Crucial Paradigm rebrands with Cloud focus

Introduces new name, logo, and updated website

The top half of Crucial's new website, with the new name and logo on display.

The top half of Crucial's new website, with the new name and logo on display.

Australian Cloud hosting firm, Crucial Paradigm, is ending 2012 with a fresh look, having not only renamed to Crucial Cloud Hosting, but introduced a new logo and an updated website.

According to managing director, Aaron Weller, the change reflects the company’s aim of becoming Australia’s premier Cloud hosting provider.

“Crucial has invested heavily to ensure our infrastructure and service offerings meet the key points o need for Australian businesses,” he said. “Our new pay-as-you-go (PAYG) public Cloud and revamped virtual private server (VPS) offerings are ideal for companies wanting a flexible solution to run their own Cloud-based virtual environment.

Crucial marketing and accounts manager, Hendrik Kruizinga, added that the new branding and web presence are designed to convey the motto, ‘to make the web easy and reliable’. This includes providing a broad range of services, and education on Cloud for those new to the space.

“We want to make it easy for Australian companies to take advantage of the many cost and performance benefits of Cloud computing,” Kruizinga said.

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Glen Schaefer


I have been a Crucial VPS customer for over a year now and have found their customer service to be very poor overall. Approx 2 weeks ago there was a major unscheduled outage that took their entire network offline for over 5 hours including their own web site and every VPS customer and thousands of sites and email accounts with it.

Since then my paid backup service failed through a software problem with their backup service and it has taken them over a week to migrate me to a new backup service leaving over 30 of my customers and my business without a proper backup for over week !!

They are great at marketing and looking good but in reality they really need to lift their game.

Andrew Thorn


Hi Glen,

I would be more than happy to speak to you in relation to your concerns. Please feel free to contact us via 1300 884 839 or

We do apologise about the unscheduled outage that affected our cloud services. This was an unforeseen event and we have put measures in place to ensure it does not occur again. I will also clarify this event did not affect all our customers. The only services that were impacted were our cloud services.


Andrew Thorn
Business Development Manager - Crucial Cloud Hosting

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