Riverbed records explosive growth in Steelhead for Microsoft Office 365

Riverbed now accelerates more than one million Office 365 clients

Riverbed regional vice president, Ian Raper.

Riverbed regional vice president, Ian Raper.

Riverbed has recorded explosive growth in adoption of its WAN acceleration service for Microsoft Office 365 and recently passed one million clients.

The Steelhead Cloud accelerator significantly improves the performance and delivery of Office 365.

The service, a simple software add-on to new or existing Steelhead appliances, accelerates Cloud-based services and SaaS applications such as Office 365 over the wide area network (WAN) and the public internet.

By using the Akamai Intelligent Platform footprint for transport, it finds the fastest path from end users to their Office 365 applications.

This improves the speed and delivery of Office 365 by a multiple of 33. It also results in a bandwidth reduction of up to 97 per cent, according to a company statement.

Microsoft has built a network of global cloud datacentres. But on many occasions, Office 365 applications are delivered over WANs and the public Internet to end users in locations nowhere near a Microsoft datacentre.

As such, its delivery is subject to congested connections, limited bandwidth, long distances, and ultimately application latency over hybrid networks.

Riverbed regional vice-president, Ian Raper, said the rapid take up of Riverbed technologies for Office365 was being driven by an exceptional value proposition for the customer.

“We have got over one million sites using Riverbed technologies in 365,” he said.

“The growth rate is explosive.

“We make a WAN feel like a LAN.”

Raper said Riverbed was on the lookout for new reseller partners due to the rapid growth.

“Our focus is on finding those right partners and our partner program is driven by certification and skills not volume,” he said.

“The reseller landscape is changing dramatically and customers are wanting a much more service oriented approach, rather than the ability to deliver product.

“I am seeing a change in behaviour and it's very much moving towards managed services and away from those who provide a product for a client to deal with themselves.”

Office365 is also increasingly being used on mobile devices, according to Raper.

"I think it’s very important that they be included," he said.

"If performance is not good on mobile than it is terrible for productivity."

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SillyPants Jackson


And thanks to their "value based pricing" model Riverbed's reseller partners are seeing record low margins.



How does the steelhead cope with the MS-FSSHTTP protocol?

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