Skill and knowledge gap affecting Cloud deployments: Bulletproof

Cloud provider also highlights the importance of guiding customers through the Cloud transition

Organisations are struggling to deploy Cloud in a way that delivers security, availability and performance, according to Bulletproof.

Chief customer officer, Mark Randall, said it can be sometimes difficult to get web sites, and the applications they’re running on, to work effectively in the Cloud.

“This is due to a skills gap, because Cloud is a fundamentally different architecture to traditional hosting,” he said.

Another issue Randall highlights is users do not carry out volume snapshots properly, possibly leaving data vulnerable.

“They’re not setting up the environment properly to ensure uptime,” he said.

Randall adds the Cloud platform itself is capable of these functions, though one needs to know how to use it properly.

The building blocks

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Bulletproof is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner and uses this accreditation to aid customers with the transition to the Cloud.

“Our approach to that is we want to deliver to customers a Cloud that is mission critical, as typically Clouds by themselves are not,” Randall said.

As for AWS’ role in this, Randall said the company essentially just provides a set of components.

“You then need to make the decision whether to put those building blocks together yourself or instead work with a trusted partner to do that,” he said.

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Paul Turner - CEO / ZyNet


Essentially Cloud has been around for a long time in many forms. The term Cloud is simply a different spin. Customers think Cloud is going to be cheaper, more reliable and provide increased performance and often that is not the case at all. I have come across new customers that have gone down the Cloud path and found themselves in a real bother with systems that just do not deliver the service. They come to us to help them out of what became a mess. Customers wanting to go to cloud need to do so for the right reasons and an analysis is absolutely critical to understand what makes sense in the Cloud versus what does not. Migrating to Cloud for the sake of it can cause business pain, productivity losses and interruption. Cloud is not for everyone and everything it is a matter of identifying where Cloud works on a case by case basis.



Cloud also requires solid and reliable Internet to work. No Internet - no public Cloud. Internet speed and reliabilty can vary greatly across countries & regions, even in places like UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc. The more you try to push through the internet pipe the bigger & stronger it needs to be, which is fine, but remember for most of us, its a shared pipe (both internally & externally), the physical part of which is often owned by a third party. A cloud service with a fancy SLA & a 99.99% uptime might be working fine, but doesn't mean much if you can't connect to it. Its not just how much the cloud can scale but also how much your internet connection can scale as well when operating under real conditions.

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