Samsung focuses on enterprise division

Enterprise and SMB divison boss, Obradovic, reveals the team’s goals, channel intentions, appointments, and challenges

Samsung Electronics Australia is placing greater focus on its enterprise division with the appointment of seven key individuals to generate demand across the nation and build the enterprise brand, according to enterprise and small to medium business (SMB) director, Andre Obradovic.

Obradovic said Samsung has globally built its enterprise business as a capability over the past 12 months, with the Australian team formally created as he took the reins in early July.

He told ARN that the enterprise team’s immediate goals are around the demand for mobility as customers want to cre ate and consume content that is business-relevant.

“The initial area we’re focusing on is corporate mobility, and that’s driven by the trends of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and choose-your-own-device (CYOD),” he said. “CYOD is when a company stipulates a couple of different platforms that they have tested and authorised, and then allows staff to choose one of those devices.”

“BYOD and CYOD are the two areas we are focusing on, and making sure we have all of the different applications all enabled for business within a mobility context.”

In terms of market verticals, Obradovic said education is a key area as a result of demand in the space, as well the company’s desire to assist students. While unable to reveal other vertical targets, he did state that “any corporate customer that wants a mobility solution is one we will focus on.”


While much of the focus appears to be on customers, Samsung enterprise will continue to maintain its channel partner relationships.

The director said Samsung has a “great partner structure” with its telecommunications partners, and will continue to support those. On the system integrator (SI) and IT channel partner front, the vendor is re-evaluating its ecosystem to determine who the true enterprise partners are.

Samsung enterprise will also be launching a brand new and formal partner program early next year. Still in development, the program will enable partners to be certified and have a structured approach to delivering value to customers.


As such, although it has taken approximately five months, Obradovic has now appointed four territory account managers and three senior account managers.

The four Samsung enterprise and SMB territory account managers include:

  • Paul Suhr, who is responsible for driving Samsung’s education solutions.
  • Michael Serdiuk, who will manage Samsung’s enterprise end user account engagements in Queensland (QLD) and the Northern Territory (NT).
  • David Hollands, who will take care of Samsung’s enterprise account engagements within Western Australia (WA).
  • Hassan Baickdeli, who is responsible for growing Samsung’s portfolio of enterprise customers across New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

The senior account manager additions are:

  • Danny Mandrides, who is tasked with delivering value in relationships across large Australian enterprises in NSW and ACT.
  • Jayne Radbone, who will focus on developing Samsung’s value proposition for the government sector and higher education.
  • Rob Blanco, who will be aligning Samsung solutions to customer objectives and collaborating with stakeholders and partners on business outcomes. He will liaise with Victorian (VIC) and South Australian (SA) clients.

Overall, Samsung Australia’s enterprise business has a headcount of 40 to 60 across all platforms.

According to the Obradovic, the team’s primary challenge over the next six to 12 months will be discipline on the back of high demand. He said the company must be disciplined as to where it will spend its time and focus, rather than attempting to take on every potential customer.

“We have to run fast to service our customers, but not so fast as to trip over. It’s a good challenge to have, but we have to recognise it.”

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