Facebook's most popular page goes bananas

Facebook's most popular page goes bananas

October Facebook Performance Report shows Bananas in Pyjamas tops the top 20 branded Facebook pages chart

The top 11 Facebook pages list

The top 11 Facebook pages list

Melbourne digital media agency, Online Circle, has released the October Facebook Performance Report and guess who tops the top 20 branded Facebook pages chart in Australia?

If your pick was along the lines of Coca Cola, Neighbours, KFC and McDonald’s, you are wrong.

Bananas in Pyjamas (ABC TV) – yes B1 and B2 – has beaten pages across all categories to nab the top spot with more than 1.7 million Facebook fans.

It was well ahead of its closest rival, Bubble O’Bill Ice Creams, with 1.2 million fans. Home and Away and Masterchef got their spot on the list with more than one million fans each.

According to Online Circle, there was popularity for TV shows, which took up seven of the top 20 places on the chart and five out of the top ten.

Other rankings in the top 20 were mainly taken by food products – Pringles Australia (1.07 million), Coca Cola Australia (number 6 with 855,914 fans) and Domino’s Pizza (number 7 with 749,013 fans).

Online Circle also claimed that the October 2012 Report showed the continuation of several clear trends including Facebook based promotions, special offers and thematic, fun and often amusing posts and advertising in an effort to engage with fans in an increasingly crowded online platform.

It mentioned that one of the ‘new’ industries, TV shows, entered the list at number one with 8,524,660 fans, suggesting the integration of TV and social media.

This is more than four million fans ahead of nearest rival industry, FMCG – Snack foods.

The last report’s leader, fashion, dropped to third position in this report, proposing a decline in retail fans.

Both TV shows and FMCG snack foods had the highest growth numbers, with 150,000 more Facebook fans than the category with the next highest growth - alcohol brands.

Online Circle said this growth can partly be attributed to brands investing more marketing and advertising dollars in the medium.

The Telecommunications industry also cultivated an engaged Facebook following, recording an engagement rate of 16.6 per cent up from two per cent in July. This rate was driven primarily by Vodafone and Telstra’s 24x7 support service, Online Circle said.

The Australian Facebook Performance Report was created to provide businesses with an understanding of the strategies and tactics behind some of Australia’s most successful branded Facebook Pages. The bi-monthly report covers the top 20 brands across 12 different industries and what they are doing to engage with their customers on Facebook.

The 12 industries in the October report are: alcohol brands, electronics, automotive, banking & financial, telecommunications, quick serve restaurants, department stores, fashion, grocery, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) beverages, FMCG - snack foods and TV shows.

In the October report, four of the industries were dropped, mainly due to a lack of activity, and replaced with four new industries – quick serve restaurants, alcohol brands and electronics and TV shows.

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