Pricing, plans for Aldi Mobile revealed

Aldi Mobile will offer a total of four pre-paid mobile plans
Pricing, plans for Aldi Mobile revealed

New Australian MVNO Aldi Mobile will offer a total of four pre-paid mobile plans when it launches next week, according to Australian blog EFTM.

The blog has published Aldi Mobile's pricing structure and confirmed that the new provider will use the Telstra wholesale network for its service.

Aldi Mobile will offer two pay as you go plans, $15 and $30, along with a $35 unlimited plan that includes 5GB of data. The company will also offer a $15, 2GB data-only plan with a 30-day expiry for tablet devices.

Aldi's $15 and $30 pay as you go plans both have a 365 day expiry. Standard national calls, mobile calls, calls to 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers and voicemail are all charged at the flat rate 12 cents per minute.

SMS messages on Aldi Mobile will be charged at 12 cents each, MMS messages at 35 cents each and data will be billed at 5 cents per megabyte (MB).

The $35 a month Aldi Mobile plan has a 30 day expiry and includes unlimited calls, voicemail, SMS, MMS and 5GB of data. The plan is $6 more expensive per month than Kogan Mobile's unlimited plan, which includes 6GB of data and remains the cheapest on the market.

The launch of Aldi Mobile was first reported earlier this week by Android blog Ausdroid. The service is expected to officially launch next Wednesday 6 March.

Along with the Aldi Mobile service, Aldi supermarkets will begin selling mobile phones from next week. It's latest catalogue advertises a dual-SIM, Onix branded feature phone for $19.99 along with a Bauhn-branded Android phone, also with dual-SIM capabilities, for $199.

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You Forgot Lycamobile. $24 for unlimited calls + 3GB Data.
I think thats cheapest.

Bushman Jack


and at the same time Virgin annouced a hike in the cost of calling Philippines from $2.00/min - $3.00/min in one hit. At the same time if you use a Virgin prepaid sim - it's 15cents/min for the same call - GO FIGURE



Test, you need to know though that the Lycamobile appears to be using Telstra 2G instead of 3G or so their advertising says. I am not sure if that will impact on quality of calls and network availability or not, does anyone about that.



Lyca Mobile's $24 plan is the best in the market but comes with a catch. It works on Telstra 2G network and hence internet speed is next to none. Also you need a phone that supports 850MHz since its on Telstra. A lot needs to be done on customer service front as well especially with waiting period when calling their customer service and their turnaround time for registered complaints! International call rates are best on Lebara compared to Lyca but again Lebara is on Vodafail network! Go figure the rest....



Kogan mobile seems best to me... $300 /year unlimited calls unlimited text 6gig data per month....



And it's 3G



And uses Telstra network...
Sorry last post lol

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