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Stay ahead of your competitors
By Progress Software | 12/11/2015

Today, connecting with your customers and staying ahead of your competition means developing engaging cloud-based applications that deliver business value quickly – in weeks rather than months. The problem is that almost two-thirds of companies today take 3-6 months or longer to develop a new application using traditional development tools. And that’s where Progress can help. Rollbase – our model-driven cloud-based (aPaaS) rapid application development environment – provides dramatic improvements in application time-to-market.

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Discover how to increase margins through a layered approach to effective cyberdefence.
By LogicNow | 18/1/2016

Focusing your managed services business on cybersecurity creates several opportunities to increase margins; most significantly, by implementing layers of security at client sites you can reduce costly security-related responses. Understanding that effective cyberdefence involves multiple layers of technology is a key takeaway, as is the understanding that customer disruption is a revenue killer in world of the managed service provider (MSP).

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