Updated: CA drops Ingram Micro in favour of Express Data for data management portfolio

CA makes changes to distribution model

CA Technologies, has dropped Ingram Micro, and extended its relationship with Express Data, to distribute its data management (DM) portfolio nationally.

CA data management business unit director, Scott Caulfield, said it had a strong long term relationship with Ingram Micro, but it was time to reassess and make changes to its model. "We were looking for a high level of involvement and investment from our distribution partners and reviewed it in terms of our requirements," Caulfield said. "Express Data inherently adds value, not just from a technical perspective, but from a business development and marketing perspective.

“Our partnering philosophy is focused on working more closely with the right partners to deliver greater value to our customers."

Caulfield it was looking to maximise the relationship with its storage VARs, help them win new customers and grow their business.

"We have about 15 or so storage VARs that we work with closely and we're looking to double that number in the next 12 months," he said. "To do it properly, it takes a fair bit of work and investment and with the relationships that ED have, the value they can add, it really does allow for a proper leverage model of what the channel is supposed to be."

CA also maintains a distribution relationship with Westcon Group across the broader CA business.

"There's no overlap in terms of the technologies that Westcon and ED sell, so they don't compete directly against each other," Caulfield said.

CA resellers can expect improved licensing and quote support, quicker order turnaround times and access to value added services.

“This arrangement delivers support from the entire business at all levels as well as providing specialist dedicated resources and an intense marketing focus,” Express Data director of marketing and vendors, Peter Masters, said.

“Our deepened relationship with CA will allow us to work more closely together to uncover market opportunities and grow the DM business through sharing knowledge and resources. We now have the ability to invest with total confidence knowing that 100 per cent of the business that we build, will flow back to ED.”

The distributor will focus on providing partner enablement and support that has previously not been available. Both ED and CA will be working closely with customers to assist in sales, joint marketing and technical consulting to strengthen the market position of ARCserve and Erwin products in the local channel.

Ingram Micro senior business manager of software and cloud services, Lee Welch, said CA was only a small part of its business and it was focusing on vendors that had good growth potential. He stated it had 19 vendors within its enterprise software space.

"It's not really going to impact our business. We're going through an acquisition of new vendors at the moment and the vendors we're focusing on are ones where they have a very good solutions set that will grow quickly in the market, and vendors that have an existing business in the channel," Welch said. "We're growing very well in the enterprise space and vendor satisfaction is very high with us at the moment. The reason for that is because we're providing value add services back to vendors and partners."

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