NBN Co beats 2012 construction target - by 26,592

Commences or completes construction in areas covering 784,592 premises

NBN Co exceeded its target - by 26,592 - to have construction commenced or completed in areas covering 758,000 premises before the end of 2012.

NBN Co CEO, Mike Quigley, said, “The National Broadband Network [NBN] is an ambitious project which requires the efforts of many people working cooperatively towards a common goal.

"To have achieved our year-end target is a clear indication that the NBN project is ramping up to full volume rollout."

He said by working closely together to achieve the year-end outcome, NBN CO's network planning and design team, contract managers and construction partners had established the settings to reach the peak rollout target of passing over 6000 premises a day by 2015.

To date, NBN Co has contracted with four construction companies to build the local network through the streets. They are:

  • Silcar - NSW, Queensland and the ACT
  • Visionstream - Tasmania
  • Transfield – Victoria
  • Syntheo (a Lend Lease/Service Stream joint venture) – Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia

NBN Co's next goal is an end of June target of 286,000 premises passed over.

The Acting Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Kim Carr, said, “In February last year, Malcolm Turnbull expressed disbelief at this ambitious target. He told Sky News that it was ‘an extraordinary promise’ and that ‘there’ll be a lot of admiration’ for NBN Co if it was achieved.

“It’s not often I get to acknowledge Mr Turnbull’s prescience, but I’m delighted the opportunity has arisen for him to fulfil his commitment – I look forward to him praising NBN Co’s achievement."

Carr said, the ramp up of NBN construction activity will continue in 2013.

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Gordon Drennan


Good on them [NBN Co] that they are a little ahead of schedule. But the release of this part of quarterly stats looks like they're announcing this now so it gets them what good publicity it will because they expect or know the rest of the news isn't so good, and that if they released it all together the bad headlines would drown out the good ones.



Sorry Gordon, but that sounds like a bad fit of blah blah blah mate...

You may have never noticed this in the world of commerce, however the usual time to announce quarterly results is after the end of the QTR, especially if they arre positive...?

Whar typical commercial tactic would you use? Wait until you have some negative announcements and then hide the good result under these?

I would dearly love to see a set of commercialreal-world examples of corporations doing that?

Perhaps also from The Vic Libs, Federal Coalition, Telstra, Optus, Red Cross or NAB?

Do you really believe there is anyone out there who is not expecting, as always, that enough negativity around the NBN is not just around the corner? Mr Turnbull and Mr Fletcher will find unique ways to spin this to be a negative, and they hav ebeen making their negative announcements months or a year in advance... >;))



758 000? What a joke. Even assuming they have "commenced" work that will pass that number, by their own benchmarks they need to have them completed within a year.

Anyone who believes the NBN claims it exceeded its "target" by 26000 at the end of 2012 is a fool.

Only three months ago, as at Sept 2012 they had CONNECTED just 6358 fibre customers, and "passed" 52014 premises. And that has taken more than 3 years!!!!



Financial Review Article 16 Jan 2013

Top NBN executive laid off following restructure


"NBN Co has confirmed reports that its second head of construction, Dan Flemming, has left the $37.4 billion project, just a week after the company touted its progress in exceeding a key rollout target.

Mr Flemming, who led the construction efforts to roll out fibre optics to millions of homes and businesses across Australia, was made redundant from the company as part of a restructure under chief operating officer Ralph Steffens."

Speaks volumes, doesn't it?

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