Stories by Liane Cassavoy

  • Eight things you didn't know your Windows Phone could do

    By Liane Cassavoy | 28 June, 2013 15:08

    No matter how hard it tries, and how much it improves, Windows Phone just can't get respect. If iOS is like Jay-Z--polished and effortlessly cool--then Windows Phone is like Kanye West --overeager and trying too hard.

  • 10 great Android apps you should be using, but aren't

    By Liane Cassavoy | 21 June, 2013 08:30

    Finding high-quality Android apps in the Google Play Store can be challenging, with 700,000 or so titles to choose from. Here are ten apps that you may not have stumbled across yet, all of which have impressed us in some way.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III: 15 Power user tips

    By Liane Cassavoy | 04 September, 2012 13:02

    It's no secret that the Samsung Galaxy S III is the must-have phone this summer. After all, this high-end Android phone has won over reviewers and consumers alike, selling more than 10 million units in less than two months on the market. PCWorld gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

  • In Pictures: 21 awesome GPS and location-aware apps for Android

    By Liane Cassavoy | 02 August, 2012 08:47

    Want basic driving directions? Help finding cheap gas? A cool way to create a digital scrapbook of your latest trip? Android has an app for that, and more

  • In pictures: The 15 best Android accessories

    By Liane Cassavoy | 11 July, 2012 09:05

    We take a look at the best Android accessories you might actually use.

  • In pictures: Top 20 mobile websites and services

    By Liane Cassavoy | 11 May, 2012 08:25

    Apps, schmaps. Who needs to download anything when these mobile sites and services offer fast information and entertainment right in your mobile browser?

  • Twitter tools: 11 Free apps and services you need now

    By Liane Cassavoy | 02 May, 2012 23:21

    Twitter is all about keeping things brief. It is, after all, a microblogging service, one that limits you to 140 characters per post. But while Twitter promotes a less-is-more approach, the same can't be said of the market for Twitter apps and services.

  • How to defend your Android phone from annoying mobile ads

    By Liane Cassavoy | 20 January, 2012 01:48

    As Android's popularity has grown, so too has its attractiveness to advertisers.

  • IN PICTURES: 2011's hottest holiday tech gifts

    By Liane Cassavoy | 07 December, 2011 11:13

    Looking for the perfect gadget for everyone on your holiday list this year? Whether your budget is big or small and whether your recipients are old or young, here's a list. Please note all prices are in $US.

  • IN PICTURES: 20 best browser apps of 2011

    By Liane Cassavoy | 03 November, 2011 14:39

    Whether you want to stay on top of your to-do list, find out who is tracking you online or sling a few birds at pesky pigs, here are 20 apps that are well worth your time

  • IN PICTURES: Christmas tech gadget sneak peek

    By Liane Cassavoy | 12 October, 2011 15:20

    Gadget makers are gearing up for the holidays, showing off AudioBulbs, Kinect add-ons, and sub-$US250 tablets. Here is a look at what they'll be promoting.

  • Skype for Android security flaw: What you need to know

    By Liane Cassavoy | 17 April, 2011 01:57

    A recently-discovered vulnerability in Skype's Android app could allow malicious apps access to your personal data. Here's what you need to know about this flaw and how to protect yourself.

  • 10 must-have downloads for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

    By Liane Cassavoy | 24 April, 2011 06:36

    Your favorite social network--whether it's Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or something else--is probably pretty capable on its own. After all, you likely spend plenty of time there already. But with the right app or add-on, your go-to social networks can become even better. Here are several apps, both desktop- and cloud-based, that will allow you to get more out of Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. They'll help you save time, share more content, and connect with new people in new ways.

  • HootSuite manages your social networks

    By Liane Cassavoy | 22 February, 2011 07:23

    The average, everyday Twitter or Facebook user likely won't have much need for HootSuite, a Web-based social media management application. But power users -- especially those who rely on and manage multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for their business -- may find this tool indispensible. HootSuite is available in two versions: a free (but ad-supported) plan that allows access to five social networks and two RSS/Atom feeds, or a $6-per-month unlimited plan that allows access for one extra team member. (Additional team members can be added starting at $15 per month.) The cloud-based service runs on any Web browser, and the company offers mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry platforms.

  • Patch software with free Secunia PSI

    By Liane Cassavoy | 28 January, 2011 05:40

    One of the biggest security threats out there doesn't come from malicious hackers or online identity thieves. It actually comes from you, the innocent PC user and your out-of-date software. But you can put an end to that threat with the free Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI), which identifies and helps patch the problematic programs you may be running.

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