​INSIGHT: How do you boost your channel sales?

​INSIGHT: How do you boost your channel sales?

Sales growth is a primary sales goal in most companies.

Sales growth is a primary sales goal in most companies.

Consequently, improving effectiveness in all sales channels is key. But most of the times we see advice and statements made on how to improve your direct sales approach, but less on the channel or the indirect sales approach.

And very little in regards to Partner Relationship Management (PRM) applications.

Managing channel sales, or indirect sales, is more complex and many organisations who work with partners are struggling to have full visibility into sell-through channel sales.

Very often marketing, sales and financial reporting visibility is not clear. Partner relationship management (PRM) applications add value to channel sales activities.

Properly selected and implemented it helps maximising channel sales revenue and profit.

And still, organisations are applying a mix of manual processes and self-made tools in times when everything is evolving faster than ever.

A PRM application might decrease your channel resources and increase the data quality of your partner network.

By Ilona Hansen - Research Analyst, Gartner

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