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HotelsCombined.com - Customer Story
By IBM Australia | 5/12/2014
HotelsCombined.com needed an infrastructure-as-service (IaaS) provider to provide flexibility, scalability, and great customer service to power its high-end online service.
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IBM Power Systems for service providers
By IBM Australia | 5/12/2014
Businesses are striving to leverage their IT infrastructure so they can extract business insights from an overwhelming amount of data, support business processes that require quicker responses while constantly changing, and drive revenue by providing services to employees and customers through their chosen devices. As businesses struggle to keep up, they are increasingly turning to service providers to manage the cost and complexity of their infrastructure, help the business provide new services, and manage changing resource demands.
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Servers in the New IT Landscape: The picture is changing
By HP | 17/12/2014
The nature of IT is changing. No one will feel the impact of this change more than SMBs. Collaboration is cementing itself as a clear driver for IT growth and as such it is vital for SMBs to become agile enough to cope with the demands of this new aspect of IT infrastructure. Regardless of all the talk emerging that Cloud will be the future of IT, the on-premise server will still have a vital role to play in the development of IT infrastructures for business of all sizes, especially SMBs.
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Small business technology - This is why your business needs to be in the Cloud
By IDG | 6/3/2014
The days of relying solely on local storage and in-house servers to deliver your data are well behind us. These days, it makes sense to move some (if not all) of your business’s services into the Cloud. From email to document management, much can be achieved with Internet services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The main benefit is that a proper Cloud service can make it easier to manage and share information with your workers and help boost productivity. Here, then, are the main reasons to consider a service such as Google Apps.
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Storage Infrastructure Helps Differentiate and Adds Value to Cloud Storage Services
By IBM Australia | 5/12/2014
In this paper, we examine customer expectations regarding cloud storage, and how your choice of infrastructure impacts your ability to deliver on those expectations. We show how the infrastructure can help you differentiate your service and create value for your clients. We provide tips on selecting the right storage infrastructure—one that will help you address your clients’ evolving and demanding needs for storing, protecting, and accessing their data. Finally, we take a look at how IBM XIV Storage can address the needs of service providers, and how it has proved to be the right infrastructure choice for a successful service provider.
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