Conroy: Abbott calls the shots when it comes to Coalition and NBN

Advises Australians to ignore what shadow minister, Malcolm Turnbull, says
  • (ARN)
  • 01 November, 2012 09:42

Minister for Broadband, Communications, and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, has changed tack slightly and is now advising punters to ignore Shadow Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and instead look to Tony Abbott to understand the Coalition’s plans for broadband.

Conroy claims Abbott has no commitment to fast broadband and doesn't support Turnbull's stance regarding the National Broadband Network.

In his latest press release, Conroy also attacks Turnbull for his recent criticism of the NBN Co board and management.

"Over the last 10 months, the Opposition Spokesman, Mr Turnbull, has delivered 20 speeches, issued 36 media releases, and sent 1,341 tweets, but still has not released a broadband policy,” Conroy said.

“This month he stopped talking about any Coalition plan and instead devoted himself to denigrating the professionalism of the NBN Co Board and management.

“While Mr Turnbull professes a commitment to fast broadband, Tony Abbott does not.

“While Mr Turnbull has now acknowledged that the investment in the NBN is not part of the budget expenditure , Tony Abbott does not.

“While Mr Turnbull has said the Coalition will roll out a broadband network, Tony Abbott does not support him.

Conroy goes on to point out that in the past two weeks Abbott has again labelled the NBN an ‘unnecessary white elephant’; said that he would ‘pause’ the NBN to make budget savings; and stated he will simply rely on the ‘competitive market’.

“It is time Mr Turnbull cleared up the confusion by admitting the Coalition will not build the NBN and that everything he has said for the last year is a sham.”

It is Conroy's fourth press release attacking the Opposition over Broadband and the NBN in the past two months.




I think Tony Abbott is a brave leader to take on this false, destructive Labor government. Keep going Tony the honest and good people see who you are and will back you in the next election. Julia Gillard I have news for you people don't forget they only wait for the right time. Oh! the pay back is sweet.




Perhaps you removed yourself from reality....?

Polititians are never honest, that's why the Coalition MP's accepted a pay rise, and when the Coalition Party (esp under Abbott) gets into power, it's all about deregulation and certinity of the big corperations (like Gambling, Minging and Telecommunications giants like Telstra).

Perhaps about time that Arnet readers get head out of their butts and make sure that policies like the NBN are accepted and completed.



'Politicians are never honest.'

Very true, unfortunately. But...

'certinity of the big corperations (like Gambling, Minging and Telecommunications giants like Telstra).' suggests that your thinking may be as fuzzy as your spelling.



Conroy, just shut up. I'm wiling to take my chances with Abbott, the same can't be said for you.

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