Growing challenges will lead business to Cloud: Micro Focus

Business software vendor also expects the momentum behind BYOD to remain strong

Mobility, Web and Cloud continue to be the key trends in 2014, according to Micro Focus.

A/NZ general manager, Kylie Kelly, expects that a growing number of businesses will look at adopting new IT as they come faced with mounting business challenges.

“These will be associated with legacy IT systems that struggle to meet the demands of end-users, driven largely by new channels being added to IT environments to enable mobile and Internet capabilities,” she said.

Kelly also foresees Cloud computing gaining further recognition as a viable solution for managing complex IT environments, particularly with the rise of IT consumerisation and the need to “work outside the company walls.”

“These new generation technologies boast lower cost and provide a scaleable and flexible environment to operate and manage core business applications,” she said.

Now more than ever Kelly predicts it will be difficult for businesses to ignore the benefits of IT, as well as what the Cloud can potentially deliver through improved customer service.

Businesses across the financial services, insurance and government industries are expected to pay attention to this trend in the coming months, particularly as Kelly said they will attempt to “retain core business value” in existing applications.

The move to mobile

The key trend for Kelly in 2013 was BYOD in the enterprise, especially the shift it has in employee and corporate culture.

Kelly said that the implications from added pressure and complexity on IT infrastructure has been driving this development,

“This has caused businesses to seriously re-think how they better meet the demands of an increasingly mobile and connected workforce,” she said.

The fact that Australia has one of the highest rates of smartphone adoption is behind this, with the Australian Media and Communication Authority finding 8.7 million Australians now own a smartphone, a growth rate of 104 per cent from 2011–2012.

The outcome of this momentum is what Kelly describes as a shift in thinking in terms of mobile quality, performance and development.

“Development teams are increasingly seeing the value of using the right technologies and tools to enable them to test application performance on mobile devices so that the business can deliver the competitive advantage inherent in existing applications across mobile platforms,” she said.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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