Restaurant and catering in Australia to benefit from NBN: Lundy

Government grants Restaurant and Catering Australia $500,000 to develop digital business kit

Restaurant and cafe operators will soon have access to tailored advice on how to improve and build their businesses by using the NBN.

Minister assisting for the digital economy, Senator Kate Lundy, announced that Restaurant and Catering Australia will receive a grant of $500,000 to develop a digital business kit that helps small to medium sized operators get online and use the NBN to drive productivity.

Restaurant & Catering Australia will distribute the kit to raise awareness, conducting workshops in capital cities and an ongoing social media campaign. The kit will be regularly updated to incorporate new ways of making use of the NBN as these emerge in the sector.

The Rudd Labor Government is providing a total of $5 million to develop digital business kits for 10 industry sectors.

“Australians go online to see what restaurants and cafes have to offer before choosing where to dine and this business kit will support these establishments with tailored advice from Restaurant & Catering Australia,” she said, during a visit to the Garfish Restaurant in Manly.

According to Lundy, the digital business kit for restaurants and cafes will promote specific NBN-enabled capabilities, including online ordering, payment and booking systems, remote inventory monitoring, and even offering customers a video view of the restaurant before they make a booking.

“For Australian businesses to take full advantage of the NBN, they need targeted information – and an understanding of how leading small and medium enterprises in their industry sector are using the internet and online tools.

“The Rudd Labor Government believes the NBN can deliver greater workforce productivity, better access for consumers, and increased access to new markets – and we look forward to working with the sector to achieve this,” she said.

Restaurant & Catering Australia CEO, John Hart, said he is excited about the benefits the NBN will bring because it will profoundly change the way restaurants and cafes do business.

“We believe the NBN can deliver greater workforce productivity, better access for consumers, and increased access to new markets – and we look forward to working with the sector to achieve this,” he claimed.

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Francine Bishop,


What about the thousands of restaurants and cafes outside capital cities? These businesses are really hurting and are equally deserved of training and support, aren't they?



So their IT person will be able to attend one of the courses provided in their state, won't they?

NBN Market Wash


And you mean none of these restaurants and cafes couldn't have done this already using an ADSL connection. What a lot of bunkum. The NBN will deliver no smarter business capabilities to this sector. The money would be better spent helping these businesses learn how to market themselves better, and how to run a successful business.



Get used to this drivel for the next 30 days or so.
Even Conroy talked a load of crap about the NBN, and he was involved in it full time.

This minister "assisting the minister" knows even less, as does her minister for broadband, Anthony Albanese, who is otherwise a decent bloke.

Kate, we all want faster broadband, you don't have to sell it. Or advertise it. You just have to PROVIDE IT!!!!!!!!

Tom Brown


I actually liked the article. It did not appear to push a perspective other than what the article was reporting.

As I see it from the article this is a kit not a training course. And for that kind of money I doubt it will be anything more than an information kit. And to suggest 5 million is better spent teaching Business how to suck eggs, I don't know?

The NBN does offer capabilities in this sector and all other sectors, It gives business a more reliable connection especially upload capacity which will benefit some businesses over ADSL. Where there are no other broadband services as is often the case the NBN is an enabler and also provides a level playing field.

I see this as a good idea. Many people in business do not have the IT expertise to assess and drive these services and their IT support is often less than helpful.

And of course this drivel is an announcement to draw attention to the NBN during the election campaign however my guess is that Labour will do it whereas LNP don't know what she is talking about. I refer to Mr Turnbull stating that no one is doing fibre to the home, who is Google anyhow, and many others!

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