Videocon revamps network with Brocade ethernet fabric solution

Videocon d2h deploys Brocade solution to support network virtualisation

Networking company, Brocade, has won a contract to supply VDX switches to direct-to-home satellite broadcaster, Videocon d2h, in the company's latest datacentre expansion.

Videocon will use Brocade's ethernet fabric solutions to revamp its datacentre networks.

It has deployed Brocade VCS Fabric Technology running on Brocade VDX switches within its new and existing datacentres to support continued rapid business growth.

India is one of the world’s most competitive DTH satellite markets with the participation of six private service providers and India’s state-owned TV broadcaster.

Since Videocon d2h launched its services in 2009, it has attracted more than 10 million subscribers.

Brocade VDX 6720 switches were initially deployed at Videocon D2h’s new datacenter, which was specifically designed to support virtualisation, with the deployment at the company’s two other facilities following in a second phase.

It switches feature VCS Fabric technology, which enables Videocon to “flatten” its data center networks, provide Virtual Machine mobility without network reconfiguration.

Videocon vice-president, IT, Samir Dhaga, said high end services such as full 1080i high-definition channels, 3D programming, PVR, USB PVR, had caused significant business growth.

"We’ve been adding around a million new customers a quarter in the recent past ,” he said.

“With such rapid business growth, there has been an exponential increase in the internal data center traffic.

He said the 1 Gbps network was quickly running out of steam.

"We had to rapidly embrace newer technologies," he said.

"We therefore embarked on a program to expand capacity by building a third datacentre and upgrading our existing infrastructure with an emphasis on high-speed internal networks that would support virtualisation, availability, and manageability.”

Each fabric operates as a single virtual ethernet device, which greatly simplifies management.

The approach eliminates the use of the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), which would otherwise be a serious impediment to virtualised datacentre performance.

The single-layer ethernet fabric is also highly efficient and resilient, with load-balanced multipathing at Layers 1, 2, and 3 and support for multiple Layer 3 gateways.

Dhaga said a smart networking decision was required to address existing and potential bottlenecks from the adoption of datacentre virtualisation.

"We conducted a thorough study of the available options - including six months of testing - before deciding on Brocade VDX switches as our datacentre networking platform going forward.”

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