AIIA supports 457 visa arrangements

Claims the 457 visas solve the skills shortage issue local ICT organisations face

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has announced in a statement that it strongly supports the spirit and intent of 457 visa requirements.

AIIA CEO, Suzanne Campbell, said the skills shortage in the ICT sector is both an immediate and long-term concern and 457 visas solve the skills shortage issue local organisations are facing.

“ICT job numbers are expected to double between 1999 and 2015, while ICT enrolments in training and education have fallen nationally by 55 per cent over the last decade. 457 visas solve the immediate issue,” she said.

Campbell mentioned that the Federal Government’s claims that the ICT sector is one of the worst offenders in the overuse of 457 visas are just allegations.

“To date, no data has been offered up to substantiate these claims. However, AllA does not support any organisation that circumvents the very clear regulatory and administrative process requirements in place to recruit employees via 457 visas,” she claimed.

She added that 457 visa arrangements are used legitimately by the ICT sector to meet a genuine gap that currently exists between the domestic supply and demand of ICT skills.

“Individuals who hold 457 visas not only fill real and immediate needs within ICT organisations, but also make a significant and positive contribution to the Australian economy – generating more revenue than cost.”

In addition, Campbell said the long-term solution to this issue is systemic changes in ICT education and skills development.

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The real issue is that it is far too easy to employ somebody on a 457 visa. Employers are now writing job descriptions and requiring a more than perfect fit. How is the Australian IT industry going to grow if we continue down this path?
I recommend that the 457 visa becomes an Australian training or skills transfer vehicle that can be used short term to bring in skills from overseas with the proviso that local IT are trained and gain experience where the skills shortages exist. This follows the old adage "give a man a fish, feed a man for a day. Teach a man how to fish, feed him for a lifetime"!



There is almost no “local IT” anymore. Anyone been to uni and looked at the IT classes these days would know they're all foreign students. I recently advertised two IT positions and out of the 600 odd CV’s we received less than a dozen local Australians applied. We also tried a student trainee program for Australian citizens finishing high school, as a way to get young students into the IT “cloud” industry and both Australian students quit before finishing, they didn’t want to work and learn, even though we paid well above minimum wage for them to go to TAFE and provided 2 days on the job learning. We need the 457 Visa as it is as it our only hope these days to find staff, we would prefer to source staff locally but it’s simply not always an option.



yes Regan.. You are right. Australian don't want to work. i am a factory owner & try to trained Oz's from last few months but they left after 2-3 weeks. they don't wants to do night shift or long shifts.... they don't want to get money from hardwork cauze of centrelink..



is there any one looking for any workers and sponsorship , pls let me know as soon as possible, thanks

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