Stories by Eric Mack

  • In pictures: 15 hot phones for the holidays

    By Eric Mack | 19 December, 2011 09:55

    With contract prices ranging from $US50 to $US300, this list of the season's top phones has something for any stocking or budget.

  • 5 Apps Banned from Apple's App Store in 2011

    By Eric Mack | 15 December, 2011 05:13

    Apple gave the app, Drivers License, the boot this week after concerned politicians claimed it encouraged identity theft. Drivers License joins a short list of apps that Apple gave boot in 2011 because Apple either didn't get the joke, offered too much functionality, or that Apple felt was downright dangerous.

  • Kindle Fire Customers' Biggest Complaints

    By Eric Mack | 13 December, 2011 13:00

    Most Kindle Fire users have had a few weeks to get to know Amazon's e-reader/tablet hybrid, and the reviews are decidedly mixed, with many users pointing to the same flaws.

  • $99 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Available, but Buyer Beware

    By Eric Mack | 12 December, 2011 20:02

    If you can't wait for

  • $99 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet to debut in US

    By Eric Mack | 08 December, 2011 05:00

    The Novo7, a 7-inch tablet available in China that runs Ice Cream Sandwich, is set to arrive in the United States in the coming months with an expected price of $99.

  • Test drive Windows Phone Mango on your Android or iPhone

    By Eric Mack | 01 December, 2011 03:13

    Sick of your iPhone or Android handset? Want to try out Windows Phone Mango? Microsoft is letting Android and iPhone users try Windows Phone 7.5 Mango with an HTML5 demo that runs in your smartphone's browser.

  • Apple and Spotify create ripples in the streaming music qorld

    By Eric Mack | 30 November, 2011 06:59

    The arrival of Apple's iCloud and iTunes Match this month, coupled with Spotify's October drop of its invite-only requirement, seem to have shaken the online music world.

  • IN PICTURES: Best Free Android Apps of 2011

    By Eric Mack | 24 November, 2011 10:39

    From word games to new social networks and streaming services, it was a very good year for beefing up your Android device without having to drop a single dime. Here are some recommendations.

  • Analysis: Is Kindle Fire already losing its spark?

    By Eric Mack | 19 November, 2011 03:44

    After months of advance hype, some of the shine is coming off the Kindle Fire now that the 7-inch tablet is finally in the hands of real users. The $199 slate has plenty of satisfied customers to be sure, but since consumers have had a few days to play with it and subject it to the real world, some flaws and cut corners in design are becoming more apparent.

  • 5 hidden features in iOS 5

    By Eric Mack | 11 November, 2011 07:55

    Who knew Apple's iOS 5 mobile operating system held so many secrets? Developers and sleuthing hackers have been hard at work since Apple released the OS in October unearthing a number of hidden features and tweaking the OS to do things it was never intended to do.

  • Mobile threats: the top 12 scams of Christmas list

    By Eric Mack | 10 November, 2011 05:02

    Malware targeting Android-powered mobile devices and Apple computers top a list scams and security threats the people need to guard against this holiday shopping season.

  • What phones get Google's Ice Cream Sandwich mobile OS first?

    By Eric Mack | 03 November, 2011 02:19

    Phones and tablets loaded with the Android 4.0 operating system start arriving in stores soon, but when will existing phones get the update and wich models will be left out in the cold?

  • Apple patents new multitouch, 3D Gestures

    By Eric Mack | 29 October, 2011 01:59

    A new Apple patent reveals the company is looking into ways to integrate more gesturing into the iPad and other devices, a la Tom Cruise's holographic glove-controlled system in Minority Report.

  • Ice Cream Sandwich: 7 more cool features

    By Eric Mack | 21 October, 2011 04:26

    Ice Cream Sandwich, Google's latest update to the Android franchise, has plenty of improvements and changes hidden under the surface that make the mobile OS even sweeter. With more Android phones being announced every day in preparation for the holiday shopping season, here are seven new features in Ice Cream Sandwich you should be aware of.

  • iPhone 4S Sells 4 Million in Just 3 Days

    By Eric Mack | 18 October, 2011 01:16

    Apple's new iPhone has been flying out of retail and warehouse shelves at an unprecedented rate. The company announced Monday morning that it has sold more than 4 million units of the iPhone 4S in just three days.


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