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Small business technology - This is why your business needs to be in the Cloud
By IDG | 6/3/2014
The days of relying solely on local storage and in-house servers to deliver your data are well behind us. These days, it makes sense to move some (if not all) of your business’s services into the Cloud. From email to document management, much can be achieved with Internet services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The main benefit is that a proper Cloud service can make it easier to manage and share information with your workers and help boost productivity. Here, then, are the main reasons to consider a service such as Google Apps.
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Case Study: Fronde Meets Soaring Demand for Cloud ERP
By NetSuite | 14/5/2014
Learn how Wellington-based reseller Fronde has increased revenue, profitability and business opportunities by partnering with NetSuite to meet soaring demand for cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) in Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 1992, Fronde’s alliance with NetSuite extends its history of innovation, dynamism and growth in becoming the go-to IT services firm for cloud ERP in the region.
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Windows XP Retirement: Migration Tips and Best Practices
By Acronis | 16/5/2014
This white paper outlines the reasons why you should migrate your XP systems to a newer operating system and educates the reader on best practices and migration methodologies using Acronis Backup.
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Advent One Case Study
By IBM | 14/5/2014
MSP develops cloud infrastructure that grows with the company Discover how Advent One used IBM PureFlex System to build a range of 'as a service' offerings including infrastructure, storage, software, telephony, backup, disaster recovery, and monitoring.
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By Acronis | 16/5/2014
We often find ourselves lost in translation when it comes to the current computing world that is full of innovations and breakthrough technologies. We use new words and terminologies that make computing life more difficult than it is. This eBook, will explain what you need to know about protecting your applications and data in very simple terms. It will cover the key topics that IT administrators and those responsible for IT in their company need to understand
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