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  • Facebook: The other Internet

    By Mike Elgan | 18 May, 2015 20:43

    You can do almost everything online. Most people spend most of their web time doing just three things: communicating, buying things and consuming content.

  • Best Android and iOS apps of the last three months

    By James A. Martin | 20 November, 2014 05:25

    During the past three months, for whatever reason, I saw a lot of apps that are, to put it politely, disappointing.

  • Apple's HealthKit is available but some doctors remain skeptical

    By Ryan Faas | 03 October, 2014 07:14

    After a bungled release of iOS 8.0.1, Apple finally managed to get HealthKit into the hands of iPhone owners. I've been pretty open about the ways that I think technologies like fitness trackers and HealthKit can change lives (and for anyone interested in keeping score, my Fitbit-related weight loss is now up to 42 pounds) and, having worked in healthcare IT, I think there is an immense amount of potential in these technologies.

  • The 3 best iOS and Android apps of winter 2014

    By James A. Martin | 11 August, 2014 23:20

    If you're an iPhone or iPad user, you probably know that iOS app icons dance around when you tap and hold a finger on them to move or remove one. They do a little jig, hoping to entertain you and thereby save themselves from deletion.

  • Bankers beware: Technology is going to get you (and none of us will care)

    By Jonny Evans | 07 July, 2014 23:35

    Technology is about to take a big slice of the traditional banking business. Bankers have been slow to see what's coming, but they're starting to realize what's at stake.

  • Fitbit's updated iOS app doesn't go the distance

    By James A. Martin | 03 July, 2014 02:00

    Fitbit recently strengthened its iOS app with a new "MobileRun" feature for tracking exercise in real-time via GPS. It's a step in the right direction (bad pun intended) -- but not enough to help Fitbit catch up to RunKeeper or other workout tracking apps. (Fitbit's Android update is said to be coming soon.)

  • How far are you willing to go to spy on your employees' smartphones?

    By Keith Shaw | 23 May, 2014 06:18

    The ultimate eavesdropping solution for people who want to see what their employees, kids or spouse are doing on their Android (or jailbroken iPhone) smartphone.

  • Why Newsstand needs to go away

    By Jason Snell | 28 April, 2014 23:55

    Newsstand was one of iOS 5's banner features when it was introduced back in 2011, but its time has come and gone. What was intended to be a special collection of apps has, instead, become a second-class collection. That's why it would be better for everyone concerned - Apple, users, app developers, and publishers (including Macworld) - if Newsstand just vanished.

  • Brace yourself, here comes the mobile appsplosion

    By Mike Elgan | 12 April, 2014 21:20

    Companies are engaged in a kind of arms race with competitors to see how many apps they can get everyone to use. But this aggressive push for more apps is going to end up giving users app fatigue.

  • Jonny Evans: So WhatsApp, Facebook?

    By Jonny Evans | 27 February, 2014 18:23

    At the heart of the $19B WhatsApp acquisition may be Facebook's continuing desire to take over your mobile phone.

  • How mobile apps are changing fast food

    By Mike Elgan | 15 February, 2014 12:07

    The world of fast food is getting faster - and redefining the future of mobile payments. Just look at what several US fast food retailers, including Taco Bell and Chipotle, are doing.

  • Opinion: Predicting the tech future

    By Mark Gibbs | 15 February, 2013 23:19

    For my recent column of predictions for 2013 I polled a huge number of IT people to see what they are expecting, and ended up getting more than 400 responses.

  • Opinion: Why the world isn't ready for the travel app revolution

    By Mike Elgan | 10 November, 2012 12:10

    Translation apps don't translate into actual usefulness, and the artificial intelligence travel guides don't compute. Mike Elgan explains why.

  • What do 100% of mobile users want? No fails!

    By Mark Gibbs | 05 November, 2012 05:58

    The rush to make everything mobile has generated new ways to do business, new ways to organize ourselves and new ways to communicate, but mobile apps aren't your father's mainframe, desktop or laptop applications.


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