Google shares Australia’s top Internet searches for 2012

Gangnam style, Oz Lotto and the Olympics make top 10

From Korean pop stars to catastrophic weather events, lotto jackpots to life’s burning questions, Google’s annual Zeitgeist is a barometer for what captivated Aussies during 2012.

Gangnam Style topped the list as the most trending search for 2012, beating The Voice and One Direction. Other most popular searches included: Whitney Houston, the year’s biggest sporting spectacle, the Olympics, and a $100 million jackpot from Oz Lotto.

“Google is often the first place Australians turn to follow their favourite people, settle debates with friends and learn more about the latest news,” Google spokesperson, Shane Treeves, said.

“The year-end Zeitgeist is a cultural barometer that gives us a real snapshot of the big events, memorable moments and growing trends in Australia for 2012.”

Technology and applications were the most searched “what is” question. leading the way were: Stop online piracy act (SOPA), iCloud, instagram, imessage and spotify, which outnumbered scientology, kony and yolo.

Hurricane Sandy, Julian Assange and Felix Baumgartner were the most searched for news. The majority of the major news searches revolved around natural disasters in 2012. The Melbourne Earthquake and the Hawaii Tsunami were also on the list.

The road to finding love is a possible priority for many Australians as 'how to love' was the most searched “how to” question. Physical appearance was a predominant search with how to change, how to bulk, how to handstand and how to squat following close.

In sport, the Sydney Swans were the most searched Australian sports teams, while Stephanie Rice was the most searched Australian olympians. The Lance Armstrong scandal led the cyclist to become the most searched for athlete, with Usain Bolt and Roger Federer running second and third respectively.

In music, Gangnam Style was the most trending song, followed by Call Me Maybe and Skinny Love, while the top lyric searches included Payphone lyrics, Lego House lyrics and Some Nights lyrics.

As for television, Home and Away was the most searched TV show. Big Brother and The Voice were close behind. However, The Voice and Big Brother topped the most trending TV show category.

Lara Bingle beat Miranda Kerr to be Australia’s top searched celebrity. Internationally, Kate Middleton was only out-searched by interest in Whitney Houston’s death.

One Direction trumped others to top Australia’s Google image searches, but Bieber-fever, and an intense interest in his former girlfriend, continues in Australia with Selena Gomez in second and Justin Bieber slotting in at number three.

Australian travel destinations were also on the most searched list with Mount Hotham, Victoria in the top position for local attractions and the Whitsundays and Nelson Bay making the top 10 travel destinations worldwide.

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