Experts tackle NBN at national workshop

Communications Alliance hosts workshop to discuss the roll-out of the NBN

Telco experts from Australia’s leading companies are set to join forces to devise the best way forward for the NBN roll-out under a coalition government.

The Communications Alliance has partnered with Communications Day to host ‘The NBN: Rebooted’, a national workshop designed to help industry government and stakeholders work cohesively to maximise the value and success of the NBN.

Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has been invited to deliver the keynote address at the two day event, to be held in Sydney on November 18-19, but is yet to confirm his attendance.

The workshop comes as the new government looks to overhaul NBN Co and with it, Labor’s Fibre-to-the-Home plan.

The workshop will feature expert speakers from Australia and abroad and will examine overseas roll out experiences, commercial demand pricing constructs, mobility, access technology and financing and co-funding opportunities.

Communications alliance chief executive John Stanton said the initiative was a logical extension of the way the telecommunications industry had sought to nourish the potential of the NBN since its inception.

“In 2009 when the current NBN was announced, almost 200 industry experts from 70 different companies came together under the Communications Alliance and formed seven working groups, which between them wrote the original reference architecture for the network and grappled with a wealth of operational and technical issues on behalf of the then-fledgling NBN Co.

More than 600 pages of detailed literature was produced to ensure the network would operate not just as high-speed infrastructure, but rather as a platform for next generation telco services.

“The NBN is set to evolve further under the Abbott Government’s broadband policy and The NBN: Rebooted workshop will be a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to come together to reflect on what we have learned from the rollout to date, and the planning needed to ensure that we can generate collective success during the next chapters,” Stanton said.

Communications Alliance is the primary telecommunications industry body in Australia.

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Gordon Drennan


Why would another group of mostly the same experts organised by the same people produce any different result. Its the old definition of insanity (and American Middle East policy): keeping doing the same thing over and over again and expecting that this time it'll work.

The whole problem with the NBN is that the experts are designing it. By definition experts think that whatever it is they are experts in is more valuable - more worth doing the very technical best in - than people generally. Experts do know how to do technical best, but they have lost perspective on what its worth. Its the experts that gave us, for example, 3 fibres to every house and 4 data ports and the ability to have accounts with multiple RSPs. None of these are needed or worth the extra cost.

Gordon Drennan


Come to think of it, its arguably the experts with their inability to understand value for money bolting on heaps of largely pointless extra complication and therefore addition cost - as anyone with big company expertise knows they always do - onto Labor's NBN who are the reason that this time around we won't be getting fibre. There needs to be someone this time arguing for "good enough".

Paul Krueger


While remaining totally disengaged the 1st time this was done, the liberal part want to "evolve" it into something that was disregarded as poor value for money back then.

You have to love politics

Francis Young


Given the Comms Alliance and Comms Day longstanding track record of white-anting of our fibre project to date, I am highly suspicious of its motives in hosting this meeting of corporate telcos, whose interests will be for shareholders, not Australian broadband users.

Ben Eto


Yes Gordon and management, by definition think that everyone has their own self interest at heart (like management do). As a 10 year government funded infrastructure project the idea was to put in place technology that would be relevant for the next 20 years. I don't claim to be an expert in fibre but it seems likely to me that an extra strand of fibre now would be a fraction of the labour cost to add a few years down the track. Now we get the bean counter view that it is better to save 20 to 30% and use technology that will be redundant before it is even fully rolled out.

Viewed solely from a public infrastructure perspective this is, of course, ridiculous. However, take into consideration the vested interest of certain telecommunication players and not to mention political ego, then the cost-benefits analysis starts to make more sense.



When it says stakeholders do they mean Australian who will use it? I would love to attend and give input but i'm sure it's closed to a select few, say telstra, optus and anyone else willing to play ball with Liberal. Many probably dont need three fibers NOW but would cost to have connections vary that would be more complex for big organisations. Maybe we will need in the future, fible handle computer language..binary, at the speed of light, guess thats why canberra had fiber to the home installed in the 1980's with talk of Australia getting it...well now we need it so bring it Tony the real deal not some bullshit corporate model



The comment about running 3 strands of fibre fails to understand that this type of thing is very common in the comms & computer industry. The cost of the cable is small (especially in NBN quantity), its the labour thats the real cost. But even within the cost of the underground cable, its the non fibre part of the cable that costs the most. Even your standard domestic copper phone cable is a 2 pair cable (you only need one pair for a standard phone line). Even at the termination point, its cheaper to bulk order (or specify) something that fits almost all cutomers with one model than have 5 or 6 different models (domestic, granny flat, home office, small business etc)



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