Sadler and Sellers launch PushPull Marketing

Paul Sadler and Laurie Sellers set up marketing services company to help the IT industry
Laurie Sellers and Paul Sadler (inset)

Laurie Sellers and Paul Sadler (inset)

IT industry stalwarts, Paul Sadler, Laurie Sellers and Rick Marks have set up marketing services company, PushPull Marketing.

It aims to offer the IT channel access to a range of marketing services.

Sellers told ARN he was approached by Sadler about the idea of setting up his own marketing business at the time he was leaving Avnet, but said Sadler didn’t want to do it on his own.

“He told me what he had in mind and it sounded like it could be very successful,” Sellers said.

Sellers has become the chairman of the company with Sadler taking on the managing director role.

Sellers recognised it would take more than just the two of them to set up the business and engaged Rick Marks to take charge of the commercial aspects of the business. Marks also previously worked for itX/Avnet and was also leaving the distributor. Tim Knox has also joined the company as its creative director.

“We needed somebody to take care of the commercial aspects of the business because Paul is very much a marketing person and my background was in sales, really none of us has a background in commercial, so I suggested that Rick Marks might be interested,” he said.

“Rick has been doing a lot of the leg work and setting the whole thing up, while Paul and I have been focused on getting the first customers on board.”

PushPull will be focusing on engaging with resellers, vendors and distributors.

“We wanted to focus on the IT industry because that’s what we know and we thought we would focus on the channel. In effect our approach is to work with resellers to help push a product through to market and in turn create the pull for the distributor and vendor for that product,” he said.

Sellers said its revenue will derive from running business planning workshops with resellers that may be funded by vendor’s marketing development funds (MDF).

“Our model is to persuade the vendor that its worth funding the business planning workshops with those resellers and then the potential for us is that one or more of those resellers may choose to us to help them implement the plan,” he said.

Sellers said the workshops are very structured, taking resellers on the journey that a buyer would go through during the purchasing cycle.

“We tend to approach things by not looking at it from the sales cycle, but from the buyers cycle from meeting with a reseller to buying their product, hopefully on a regular basis. With the reseller, we work out all the tactics that can be employed to move the buyer through the various stages,” he said.

Currently, PushPull has a network of freelancers providing creative, branding, digital marketing and creative writing services, but as PushPull grows, it plans to employ more people to retain skills in-house, and is currently hiring account managers.

So far, the company has engaged with three clients including cloud security provider, Zscaler; small distributor, DNA and plastics manufacturer, Rotadyne.

“Zscaler have a small office here and effectively needed a ready made marketing department,” he said. “Rather than just being one person, we’re a whole team of people with a cross section of skills that we can bring to the table.”

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