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Annual ITSP Benchmarking Study
By Autotask | 12/2/2016

Today’s business clients want to achieve greater productivity and own less infrastructure. They are looking to IT service providers to help them manage increasingly extended networks of communication, commerce and data exchange enabled by a growing number of endpoints.

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Natural Disaster Survival Guide For Businesses
By Datto | 9/12/2016

Every business has to prepare for the worst. Those that don’t may never fully recover from a disaster. But not all disasters are created equal. And not all businesses are at risk for every kind of disaster. That’s why Datto put together this quick Disaster Survival reference guide to help you ensure that your business can keep operating even if it’s struck by one of the natural disasters described.

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How to Sell Disaster Recovery
By SolarWinds MSP | 10/11/2016

Think of selling disaster recovery like selling insurance. You are trying to get a customer to give you money just in case something goes wrong. It’s just like car insurance, no one says to themselves, “I sure am glad I give hundreds of dollars a month to my insurance company!” That is until they get into an accident. Likewise your customers know it’s possible that data, applications, and systems can corrupt or fail, leaving their business partially or completely inoperative. They realize the need for disaster recovery and that everything must be protected. But how do you put the right price on disaster recovery services so that both of you are happy?

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Build vs. Buy: Calculate the TCO of BDR
By Datto | 12/9/2016

In this ebook, you’ll learn pros and cons of vendor solutions vs. build it yourself, how to weigh upfront and ongoing costs for either, and additional factors to consider, so you can make an informed decision on what’s right for your needs. We’ve also provided a free checklist that can help with your calculations.

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D-Link Case Study: TAFE Improves Security with a Powerful HD Surveillance Solution
By D-Link Australia | 28/6/2016

By employing the use of D-Link’s Full HD IP cameras connected to secured sections of the TAFE’s data network, the new solution provided far better surveillance coverage, clearer images and integrated seamlessly with the TAFE’s existing infrastructure.

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