Stories by Peter Wayner

  • PHP vs. Node.js: An epic battle for developer mind share

    By Peter Wayner | 13 January, 2015 07:43

    It's a classic Hollywood plot: the battle between two old friends who went separate ways. Often the friction begins when one pal sparks an interest in what had always been the other pal's unspoken domain. In the programming language version of this movie, it's the introduction of Node.js that turns the buddy flick into a grudge match: PHP and JavaScript, two partners who once ruled the Internet together but now duke it out for the mind share of developers.

  • Attack of the one-letter programming languages

    By Peter Wayner | 25 November, 2014 06:49

    Watch out! The coder in the next cubicle has been bitten and infected with a crazy-eyed obsession with a programming language that is not Java and goes by the mysterious name of F.

  • 9 cutting-edge programming languages worth learning now

    By Peter Wayner | 04 November, 2014 04:49

    The big languages are popular for a reason: They offer a huge foundation of open source code, libraries, and frameworks that make finishing the job easier. This is the result of years of momentum in which they are chosen time and again for new projects, and expertise in their nuances grow worthwhile and plentiful.

  • 10 battles raging for the hearts and minds of developers

    By Peter Wayner | 07 October, 2014 01:43

    Whether you think it's wired into the human mind or an inevitable product of society's formation, dualism defines much of our lives: Communism vs. capitalism. Savory vs. sweet. Passing the ball vs. running the ball in football. Everywhere we look, pairs are locked in an eternal battle, presenting us with myriad opportunities to define ourselves by which side of the line we favor at any given time.

  • 7 reasons Apple should open-source Swift -- and 7 reasons it won't

    By Peter Wayner | 15 September, 2014 20:09

    Faster innovation, better security, new markets -- the case for opening Swift might be more compelling than Apple will admit

  • 15 technologies changing how developers work

    By Peter Wayner | 11 August, 2014 23:51

    A long time ago, developers wrote assembly code that ran fast and light. On good days, they had enough money in their budget to hire someone to toggle all those switches on the front of the machine to input their code. On bad days, they flipped the switches themselves. Life was simple: The software loaded data from memory, did some arithmetic, and sent it back. That was all.

  • First look: Apple's Swift is simple, at first

    By Peter Wayner | 25 June, 2014 20:07

    Swift's clean and modern syntax makes it quick and easy to get started, but mastering this new language will take a while

  • In Pictures: 10 prominent features 'stolen' by Appleā€™s Swift - and where they came from

    By Peter Wayner | 11 June, 2014 08:32

    Apple's new programming language modernizes iOS development by synthesizing great ideas invented elsewhere

  • In Pictures: 15 hot programming trends - and 15 going cold

    By Peter Wayner | 02 June, 2014 11:01

    Hot or not? From the Web to the motherboard to the training ground, get the scoop on what's in and what's out in app dev.

  • 11 reasons encryption is (almost) dead

    By Peter Wayner | 05 May, 2014 20:03

    Massive leaps in computing power, hidden layers, hardware backdoors -- encrypting sensitive data from prying eyes is more precarious than ever

  • 12 ethical dilemmas gnawing at developers today

    By Peter Wayner | 22 April, 2014 00:26

    The tech world has always been long on power and short on thinking about the ramifications of this power. If it can be built, there will always be someone who will build it without contemplating a safer, saner way of doing so, let alone whether the technology should even be built in the first place. The software gets written. Who cares where and how it's used? That's a task for somebody in some corner office.

  • In Pictures: 15 things we hate about Java

    By Peter Wayner | 07 March, 2014 09:29

    Slow startup times, null pointers, security flaws -- Java's ongoing success leaves plenty to complain about

  • 12 predictions for the future of programming

    By Peter Wayner | 03 February, 2014 14:52

    If hitting a target is hard and hitting a moving target is even harder, then creating a new hit technology is next to impossible because the shape and nature of the target morphs as it moves. Think of building a swish new laptop just as laptops are heading out of favor, or a must-have mobile app just as smartphones plateau, or a dynamite tablet experience just as the wearable future takes hold.

  • Cloud services for mobile developers: Google vs. Amazon vs. Azure vs. Parse

    By Peter Wayner | 22 January, 2014 11:12

    Cloud-based back ends for mobile applications combine key services with varying degrees of complexity

  • PhoneGap toolkits tame mobile app development

    By Peter Wayner | 15 January, 2014 22:01

    The very first road to the various app stores from Apple and Google was paved with native code. If you wanted to write for iOS, you learned Objective-C. If you wanted to tackle Android, Java was the only way. Similar issues popped up with all the other smaller players in the smartphone market.


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