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  • Harley's hawg goes electric with Project LiveWire, a battery-powered motorcycle

    By Melissa Riofrio | 20 June, 2014 07:59

    Yes, you read that right. Harley-Davidson has unveiled Project LiveWire, a nationwide tour to introduce company's first all-electric motorcycle.

  • No steering wheel. No pedals. Google gets serious about self-driving cars

    By Melissa Riofrio | 28 May, 2014 23:05

    So you're fascinated with self-driving cars, eh? Are you fascinated enough to try one that has no steering wheel and no pedals? That's the next, dramatic step for Google in its determination to create a fully autonomous car.

  • Dell Chromebook 11 review: Basic browser machine keeps up with the times, barely

    By Melissa Riofrio | 28 March, 2014 23:43

    Dell's no dummy. It may have built its business on PCs, but its new Chromebook 11 is designed to maintain its presence the education market, where Chromebooks are enjoying some growth. Compared to managing a fleet of Windows-based boxes, tending to a herd of browser-based Chromebooks is far simpler and cheaper (Google even provides a Chrome Management Console for all the tasks that make IT people happy).

  • Gorgeous display is what makesYoga Tablet 10 HD+ special

    By Melissa Riofrio | 26 February, 2014 21:29

    I only had 30 minutes with Lenovo's Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, announced just before the start of this week's Mobile World Congress. It was enough to make this longtime Windows user think Android thoughts.

  • Intel wants its new mobile chips in your phone, tablet, toaster and more

    By Melissa Riofrio | 26 February, 2014 15:29

    Desktop who? Windows what? The classic Windows-based PC remains Intel's bread and butter, but it's needed to diversify its diet for a long time. At an event on Monday morning at Mobile World Congress, the company announced two new Atom chips, code-named Merrifield and Moorefield, that could be its first truly competitive mobile solutions. And not a product cycle too soon.

  • Snubbed in US, Microsoft pins Windows Phone's future on emerging markets

    By Melissa Riofrio | 23 February, 2014 18:40

    The Windows Phone market share in the US is so bad, it had to pick on poor BlackBerry to make itself feel better. At least, that's what happened at a Sunday event before Mobile World Congress. In a darkened event space at a swanky hotel, Microsoft video boasted, "We've overtaken BlackBerry." The packed crowd of journalists roared, and even Microsoft exec, Joe Belfiore, couldn't help but smile with slight embarrassment.

  • A car's a car, but the car's apps make the difference

    By Melissa Riofrio | 10 January, 2014 22:03

    Car apps: In a few years, we'll wonder how we did without them, just as we have with smartphones and apps since Apple introduced the iPhone seven years ago (January 9, 2007, in fact). These apps can be used either to control basic car functions or do something while in the car, such as finding a pizza place wherever you are, or ordering the pizza.

  • How to download Windows 8.1 Preview

    By Melissa Riofrio | 27 June, 2013 23:59

    The curious and the thrill-seeking rushed to their PCs as Microsoft unveiled the preview version of Windows 8.1 at its Build 2013 conference. It's free.

  • New Windows 8 PCs use touchscreens, hybrid designs and Haswell to capture attention

    By Melissa Riofrio | 24 June, 2013 15:00

    If the Windows PC market is in big trouble, someone forgot to tell Lenovo and Samsung. Late last week, within 24 hours of each other, the two Asian tech giants unveiled broad, new product lines. Following recent announcements from other major players, a critical mass of next-generation Windows 8 machines is now coming down the pike.

  • New HP PCs include 20-inch all-in-one that lies flat for games

    By Melissa Riofrio | 23 May, 2013 13:27

    HP's consumer PC sales continue to languish, but the game's not over yet--certainly not on the company's new Envy Rove, a 20-inch all-in-one that can lay flat for multiplayer games. The company also announced a raft of other all-in-ones and desktops today.

  • The 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV is the all-electric SUV I want with the range issues I can't have

    By Melissa Riofrio | 23 May, 2013 12:57

    At Maker Faire, not far from the 3D printers and robotic bartenders, I found Toyota's RAV4 EV. It might have a bit more spit and polish than the typical DIY project at Maker Faire, but it's definitely the result of some art and craft.

  • HP's latest hybrids sport Nvidia Tegra 4 and 3rd-gen Intel Core CPUs

    By Melissa Riofrio | 15 May, 2013 13:25

    Clamshell laptops will always have their place, but that form factor just can't deliver the versatility of a hybrid tablet with a detachable keyboard. Unfortunately, the designs we've seen so far have been hobbled by weak CPUs.

  • New Sony Fit laptops all offer touchscreens

    By Melissa Riofrio | 07 May, 2013 14:55

    As Sony announces its new VAIO Fit line of consumer laptops, it's leading a charge--a necessary one--into the world of touch. Touchscreens will be available across the entire product line, and standard on some models. In a briefing last week, Sony said that it expected touchscreens to overtake non-touch displays rapidly as the laptop norm.

  • The best Windows 8 machines you can buy today

    By Melissa Riofrio | 22 April, 2013 15:25

    We've had about six months to play with Windows 8 (like it or not) and with the first generation of hardware designed for the new OS. So now, with PCs based on Intel's Haswell CPU poised on the horizon, it's time to take stock of the best Windows 8 hardware available today. You may be able to snap one up for a bargain-basement price as the industry clears out inventory in anticipation of second-gen machines.

  • The 5 biggest online privacy threats of 2013

    By Melissa Riofrio | 08 April, 2013 13:23

    Your online life may not seem worth tracking as you browse websites, store content in the cloud, and post updates to social networking sites. But the data you generate is a rich trove of information that says more about you than you realize - and it's a tempting treasure for marketers and law enforcement officials alike.


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