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Turning your application ideas into business reality
By Progress Software | 17/11/2015

Staying ahead of your competition means developing new cloud-based applications that deliver business value quickly to your customers – and you. But some ISVs are finding out the hard way that this is a journey into new, unexplored territory with many potential pitfalls. We’ve helped 1000’s of ISVs to successfully navigate their “Journey to the Cloud”. Here’s how we can help you…

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Stay ahead of your competitors
By Progress Software | 12/11/2015

Today, connecting with your customers and staying ahead of your competition means developing engaging cloud-based applications that deliver business value quickly – in weeks rather than months. The problem is that almost two-thirds of companies today take 3-6 months or longer to develop a new application using traditional development tools. And that’s where Progress can help. Rollbase – our model-driven cloud-based (aPaaS) rapid application development environment – provides dramatic improvements in application time-to-market.

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The modern sales cycle revolutionised. How Distribution Central's LEEP Program is helping partners land deals
By Distribution Central | 1/4/2015

LEEP™ is an exciting new partner program from Distribution Central, designed to provide partners with systems, tools, products and programs to ensure excellent customer engagement. LEEP helps partners take on a consultative role to deliver relevant business propositions to solve customers’ contemporary business problems. This whitepaper explains how Distribution Central® has revolutionised the modern sales cycle based on the four emerging trends in the IT industry.

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CHANNEL STRATEGY GUIDE: The NetApp and Westcon Difference
By Westcon Group | 17/12/2014

Westcon has cemented its leadership position in the storage space. Now that Westcon has partnered with NetApp, this strategy guide will outline the benefits of the Westcon/NetApp partnership. It highlights the benefits of the E2700 series of storage area networks (SANS) which will offer your customers ease of integration and scalability.

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