Conroy berates Turnbull for being two-faced over Fibre To The Home

Claims he has invested in France Telcom which is connecting 15 million homes by FTTH

In the latest body blow to be landed in the Conroy versus Turnbull NBN-stoush-that-never-ends, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy has accused Opposition Shadow Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, of rank hypocrisy for investing in another telecommunications company that is building a Fibre To The Home [FTTH] network.

Bad Malcolm.

“If Australians want to know what Malcolm Turnbull really thinks about investing in Fibre To The Home, they need to follow his money, not his mouth," raged Senator Stephen Conroy in a press release.

“Alongside his investment in France Telecom, which plans to connect 15 million homes with fibre by 2020, Mr Turnbull has also bought bonds in Telefonica – Spain’s largest telecommunications company.

“These bonds are helping build a fibre to the home network in Spain’s major cities, including Madrid and Barcelona,” Senator Conroy said.

“Telefonica plan to bring 100 Mbps services to 1.3 million premises in Madrid, and to cover 50 per cent of the population of Catalonia by 2013."

Conroy then accused Turnbull, as he has before, of wanting to spend billions of taxpayers’ dollars building a second rate Fibre To The Node network in Australia.

“If Mr Turnbull thinks Fibre To The Home is good enough for France and Spain, then he should support it for Australia too," he said.

Turnbull has yet to respond.


Tom Brown


Mike how can someone rage "in a press release".
If you think you will get brownie points for sucking up to the Murdoch press you are right, good work, you make it look even but you satire both. Lack of mores will get you anywhere.

Unfortunately Daniel, you are inchoate.




I'm afraid your entire comment is contradictory, nonsensical, and quite possibly vexatious. Are you a shrill, or just an ignorant uneducated citizen? Did you finish school, do you have full time employment? Before you answer these questions let us examine your highly articulated argument.

Firstly the contradictory; You claim the article has bad grammar, and spelling but in the same breath you misspell "grammer", whilst using the wrong syntax i.e. "either".

Worse still the fact that grammar encapsulates spelling means your first paragraph was in fact an oxymoron.

Secondly the nonsensical; the second paragraph makes no sense. Are you upset, is there a problem with Conroy accusing Turnbull of building a second rate network? What is your point?

Lastly the vexatious: you you accuse the writer of failing to call people. Who has he failed to fall? Why should he have called them? Should he have called his mum and ask her if he is being professional enough?

May I suggest that you firstly review anything you write? For example I reviewed this posting several times finding many topographical and grammatical mistakes. If you wish to be effective and powerful in your criticisms one would firstly describe in the initial paragraphs the arguments you'll bring to bear. In successive paragraphs you would then expand and detail your arguments, evidence and justifications ending with the final paragraph which is a summary of your arguments.

There should be a logical flow to your statement. I'm afraid though your post is an illustration of the failure inherent in our educational system. Banal, uniformed, brutish (threatening) and trollish your comment was. Instead it could have been such powerful expression of our freedom to debate the merits of a national broadband network. Instead you give credence to the generalist view that people opposed to the NBN are uneducated hicks who don't deserve to be allowed to participate in the experiment that is democracy let alone engaged in meaningful debate about the pro's and con's of a major piece of infrastructure.

About the article itself I'm glad someone is calling out the blantent hypocrisy of the Liberals.




Lastly the vexatious: you you accuse the writer of failing to call people. Who has he failed to fall?

you you? failed to fall from where? haha seriously some people on the internet these days...

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