Coalition plans to demolish NBN: Conroy

Abbott pledges not to spend a cent upgrading Australia’s broadband infrastructure

The Coalition is intending to demolish the NBN if elected, according to Minister for Broadband, Communications, and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy.

According to Conroy, the Dissenting Report of the Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network stated that NBN Co and its board “should be clearly mindful of the need to alter contracts” in the event that there is a change in government.

“This clearly demonstrates that the Coalition plans to demolish the NBN if it is elected. It follows [Opposition Leader, Tony] Abbott’s recent pledge to not spend one cent upgrading Australia’s broadband infrastructure,” Conroy said.

He highlighted Abbott’s recent comment to the Committee for Economic Development in Australia (CEDA), where the Opposition Leader said the Commonwealth will need to borrow $50 billion less if the NBN doesn’t go ahead in its current form.

He also pointed out that Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband, Malcolm Turnbull, stated on Radio National that NBN Co should not be entering into any further contracts.

“This proves that the Coalition won’t build the NBN, they will demolish it. The Coalition will leave Australia with the broadband equivalent of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with only one lane,” Conroy said.

He claimed that only the Labor government will build the NBN and deliver fast, affordable, universal broadband to every home and business in the Australia.

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both party's are a disgrace to this country, we are constantly lied too and they expect me to vote...well no way because its pointless.



Not bother to vote? Do you have any idea how stupid you are? The right to vote is fundamental to the free and open society we (still) live in. Many tens of thousands of people over many centuries have worked and suffered to provide you with this precious gift.



Oh come on guys - give Jas a break. In his/her defense there are often more than two boxes on a ballot form and they need numbers, not just X's or thumb prints.



I also fully support Jas's decision not to vote. After all someone who can't even spell "parties" or "to" or "it's" shouldn't be at the top of the list of people who should be deciding the country's future.



Can you imagine Jas going in to vote? Arrives with dumbphone jammed in ear, brain jammed in dumbphone, asks the official where s/he downloads the voting App.

Given the ballot form, the form has more than 20 choices - WTF! - this'll need toes as well. Goes to the cubicle, sees the pencil. WTF! I have to WRITE???

Hangs up the phone, googles 'how to vote' and gets several million hit's on political propaganda. But they all say different things. WTF!

You're right Jas - stay home.



Llama you got the intelligence of a 2 year old and all of the comments here prove why voting should not be compulsory



uugggh. me setha, me got the intelagents.

I'm surprised you could grasp the sarcasm, however you do show that retrospective birth control should be compulsory in certain cases.

Or do grandmar, reeding, writting and numbners excapes yoo 2? I aks yoo?



The NBN is hopelessly behind schedule and over budget which is why Conroy won't release any details of actual contract costs to date or projected. There will need to be changes to contracts otherwise we will be waiting 20 years for the NBN!



It sounds as though we'll be waiting a lot more than 20 years for the NBN if the Coalition is elected.

They will stop the NBN as soon as they can and replace it with a bitza mixture that will be much smaller and slower than the NBN.

In fact the only part of the NBN that will happen after the election is the name, because they will probably have the hide to describe their bastard system as 'the NBN'!



Pedro, prove it. The stats show a different story. But dont let facts get in the way of your plitical bias.

Tom Brown


As may be expected the players are moving their political pieces. Pedro take your welded glasses off, that conversation ended 9 months ago.

Business will not let the incoming parliament drop or significantly change the NBN. If a liberal parliament, they will give all kinds of explanations why the new NBN is not the same, but it will be!
Unfortunately they may decide to sell it off and we will get another out of control and context monopoly.

Off course Conroy is doing a little fear mongering and as the conversation has been so negative from Turnbull it is Conroys right to use that ammunition.



The right not to vote is just as important as the right to vote in a free society



TG - so you decide what your rights are? And where exactly does that end? Voting, stealing, killing? In your Utopia we'd be overrun with other tossers enjoying their self-determined rights - just like you.

And if they decide to enjoy their rights at your cost what are you going to do? You are going to bleat at society - demanding help. By your rationale it would then be the Utopian society's right to tell you to bugger off.

Save us all the trouble - just bugger off now to a society where voting is optional, or not even a feature. Like North Korea.

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