Stories by Jon Gold

  • 353 million smartphones sold last quarter as emerging markets dominate

    Emerging markets like China drove global smartphone sales growth in the third quarter of 2015, according to the latest figures from Gartner Research. A total of 353 million smartphones were sold over those three months, which represents a 15.5% uptick over the same period one year ago.

  • Wi-Fi Alliance touts survey numbers as LTE-U showdown looms

    The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry group that certifies Wi-Fi products for interoperability, has highlighted the importance of the technology to the daily lives of Americans ahead of a testing summit that will try to shed some light on potential conflicts between Wi-Fi and a carrier technology called LTE-U.

  • GE uses lots of data to keep IT spend down

    The key to getting the maximum value out of every dollar spent on IT, according to GE executive director of sourcing Sam Guertin, is a combination of in-depth knowledge and tough negotiation.

  • MIT uses Wi-Fi to look through walls

    Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence lab are working on a technology, called RF Capture, that uses radio frequencies to see people standing on the other side of a wall with startling clarity.

  • LTE-U: A quick explainer

    LTE-U is a wireless network technology that’s promising a lot, as well as ruffling a few feathers (especially in the Wi-Fi world). Here’s a brief rundown for the perplexed.

  • Mozilla will donate $1 million to open-source projects

    The Mozilla Foundation, which underwrites the development of the Firefox browser, announced Friday that it would contribute $1 million to various open-source software projects under the auspices of the new Mozilla Open-Source Support program.

  • Ruckus acquires onboarding provider Cloudpath

    Wireless infrastructure manufacturer Ruckus announced Thursday that it would purchase Cloudpath Networks, best known for its Wi-Fi onboarding software products, for an undisclosed sum.

  • Shape of mobility to come isn’t clear

    The way businesses architect their operations to take best advantage of mobile technology, and the way they manage those mobile devices, are likely to evolve in the near future – but the precise nature of that evolution is far from obvious, according to an expert panel at the M-Enterprise event held Tuesday in Boston.

  • FCC to probe Verizon, AT&T over contract lock-in

    The FCC announced late last week that it would investigate Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink and Frontier over highly strict service terms in wireline business service contracts, which critics say lock customers into their deals unfairly.

  • iOS 9 gets its first jailbreak, one month after release

    A China-based team is the first to jailbreak iOS 9 – 28 days after the software’s official release, the Pangu team announced that it had cracked the platform’s security and made it possible for users to enjoy unfettered control over their devices.