EXCLUSIVE: Virtualisation growth to accelerate in next 12 to 24 months, says Veeam

Claims Cloud is only now taking a foothold in the industry; huge opportunities for channel

Australia is one of the most virtualised countries and the uptake of virtualisation is expected to further accelerate in the next 12 to 24 months, according to virtualisation management vendor, Veeam.

Although Cloud has been a big topic over the past five years, it is only now that it is taking a foothold in the industry, Veeam regional sales director, Don Williams, said.

“We’re at that point where we are starting to see virtualisation and the Cloud becoming the norm. Now, more than 70 per cent of businesses have virtualised their workloads and it is expected to quickly move towards the 90-95 per cent mark in the coming year,” Williams said.

He claimed most of its customers that it recently spoke to all mentioned that the adoption of virtualisation and the Cloud are in their pipeline for the coming 18 months.

Williams said businesses taking the first step into virtualisation and the Cloud should look into the private Cloud first before moving on to a hybrid or public model.

As for the channel, he said that it is already quite mature in this space and with Microsoft’s entrance into the market, the channel should decide if they want to focus on solutions from either or both vendors.

“The Cloud opens this big scope of opportunity for the channel to offer unique capabilities. It’s open ended at this stage and the big break for them is to figure out what they can do to set them apart from the competition,” Williams said.

He suggested that channel partners should figure out which area they want to focus on and what solution sets can they do before embarking into the virtualisation space.

“You don’t just join the Cloud bandwagon. You got to have something that differentiates yourself from the crowd. The big channel partners can expand into multiple areas. But for these smaller partners, there is this huge opportunity for them to become experts in a specific area.”

In 2013, Veeam will be looking to drive a deeper relationship with its channel partners, by helping them with their strategies in Cloud and disaster recovery.

“They can expect more training and enablement from us. We will be launching a new pro-partner program that we’re finalising now in the new year that will reward our partners who invest more in Veeam,” Williams added.

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