Nextgen signs partnership deal with US-based V3 Systems

Aimed at growing V3 Systems' virtual desktops offerings in the region,
Nextgen Distribution's John Walters

Nextgen Distribution's John Walters

Australia continues to draw virtualisation vendors, and despite growing competition, there are companies eager to take a piece of the pie.

Nextgen Distribution’s latest partnership with US-based desktop Cloud computing provider, V3 Systems, is aimed at growing the company’s virtual desktops offerings in the region, building on its success in the US and Europe.

Virtual desktops is an area of technology that hasn’t grown as rapidly in Australia but Nextgen hopes that the vendor’s enterprise data centre centric solutions will have plenty of opportunity to crack the A/NZ market, said Nextgen’s CEO, John Walters.

“This is traditionally a tech segment that has seen much disappointment with VDI deployments. The V3 systems technology corrects this from a datacentre perspective,” he said.

Walters added the company’s approach to solutions and the ability to scale will help in high performance, and increased take up of this technology.

V3 Systems hopes it can dodge the competition by being open to collaborating with other players in the region, said V3 Systems CEO, Ric Lindstrom. Its major competitors in this market include Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.

The company will continue to look for such alliances in the A/NZ region, he said, adding the company will have plenty of opportunity to crack the market by becoming part of the “overall solution,” he said.

It is also banking on a big Cloud play to underpin its offerings, Lindstrom said. V3 Systems puts the desktop in the Cloud, providing desktop administrators with the ability to manage the chaos that is generated by the growing swath of multiple devices and Cloud technologies.

V3 Systems likes Australia and New Zealand for a number of reasons, but particularly for its early adoption of virtualisation technology.

Founded in 2010, the company is well-funded, and is currently raising a second round of venture capital funding of nearly $15 million, to push its products in cloud computing and desktop virtualisation further into Europe and Asia, said Lindstrom.

It has funding from a previous capital raise to grow its products in Australia, New Zealand and other parts of Asia Pacifi c such as Taiwan, he added.

Australian Targets

“Australia is looking at a series of early adopters,” said Lindstrom, adding the telco market alone could see thousands of VDI solutions.

The company is mainly focused on attacking seven vertical markets – health care, fi nancial services, legal, education, among others. Its sweet spot will be small- to medium-sized businesses with 50 to 150 seats, said Lindstrom. That will include mainly companies that are looking towards virtualised desktops that are more efficient, or companies wanting to replace or extend their investment lifecycle of physical desktops.

“People are recycling PCs every three to five years,” he noted, adding that virtualised desktops is increasingly part of the the capital budget upgrading trend. The company also helps Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that would like to provide such services in a cost-effective and efficient manner

V3 desktops, hosted via the Cloud, are still managed by IT teams at companies, but using the Cloud helps the company’s technology with speeds that can deliver desktops that run up to 2 to 8 times that of a PC, Lindstrom said.

With ubiquitous 3G networks, and users with iPads or tablets, the technology can stream pixels on one or more remote device screens to give a virtual desktops from a central PC.

Underlying all this, however, is the mobility trend and the growing demand for companies to remotely access desktops with multiple devices – a growth area for Australia.

V3 Systems vice-president, Scott Allen, said its goal is to take a leadership position in the desktop Cloud computing and VDI in the Australia and NZ market eventually. Its channel strategy for A/NZ is currently focused on the partnership with Nextgen, which will be its sole distribution channel for the region, and will remain the centrepiece for the channel, he said.

For Nextgen, V3 Systems is the latest vendor to line up its niche, rapidly growing “best of breed” vendors, said Walters.

“We already have a Proof of Concept running for a customer in Perth, which is very encouraging,” he said.

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