CloudCentral increases datacentre capacity with NextDC

Beefs up datacentre presence with NextDC and Equinix and launches new partner program

Australian Cloud provider, CloudCentral, has beefed up its datacentre presence through partnering with NextDC and expanding its Equinix relationship.

The company has also launched a new partner program and set up an advisory board making a host of new hires.

NextDC currently operate datacentres in Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney with Perth points of presence being rolled out in 2013/14. Currently, running infrastructure out of NextDC and TransACT datacenters in Canberra, the agreement will allow CloudCentral to become one of the first cloud providers to operate out of five metro cities around the country. CloudCentral founder and CEO, Kris Sheather, said the benefits of this NextDC agreement will be huge for customer and partners including software developers and IT service providers.

“We will be able to offer them lower latency, as they can choose to access their data from the point of presence closest to their location. It will also be beneficial for large national companies who want staff working from multiple locations to have access to all of their information," Sheather said. CloudCentral has also expanded its partnership with Equinix for a Sydney point of presence (PoP).

Its third PoP site is key to the company's strategic rollout of Australian network locations, partnerships and vertical market reach. The additional capacity is expected to support the increasing trend for the delivery of fully secure and redundant, onshore cloud-based services to government and business entities.

“Our goal is for our partners to be able to access our services on-demand and scale these services for optimum performance. By extending our footprint around the country, it becomes just that little bit easier to access the CloudCentral CloudPlatform and benefit from the scalability and performance for cloud services offerings and projects,” Sheather said.

It has also launched its CloudCentral partner program aimed at offering tailored, branded and customised cloud platforms for specific requirements of system integrators, telecommunications providers and independent software vendors.

It aims to assist its partners in leveraging cloud offerings to increase value to customers and generate new revenue streams in the market.

On top of this, CloudCentral has also made a number of hires with Wilhelmina Duyvestyn joining the company as product management and marketing director.

Duyvestyn has more than 15 years experience in global and regional senior product management and marketing roles in the IT Industry previously working for VMware, Software AG, Microsoft and NCR.

The company also established an executive board of directors hiring Roger Buckeridge as its non-executive chairman.

Non-executive directors that have come onboard include Brian Ferreira, Tim Peterson and Russell Evans.

It has also established its first global advisory board with members including Kylie Hammond as its Chair; Leslie Phillips as sales and marketing advisor; Randy Bias as Cloud technology and market advisor; Richard Elling as storage technology advisor; Todd Bell as security advisor, Mike Van de Wiel as consulting advisor, Prem Krithivasan as partnerships and channels advisor and Jack Lo as financial advisor.

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Since NextDC has shown they will partner with anybody in the market I'm not sure how this rates as newsworthy?

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