: The most important trait of the iPad Air is that it weighs only a pound. For a company that obsesses over making devices thinner and lighter, it must have been torture for Apple to spend nearly three years making a series of iPads that were better than their predecessors, but not smaller. Now it has.

  • iPad Air diary, day 2: Fastest iOS device ever

    By Jason Snell | 04 November, 2013 13:55

    I'm still working away at the new iPad Air, not to mention loading it up with movies and TV shows for my cross-country flight. But in the meantime, Jim Galbraith of the Macworld Lab has run some speed tests on the new iPad Air compared to other recent(ish) iOS devices. The results are not shocking, but they're still impressive: The iPad Air is pretty much the fastest iOS device ever.

  • iPad Air diary, day 1: Portrait of a new orientation

    By Jason Snell | 04 November, 2013 13:41

    I got my iPad Air this morning a little after 9am., and while I tried to gather some first impressions about Apple's new, lighter full-sized tablet while at the office, I really needed to retreat home to put it to the most important test: How does it work when I'm sitting on the sofa in my living room?

  • Holiday gift guide 2013: Audio gear

    By Computerworld Staff | 01 November, 2013 14:05

    Music has been a part of human existence throughout history, but digital technology has made it accessible 24/7. The equipment for listening to digital recordings anywhere, anytime just keeps getting better -- and, more to the point for this story, it makes a killer holiday gift.

  • Surface 2 review: Cautious upgrades don't help a tablet in desperate need of relevance

    By Jon Phillips | 29 October, 2013 13:14

    Microsoft could have impressed the world with the update to its entry-level Surface tablet, but instead it released the Surface 2. The new tablet's price tag might be $50 less than the original, introductory cost of the Surface RT, but no price reduction can mitigate the Surface 2's fundamental problems--most of which stem from Microsoft's operating system and apps ecosystem.

  • What people hate about the iPad Air: review of reviews

    By David Price | 28 October, 2013 10:55

    Hate might be a strong word, but not everyone has showered Apple's new iPad Air with praise. In this second part of our iPad Air review of reviews, we've gathered the negative comments that the iPad Air has picked up since it was launched. Some are astute... others aren't.

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