Stories by Helen Bradley

  • 10 killer new features in Word 2013

    By Helen Bradley | 29 January, 2013 20:30

    A word processor is indispensable for anyone who creates documents, be it for work, school, or writing angry letters to your representatives in Congress. Now that Microsoft has finally released Office 2013 to the general public, we're naming what we think are the 10 best new features in Word 2013. (We reviewed the whole enchilada last December, when it became available to Microsoft TechNet subscribers. You can read our opinion here.)

  • In Pictures: Office 2013 - 10 new useful features

    By Helen Bradley | 09 November, 2012 08:29

    See how Microsoft's popular applications are changing along with the Windows OS

  • In Pictures: 10 new additions in Office 2013

    By Helen Bradley | 24 October, 2012 09:42

    This is a heady time for Microsoft as it rolls out an ambitious OS and polishes off its productivity suite, billed as "the new Office."

  • In Pictures: 10 Word Table Secrets

    By Helen Bradley | 21 August, 2012 09:40

    Tables are a Word tool that everyone needs to use at some point to organize otherwise unruly text and numbers. From timetables to rosters to invoices to calendars, all kinds of projects are based on tables.

  • Guide: 10 secrets for creating awesome Excel tables

    By Helen Bradley | 24 July, 2012 12:52

    Much of the data that you use Excel to analyze comes in a list form. You might need to sort the data, filter it, sum it, and perhaps even chart it. Excel tables provide superior tools for working with data in list form.

  • Guide: How to use Microsoft Word as a desktop publishing tool

    By Helen Bradley | 30 May, 2012 08:21

    High-end desktop publishing programs, such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress, feature lots of tools to help designers produce stunning pages. But these programs are expensive, and novices require training to use them, factors that render their acquisition difficult to justify for most small businesses.

  • Guide: How to build your first database with Microsoft Access

    By Helen Bradley | 24 April, 2012 23:29

    If you own a version of Microsoft Office that includes Access (Office Professional 2010 is the most current version), but you’ve never used it, you’re overlooking a powerful tool for organizing and analyzing business data. I’ll show you how to make the most of this relational database program.

  • Guide: How to use Microsoft Word to create an e-book

    By Helen Bradley | 18 April, 2012 22:15

    Microsoft Word has lots of features that make creating ebooks easy. You can use styles to format an ebook or update its formatting to work on a different platform. You can use the References tool to create a table of contents automatically. And you can produce a design template that's ready for repeated use, so you can spend more time creating content and less time futzing with layouts. Once you've mastered these steps, you can create great ebooks effortlessly. I'll show you how.

  • Use Microsoft Excel for (nearly) everything

    By Helen Bradley | 28 February, 2011 02:30

    Microsoft Excel spreadsheets hold more than a million rows of data and automate number crunching, but they can do so much more. Excel's simple interface lends itself to uses well beyond those that its designers ever imagined.


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