Optus reveals 4G plans for 2013 (+ 11 photos)

Continues to build on coverage into Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane
The 4G Wi-Fi zone

The 4G Wi-Fi zone

Telecommunications service provider, Optus, plans to expand 4G into Adelaide and Canberra next year as it continues to boost its coverage into Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

In 2013, the company will continue to improve on its 4G coverage and extend the current 50 LTE sites in Brisbane to 100 LTE sites, Optus Networks managing director, Guenther Ottendorfer, said.

It revealed plans to accelerate its 4G LTE rollout in Adelaide by mid next year, as well as a TD-LTE rollout in Canberra by March/April 2013.

Ottendorfer claimed that the company is also focused on 3G plus over 2012. Ottendorfer was recapping its 4G 2012 milestones at a press event in Sydney.

“4G for us has been an incredible race. We have in a very short time frame implemented a 4G LTE network here, but our journey this year was not all about 4G and doing something for our existing customer base,” he said.

Ottendorfer said Optus’ recent 4G coverage launch in Newcastle has seen great interest from its customers.

In Sydney, Optus recently integrated 400 sites in a weekend on the upgraded network. To date, more than 3000 sites have been upgraded on 3G plus.

Optus plans on extending this service across Adelaide, Wollongong, as well as parts of Queensland metropolitan areas.

“We have increased in building coverage in metropolitan areas of more than 87 per cent – that was in the beginning of November this year. We will continue to do so over the next 12 months to more than 95 per cent,” he said.

In addition to that, Optus will be announcing a collaborative effort with a small start-up company, Connectem, in the coming days.

Both the companies are working together on a trial for a Cloud-based mobile packet core technology.

“What we are trying to do is to see if Cloud technologies can help us to get packet core capacity in times when we really need them. It will be a world first,” Ottendorfer added.

Guests were also invited to test some of the devices that are part of Optus’ 4G range, which included mobile vendors such as HTC, Nokia and Samsung.

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Who cares? Telstra has smashed them in corporate. Voda is squeezing therm from the other side. Optus give up and go home.



Ahem, Optus ARE home.

You seem to be the one who should give up and go home!



Who is the vendor Optus using for this network upgrade? Also how about vendor for TD-LTE

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